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Another interesting sea ice interaction

Observing Arctic ice-edge plankton blooms from space False-colour satellite image of ice-edge phytoplankton blooms Ongoing climate-driven changes to the Arctic sea-ice could have a significant impact on the blooming of tiny planktonic plants (phytoplankton) with important implications for the Arctic … Continue reading

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New paper: “unlikely that man-made global warming would cause a permanent El Niño state”

From the UK another paper with some pragmatic analysis, coupled with some rhetoric on sea ice: Arctic climate variation under ancient greenhouse conditions Tiny organisms preserved in marine sediments hold clues about Arctic climate variation during an ancient episode of … Continue reading

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Arctic “death spiral” actually more like “zombie ice”

From the AGU Journal Highlights, some news that NSIDC’s “death spiral” has zombie like characteristics, and that the ice may quickly return from the dead, even if the Arctic turned ice free during summer. Nature is more resilient it seems, … Continue reading

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The North Atlantic heat is on

From the University of Colorado at Boulder Warming North Atlantic water tied to heating Arctic, according to new study The temperatures of North Atlantic Ocean water flowing north into the Arctic Ocean adjacent to Greenland — the warmest water in … Continue reading

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Polar bears no longer on ‘thin ice': researchers say polar bears could face brighter future

From the:USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station via Eurekalert Polar bears no longer on ‘thin ice': researchers say polar bears could face brighter future VIDEO: Science team placing radio collars on polar bears. PORTLAND, Ore. December 21, 2010. “When … Continue reading

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