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Author of its Own Demise – musings on the AMO

Guest essay by Caleb Shaw I once had a very good science teacher who I fear I made wild, not so much by causing small explosions in the back of his classroom, (which I think he secretly approved of,) as … Continue reading

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Climate, Stadium Waves, and Traffic Waves

In a recent paper, Marcia Wyatt and Judith Curry posited about “Stadium Waves” and climate, suggesting that the ‘stadium-wave’ signal propagates like the cheer known as “the wave” at sporting events whereby sections of sports fans seated in a circular or … Continue reading

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Chylek et al 2013 shows a linkage between US Southwest climate and AMO/PDO cycles

This paper suggests that the CMIP5 models’ (which IPCC relies upon) predicted US SW temperature sensitivity to the GHG has been significantly overestimated by about a factor of two. Imprint of the Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation and Pacific decadal oscillation on … Continue reading

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New paper from Dr. Judith Curry could explain ‘the pause’

From the Georgia Institute of Technology ‘Stadium waves’ could explain lull in global warming One of the most controversial issues emerging from the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) is the failure of global climate … Continue reading

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New Book by Bob Tisdale: “Climate Models Fail”

THANK YOU Many thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of Climate Models Fail — and to those who are considering it.  And thank you, Anthony, for posting this here at WUWT! I’ve added an update to the end … Continue reading

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‘Mind blowing paper’ blames ENSO for Global Warming Hiatus

Note: Dr. Judith Curry also has an essay on this important paper. She writes: My mind has been blown by a new paper just published in Nature. Just when I least expected it, after a busy day when I took … Continue reading

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Global Warming theory has failed all tests, so alarmists return to the ‘97% consensus’ hoax

 Guest essay by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, Weatherbell Analytics National Academies of Science defines a scientific theory as “a well-substantiated explanation of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.” Dr Richard Feynman, Cornell Physicist in a … Continue reading

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Washington Post Headline: “Worlds fish have been moving to cooler waters for decades, study finds”

This is an addition to the post Fishy Temperature Proxy by Anthony Watts. INTRODUCTION A new paper about fish migration patterns from 1970 to 2006 is getting some attention by the press. My Figure 1 is Figure 2 from Cheung … Continue reading

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Trend To Colder Winters Continues in UK

Guest post by Paul Homewood http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/anomacts Figures released by the  Met Office show the UK mean temperature for the 2012/13 winter finishing at 3.31C. This is below the long term 1981-2010 average of 3.83C.

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Study: natural variation still rules monsoons

From the University of Hawaii ‑ SOEST Natural climate swings contribute more to increased monsoon rainfall than global warming Natural swings in the climate have significantly intensified Northern Hemisphere monsoon rainfall, showing that these swings must be taken into account … Continue reading

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Berkeley Earth finally makes peer review – in a never before seen journal

After almost two years and some false starts, BEST now has one paper that has finally passed peer review. The text below is from the email release sent late Saturday. It was previously submitted to JGR Atmospheres according to their … Continue reading

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Why El Niño and not the AMO?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach On another thread, a poster got me thinking about the common practice of using the El Nino 3.4 Index to remove some of the variability from the historical global average surface temperature record. The theory, … Continue reading

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New paper cuts recent anthropogenic warming trend in half

Tamino (aka Grant Foster) will have his knickers in a twist over this one. Guest post by Marcel Crok (from his blog De staat van het klimaat) An interesting new paper (behind paywall) has been accepted for publication in the Journal … Continue reading

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Tisdale: Where’s The Anthropogenic Global Warming Signal in the NODC Ocean Heat Content Data (0-700Meters)?

Guest post by Bob Tisdale This is a deviation from my typical presentation of a subdivided dataset. Usually, I divide the dataset in a way that is intended to illustrate how and why natural variables can explain the warming over … Continue reading

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Tisdale: How Much of an Impact Does the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation Have on Arctic Sea Ice Extent?

