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New study finds that a Carrington class solar event could cause global cooling of more than 3C

A paper recently published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics finds that “a solar proton event, if it took place in the near future with an intensity similar to that ascribed to the Carrington Event of 1859″. Based on the results … Continue reading

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Another failure of climate models – carbon soot warming actually far less than models predict

From Boston College another failure of climate models to capture reality has been exposed by field empiricism. The map below from NASA’s Earth Observatory will likely have to be revised now that absorption has been demonstrated to be far less. … Continue reading

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The “cool” particle

Two press release on this this week, both below From the University of Manchester Researchers discover particle which could ‘cool the planet’ In a breakthrough paper published in Science, researchers from The University of Manchester, The University of Bristol and … Continue reading

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New study confirms that nature is responsible for 90% of the Earth’s atmospheric acidity

From the UOW, nice to see that man isn’t the culprit in this case. UOW data confirm surprising atmospheric findings By Melissa Coade – Satellites showing that nature is responsible for 90% of the earth’s atmospheric acidity shocked researchers from … Continue reading

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Dust up in climate modeling

From the Georgia Institute of Technology Research News Insoluble dust particles can form cloud droplets affecting global and regional climates Cloud formation New information on the role of insoluble dust particles in forming cloud droplets could improve the accuracy of … Continue reading

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