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The FOIA coping response in climate scientists

Guest essay by Chris Horner The curiously titled article, “Climate scientists, facing skeptics’ demands for personal emails, learn how to cope”, in today’s E&E News “ClimateWire” http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/2014/01/21/stories/1059993161 (paywalled), is characteristic of a recent uptick in the campaign to discourage universities … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – the Aye’s have it

While Andrew Dessler suggests Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. can resign the AGU (for having a minority viewpoint on their recent policy update), Ross McKittrick leaves this comment at Bishop Hill: Here’s the list of scientific institutions and societies that have … Continue reading

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Heartland comments on FRONTLINE ‘Climate of Doubt’

By Joe Bast – Executive director, Heartland Institute via press release OCTOBER 24 – On October 23, PBS’s “Frontline” program broadcast a special titled “Climate of Doubt.” The Heartland Institute had circulated a commentary prior to the program’s broadcast, which … Continue reading

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The ‘Media Academic Complex’ on display at PBS tonight

Guest post by Christopher Horner Tonight, PBS’s axe-grinding vehicle “Frontline” is running what promises to be a tantrum against people who seek debate over the global warming agenda, and scrutiny of claims underpinning it. It appears that you have me … Continue reading

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Here comes the PBS smear courtesy of Andrew Dessler

Sigh, it is the same old tired hateful argument from Dessler about tobacco. On the plus side is shows how desperate they are to have to resort to this garbage. [Full disclosure- both of my parents died prematurely from tobacco … Continue reading

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Dessler gets schooled by Spencer

Josh writes: In view of the thread The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: My Initial Comments on the New Dessler 2011 Study a commenter over at BishopHill said this: “Does this mean that John Abrahams comments, reported in the Guardian … Continue reading

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Dessler: “People who discount the science of climate change don’t do it because they’ve read the science”

Drought, Wildfires Haven’t Changed Perry’s Climate-Change Views : It’s All Politics : NPR Last week, I drove to College Station to talk with Andy Dessler about the renewed firestorm over global warming. This was the week before actual firestorms roared … Continue reading

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