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Did Shakun et al. really prove that CO2 preceded late glacial warming? [Part 1]

By Don J. Easterbrook, PhD. In a paper “Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation”, Shakun et al.(Nature 2012) contend that rising temperature at the end of the last Pleistocene glaciation were preceded by increasing … Continue reading

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Shakun on our wobbly world’s precession, ocean CO2 fizzing, the last ice age, and all that

It seems that the author of the recent paper in Nature (Shakun et al ) says that the Earth’s wobble was a contributor for ending the ice age, but won’t go so far as to call it the trigger. But … Continue reading

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A new paper in Nature suggests CO2 leads temperature, but has some serious problems

This is an attempt to redefine the graph made famous by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth that showed temperature leading CO2. From a press release embargoed until 1PM EST 4/4: Work that may clarify the relationship between carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Crack in the Antarctic!

From the University of Texas at Austin, a press release to tell us the ice shelves in the Antarctic peninsula are losing their grip and cracking a bit. That could be tragic, except, well, sea ice in Antarctica is growing. … Continue reading

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Really? – Energy requirements make Antarctic fur seal pups vulnerable to climate change

From the University of Chicago Press Journals, a bizarre claim that less than 1C of warming globally in the last century, and essentially no change at all in Antarctica, will somehow change the weather in Antarctica and make it harder … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3, #2

In today’s report Arctic Sea Ice on the rise again, presently in the range of normal levels Antarctic Sea Ice is at slightly above normal levels Why is early satellite data for Arctic and Antarctic Ice extent referenced in the … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3 #1 – The “Arctic Institute” pwns itself

UPDATE: 3/5 8:30PM PST There’s a hilarious backstory on the sockpuppetry that went on yesterday from the founder of The Arctic Institute – read my comment on it here It is that time again where attention turns to Arctic Sea … Continue reading

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New paper: A high-resolution surface mass balance map of Antarctica shows “no significant trend in the 1979–2010 ice sheet”

Uh, oh. Another talking point bites the dust. Leif Svalgaard writes in to tell me of a significant new paper. While Gore, Hansen, Branson, and a gaggle of hangers on just finished a publicity stunt tour of Antarctica to tell … Continue reading

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Arctic Death Spiral: no sale – the public isn’t buying

From the Carsey Institute: Americans’ Knowledge of Polar Regions Up, But Not Their Concern Environmental Issues in Polar Regions Are Polarizing DURHAM, N.H. – Americans’ knowledge of facts about the polar regions of the globe has increased since 2006, but … Continue reading

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Steig et al, revisited with UAH satellite data

From World Climate Report: Antarctic Temperature Trends Almost exactly two years ago, a prominent paper became a media darling as it, according to the alarmist website Real Climate “appeared to reverse the ‘Antarctic cooling’ meme that has been a staple … Continue reading

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Climate FAIL from A to Z presented at Durban

This might be a bit overzealous per Morano’s unique writing style, but compared to some of the stuff we’ve seen from warmists, pretty mild. Lots of useful links and notes – Anthony By Marc Morano  –  Climate Depot Below is the Introduction to … Continue reading

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RealClimate’s Steig: Pacific SST’s influencing Antarctic melt, no link to human causes demonstrated

WUWT readers may recall the Nature cover with this picture of Antarctica at left, followed by the subsequent falsification of the Antarctic warming claims made by Steig et al using the dicey Mannomatic math employed. We owe thanks to O’Donnell … Continue reading

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D’Aleo on ozone hole: “It is very likely to have been there forever”

Ozone holes in Antarctic and Arctic relate to cold rebounds from warming events By Joseph D’Aleo, Weatherbell.com The ozone hole above the Antarctic has reached its maximum extent for the year, revealing a gouge in the protective atmospheric layer that … Continue reading

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Arctic cold yields “unprecedented Arctic ozone loss”

“What was different about this year was that the temperatures were low enough to generate ozone-depleting forms of chlorine for a much longer period of time.” And it is worth noting that the “unprecedented” only applies to the short satellite … Continue reading

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Climate clam chowder has a spicy ENSO rhythm from an old recipe

From the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research comes word that the climate varied before, just like it does today, and we won’t be stuck with a permanent El Niño. Imagine that. 50-million-year-old clam shells provide indications of … Continue reading

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A helpful note to Dr. Eric Steig

Perhaps Dr. Steig was too busy writing snark (in response to a peer reviewed paper that is a rebuttal his own) to figure it out, but this made me laugh. Comment # 6 in this thread over at Real Climate … Continue reading

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