Last week I asked Bob Tisdale to take a hard look at potential correlations between the AMO and Arctic sea ice extent, and he rose to the challenge – Anthony Guest post by Bob Tisdale This post presents reference graphs … Continue reading

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Cooling that Atlantic Coast sea level hotspot

On Sallenger et al (2012) – Hotspot of Accelerated Sea Level Rise on the Atlantic Coast of North America Guest post by Bob Tisdale John Droz Jr. asked me to comment on the Sallenger et al (2012) paper Hotspot of Accelerated … Continue reading

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Pat Michaels – on the death of credibility in the journal Nature

Atmospheric Aerosols and the Death of Nature Guest post by Dr. Patrick Michaels Big news last week was that new findings published in Nature magazine showed that human emissions of aerosols (primarily from fossil fuel use) have been largely responsible … Continue reading

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Mann and coining the AMO and claims of credit

Junkscience.com writes: Did Michael Mann falsely claim to coin a famous climate term actually coined by someone else? In Mann’s new book “The Hockey Stick and Climate Wars”, Mann writes: The multidecadal oscillation I’d helped discover would nonethless become a … Continue reading

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SST’s cooler now than in the Medieval Warming Period

From “The Hockey Schtick“, some inconvenient truth that breaks Mann’s already broken hockey stick into even smaller pieces. A new paper finds significant cooling of Atlantic Ocean over past millennium, making the MWP warmer in terms of sea surface temperature … Continue reading

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Tisdale on IPCC Models Versus Sea Surface Temperature Observations During The Recent Warming Period

Guest post by Bob Tisdale OVERVIEW This post compares satellite-based Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies to the hindcasts and projections of the multi-model mean of CMIP3 models. CMIP3 is the archive the IPCC used as the source of their models … Continue reading

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The November AMO index goes negative, first time since 1996

Joe D’Aleo reports via email that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) Index has gone negative for this past month, see the graph below: Source:http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/data/correlation/amon.us.data This is the first time the November value has been negative since about 1996. It appears … Continue reading

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The Texas ENSO Bassmaster Classic

A bit of a tiff developed over at Dr. Roger Pielke’s place over disagreements on the recent Texas heatwave being attributed to AGW or to ENSO. Bob Tisdale has something to say about that. Bob writes: “In one email, Roger referred … Continue reading

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Tisdale on Ocean Heat Content Anomalies

April to June 2011 NODC Ocean Heat Content Anomalies (0-700Meters) Update and Comments Guest post by Bob Tisdale A NEW APPEARANCE Due to the noise in the Ocean Heat Content anomaly data for some of the ocean basins, I’ve added 13-month … Continue reading

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Arctic ice refreezing after falling short of 2007 record

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow The arctic ice appears to have bottomed out at a level 6.4% higher than the 2007 record. Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center says the Arctic could be ice-free in … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on Climate Science Myopia

By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. There is an article Global warming lull down to China’s coal growth by Richard Black of the BBC which perpetuate an inappropriately narrow view of climate science. The article headlines with the text “The lull in … Continue reading

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Tisdale on 2011 ocean heat content and the GISS-Miss

Bob has done some very interesting work here, I call attention to figure 6 and figure 7  below where he asks: If the observations continue to diverge from the model projection, how many years are required until the model can … Continue reading

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On The AMO+PDO Dataset

Bob Tisdale suggests that the way some folks have combined the PDO and AMO datasets t produce a new curve is wrong, and here is his supporting analysis. – Anthony Guest post by Bob Tisdale Including A Discussion Of Its … Continue reading

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Satellite-Era Sea Surface Temperature Versus IPCC Hindcast/Projections – Part 2

Guest post by Bob Tisdale THE INDIAN AND ATLANTIC OCEANS INTRODUCTION This post is a continuation of Part 1 – Satellite-Era Sea Surface Temperature Versus IPCC Hindcast/Projections.  It examines the differences between multi-model mean of the IPCC 20C3M (Hindcast)/SRES A1B (Projection) … Continue reading

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Tisdale tasks Tamino

Comments On Tamino’s AMO Post by Bob Tisdale Tamino’s AMO post is a response to my post Removing The Effects of Natural Variables – Multiple Linear Regression-Based or “Eyeballed” Scaling Factors (hereinafter referred to as the “Removing” post). Tamino took … Continue reading

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