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Today’s rush to judgment by MSM on new NHC proposed hurricane categorization

This was quite a circus to watch today. I didn’t bite. Early this afternoon, AccuWeather reported the National Hurricane Center had announced they were modifying the definition of hurricane warnings becuase of Hurricane Sandy. They made a big deal out of … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel FAIL – Sandy was not a ‘megastorm’

The hype meter at the Discovery Channel has pegged at full McKibben. See this:

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Hurricane-Force Wind Gusts, Heavy Snow to Hammer Northwest

For Immediate Release – AccuWeather News March 12, 2012 — State College, PA –As locations east of the Rockies experience Maylike warmth, residents in the Pacific Northwest are in for a stormy week. The first in a round of potent … Continue reading

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Why are we so bad at long range weather forecasting?

By WUWT regular “justthefacts” In researching the use of tidal forces in long range weather forecasting, I came across an interesting August 30th, 2010 Associated Press/ MSNBC article based on interviews with Farmer’s Almanac Editors Sandi Duncan and Peter Geiger, … Continue reading

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Where Joe Bastardi landed

I’ve known this for awhile, but couldn’t write about it until today. many people have asked me privately where former AccuWeather lead forecaster would land. The answer is in a new startup, with close associate Joe D’Aleo, first director of … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi resigns at Accuweather after 32 years

From Joe Bastardi’s Fan Page at Facebook: Farewell to Joe Bastardi who has left AccuWeather after a distinguished 32-year career. We appreciate Joe’s dedicated service to our clients over these many years and wish him luck with all his endeavors. … Continue reading

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Heaviest December snow in NYC in 6 decades – 5th largest ever – hundreds of other snow records set around the nation

According to the Bloomberg article:

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Sea Ice News #31

I’ve watched the hubbub over the AccuWeather video by Joe Bastardi that called NSIDC’s Sea Ice data into question, because it “seemed” to show lower Arctic Sea Ice values than that of JAXA or DMI. Here they all are: JAXA … Continue reading

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