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The Alliance, and how it Protects the Climate

I got to reading about Al Gore today, and started wondering about his Climate Reality Project (CRP). So I looked up the background of the company on Guidestar. The official name of the CRP is the Alliance for Climate Protection. … Continue reading

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Great moments in doomsday countdowns

With Al Gore’s recent re-emergence from the dead with An Inconvenient Truth, Version 2.0, I find myself noting his website, The Climate Reality Project (formerly The Alliance for Climate Protection) countdown clock has a familiar look to it. It has … Continue reading

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Gore’s ex “climate community organizer” bails on DOE

American Thinker: Rats leaving sinking ship: DOE loses a crony capitalist With Republicans controlling the House of Representatives and able to subpoena officials, certain Obama administration officials are heading for the hills. The New York Times reports on the latest … Continue reading

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