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The Unknown Skeptic – Journalism, awaiting to be freed

Guest post by Maurizio Morabito 1-Introduction What is the topic where a team of experienced journalists can write a report containing great insights and surprisingly clear expositions alongside stunning simplifications, abysmal naïvetés and incredibly one-sided analyses based on a fundamental … Continue reading

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Green journalists lament the lack of overwhelming coverage of global warming in the liberal media

Guest post by Ryan Maue Green journalists and partisan bloggers are baffled about the lack of sufficient coverage of the “2010 hottest year ever” — and utter failure to ram through climate legislation in the 111th Congress.  After scratching your … Continue reading

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Demented thinking: Copenhagen didn’t work – but taxes will

This is from a press release embargoed until 00:01 today (it says). I don’t know why, there’s nothing new here, because Nordhaus said the same thing well over a year ago in this Guardian article where he says “taxation is … Continue reading

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“Gore effect” strikes Cancun Climate Conference 3 days in a row

From the “weather is not climate department” – New record low temperatures set in Cancun for three straight days, and more new low temperature records are possible this week. Dr. Roy Spencer, who is in Cancun representing climate skepticism on … Continue reading

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Wikileaks cables: on climate, IPCC, Copenhagen

This just in, I’m blogging from a public terminal at a hospital, more later: WikiLeaks cables: Cancún climate talks doomed to fail, says EU president Herman van Rompuy dismisses Copenhagen climate summit as ‘incredible disaster’ and expects Cancún to be no … Continue reading

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