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I get mail: strange sciency spam

People send me stuff. I get about 1000 emails a day now, between all my different accounts. A lot of it is spam. Today I got an email from “Tesla Generator” advertising the usual “free energy” scam, and I figured … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – if I were running a billboard campaign…

There’s been a lot of spoof/satire images poked at the Heartland Billboard. For example these being run by Michael Tobis, who desperately needs traffic: http://planet3.org/2012/05/04/the-correct-response-to-heartlands-disgusting-billboards/ …here’s the kind of billboard I would have run.

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Sir Richard Branson goes full on stupid in Antarctica

The stupid, it burns. OTOH, he’s with Gore and Hansen and there’s press with him, so maybe he’s just being sociable . Get a load of this from Richard Branson’s blog, CO2 can apparently contradict solar forcing due to the … Continue reading

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