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Trenberth Still Searching for Missing Heat

Kevin Trenberth is one of the authors of new Balmaseda et al (2013) paper Distinctive climate signals in reanalysis of global ocean heat content. I find the title of the paper somewhat odd. The paper is based on the European … Continue reading

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Ocean Temperature And Heat Content

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Anthony has an interesting post up discussing the latest findings regarding the heat content of the upper ocean. Here’s one of the figures from that post. Figure 1. Upper ocean heat content anomaly (OHCA), 0-700 … Continue reading

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Fact check for Andrew Glikson – Ocean heat has paused too

Over at The Conversation Andrew Glikson asks Fact check: has global warming paused? citing an old Skeptical Science favorite graph, and that’s the problem; it’s old data. He writes: As some 90% of the global heat rise is trapped in the … Continue reading

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Dana Nuccitelli’s Skeptical Science OHC grapple – down for the count

Dana1981 at SkepticalScience Tries to Mislead His Readers Guest post by Bob Tisdale Dana1981 (aka Dana Nuccitelli) recently authored a SkepticalScience post titled Modeled and Observed Ocean Heat Content – Is There a Discrepancy?  Believe it or not, in it, he … Continue reading

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300 soundings from 19th century compared to Argo data

From the University of California – San Diego Scripps Institute, you gotta love the subheading in this PR. I didn’t know robots could travel back in time. Gosh, I learn something new every day. Apparently 300 soundings done by the HMS Challenger between … Continue reading

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Argo, Latitude, Day, and Reynolds Interpolation

Guest post by Willis Eschenbach This is another of my occasional reports from my peripatetic travels through the Argo data (see the Appendix for my other dispatches from the front lines). In the comments to my previous post, I had … Continue reading

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Argo Notes the Third

I got into this investigation of Argo because I disbelieved their claimed error of 0.002°C for the annual average temperature of the top mile of the ocean. I discussed this in “Decimals of Precision“, where I showed that the error … Continue reading

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Do underwater volcanoes have an effect on ENSO?

I found this post interesting, especially after looking at some of the images that show what appears to be a tight hot spot upwelling off the coast of Costa Rica. But I simply can’t see enough energy in this venting … Continue reading

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Jason and the Argo Notes

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Like Jason, I proceed into the unknown with my look at the Argo data, and will post random notes as I voyage. Come, my friends, ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push … Continue reading

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Jim Hansen’s balance problem of 0.58 watts

From NASA Goddard, Jim Hansen reports on his balance problem: Earth’s Energy Budget Remained Out of Balance Despite Unusually Low Solar Activity A new NASA study underscores the fact that greenhouse gases generated by human activity — not changes in … Continue reading

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Tamino Once Again Misleads His Followers

Guest post by Bob Tisdale My blog post October to December 2011 NODC Ocean Heat Content Anomalies (0-700Meters) Update and Comments was cross posted by at WattsUpWithThat here. (As always, thanks, Anthony.) Starting at the January 27, 2012 at 8:44 am … Continue reading

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Tisdale on the new “hide the decline” version of ocean heat content data

Introduction To The NODC Ocean Heat Content Anomaly Data For Depths Of 0-2000 Meters by Bob Tisdale The National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) recently posted a new Ocean Heat Content (OHC) anomaly dataset on its website. It is available on annual … Continue reading

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Ocean Heat Content Adjustments: Follow-up and More Missing Heat

Guest post by Craig Loehle On June 2, 2009 at WUWT in Anomalous Spike in Ocean Heat Content I commented on what looked like a data discontinuity in ocean heat content data. In this follow-up post, I show that the recent … Continue reading

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New paper on ARGO data: Trenberth’s ocean heat still missing

Four out of five ARGO data studies now show Ocean Heat Content declining Readers may recall that Dr. Kevin Trenberth said this in one of the Climategate emails: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming … Continue reading

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