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The ‘strawman’ albedo effect

From ETH Zurich , something that actually makes sense. Straw albedo mitigates extreme heat Wheat fields are often tilled immediately after the crop is harvested, removing the light-coloured stubble and crop residues from the soil surface and bringing dark bare … Continue reading

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How Much Sunlight Actually Enters The System?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a new study in PNAS, entitled “Observational determination of albedo decrease caused by vanishing Arctic sea ice” by Pistone et al. Let me start by registering a huge protest against the title. The sea … Continue reading

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New PNAS paper claims Arctic planetary albedo dropped significantly, yet recent CERES data shows no significant change

From PNAS: Direct satellite observation reveals that the Arctic planetary albedo, a measure of reflectiveness, decreased from 0.52 to 0.48 between 1979 and 2011, a change in albedo that corresponds to a climate forcing 25% as large as that due … Continue reading

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The Thermostatic Throttle

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I have theorized that the reflective nature of the tropical clouds, in particular those of the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) just above the equator, functions as the “throttle” on the global climate engine. We’re all … Continue reading

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Weekly Area of Snow Extent

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about snow the other day. It was occasioned by my look at the correlation (both positive and negative) of temperature and albedo. Albedo is a measure of how much sunlight is … Continue reading

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Evidence that Clouds Actively Regulate the Temperature

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I have put forth the idea for some time now that one of the main climate thermoregulatory mechanisms is a temperature-controlled sharp increase in albedo in the tropical regions. I have explained that this occurs … Continue reading

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A Tropical Oddity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I wanted to bring you up to date on my current meanderings in the TAO buoy data that I investigated previously in a post called “Cloud Radiation Forcing in the TAO Dataset“. In my peripatetic … Continue reading

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Greenland Ice Sheet albedo drops ‘off the bottom of the chart’ – but look closer as to why

Got this in the mail just as I posted my open thread announcemnt. I’m too busy this weekend to say much else except to post this tweet from Bill McKibben and some past blog excerpts and invite discussion. Bill McKibben … Continue reading

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A Demonstration of Negative Climate Sensitivity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, after my brief digression to some other topics, I’ve finally been able to get back to the reason that I got the CERES albedo and radiation data in the first place. This was to … Continue reading

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Observations on TOA Forcing vs Temperature

I recently wrote three posts (first, second, and third), regarding climate sensitivity. I wanted to compare my results to another dataset. Continued digging has led me to the CERES monthly global albedo dataset from the Terra satellite. It’s an outstanding set, … Continue reading

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Sun and Clouds are Sufficient

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In my previous post, A Longer Look at Climate Sensitivity, I showed that the match between lagged net sunshine (the solar energy remaining after albedo reflections) and the observational temperature record is quite good. However, … Continue reading

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A Longer Look at Climate Sensitivity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach After I published my previous post, “An Observational Estimate of Climate Sensitivity“, a number of people objected that I was just looking at the average annual cycle. On a time scale of decades, they said, … Continue reading

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An Observational Estimate of Climate Sensitivity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach “Climate sensitivity” is the name for the measure of how much the earth’s surface is supposed to warm for a given change in what is called “forcing”. A change in forcing means a change in … Continue reading

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Earth’s baseline black-body model – “a damn hard problem”

By Robert G. Brown, Duke University (elevated from a WUWT comment) I spent what little of last night that I semi-slept in a learning-dream state chewing over Caballero’s book and radiative transfer, and came to two insights. First, the baseline … Continue reading

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Earth’s Albedo Tells an Interesting Story

Thanks to one of our commenters (thanks Henry), this unique project called “Earthshine” being done at the Big Bear Solar Observatory has been brought to my attention. The project is simple in concept: The Earth’s climate depends on the net … Continue reading

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