Over 4.5 Billion people could die from Global Warming-related causes by 2012

UPDATE: January 1st, 2012 – still here, no reports of mass deaths at the last minute. – Anthony

Global warming may go on a last minute rampage. Maybe best to just stay at home and lock your doors, bar your windows, and turn your air conditioner on. If you live near the coast, head for high ground. Deaths due to drinking and  driving will be nothing compared to this.

This story appeared in The Canadian January 8th, 2007, it’s been a countdown example of stupidity ever since. Unbelievably, it is still on their website. Note today’s date.

Over at the Daily Bayonet, where they’ve been following for this for years, they have encouraging news:

Assuming there is no last minute surprise attack by pesky methane clathrates, the Daily Bayonet wishes you a safe and happy 2012.

If it happens, it will be the gaia fart heard round the world.

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54 Responses to Over 4.5 Billion people could die from Global Warming-related causes by 2012

  1. Let’s see now: 4.5 billion out of 7 billion – well at least that gets rid of 64.3% of the warmists.

  2. Paxmax says:

    I gotta hand it to you guys and gals, pretty funny!

  3. John Hendry says:

    One mistake does make an issue true. But like I said in another post, regardless of manmade warming or no warming we have gone through 200 million years of stored carbon and must slow down to conserve the last half of it for future generations. We must conserve our resources for what matters most and that’s not some crackhead driving a car to deliver drugs that says the Moon landing was a hoax too just because of 911. Let em walk. Finding balance and learning to tune rather than change scales is what needs to be done. We have a violent past that shows us the future if we do not change our ways and the unfortunate fact is that takes time and many people will remain stuck in the past habits. The new religion is physics and because it wears a strait jacket and reveals only truth arguments over it will be resolved. We are making progress and should help with the tuning established, not try to change the age old song that made it though. You can accomplish a lot with tuning if you do it right, but you must accept the strings as they are as cutting them will get you nowhere except involved in endless arguments . In other words what matters is we stop the greed and their lack of balance.


  4. Mick says:

    you can’t always get what you want,
    but if you try, sometimes you get what you need.

  5. Simon says:

    John – I suggest you get yourself a copy of “The Deep Hot Biosphere” by Thomas Gold and/or look up J F Kenney. – plenty of info on scribed.

  6. Wayne says:

    John: Take your meds!

  7. Morganne says:

    Global warming is not an issue. It’s the way of life. After global warming, there will be global cooling. Then it’ll start all over again. I don’t see the point in panicking over a fact of life.

  8. Mike says:

    I take it flying 1800 miles to the East and driving my new ride back to its Western home was not what these folks had in mind. But it was a good way to get familiar with my Escalade.

  9. Leo Smith says:

    Several million will die as a result of crazy policies adopted by politcians who believed (or asserted that they believed) in AGW.

  10. Andy Wilkins says:

    I’ll ‘fess up:
    I couldn’t help myself and just had to email Nick and remind him about this prediction wholly failing to come true. I also noted that he was still calling it ‘Global Warming’ back then, but is now calling it ‘Climate Change’ (probably because of the current lack of warming). I went on to ask him when he was going to start calling it ‘Climate Disruption’ so that he could blame any weather event on our level of CO2 production.

    Naughty of me, I know, but it always does me good to a have bit of levity in my day!

  11. Andy Wilkins says:

    I meant John not Nick!

    It’s late and I’m tired!

  12. Well, that is definitely sad news, but at least now they have stopped talking about the end of the world…

  13. rodney porter says:

    Simply amazing, carbon an essential gas, as without it we would not be here, the planet as we know it would not support life as we know it, but would be a snowball. To grow some sort of food that we could eat to live we need Carbon”, now we have in Australia” a tax mainly on the air we breathe, great, not only do we have death taxes but now a right to live tax. Economically this country is now on the way out, be interesting when the liberals get back in, how long it will take to reverse this damage that is about to be lumped on to us.
    One can only hope it will not be to bad..
    Rod P.

  14. Little Joe says:

    Carbon is not a gas until the temperature reaches 4098K.

  15. Charles Johnson says:

    I too, have contacted them and demanded a retraction and apology for publishing garbage.

  16. yadontwannano says:

    Everybody says ” global warming ” it’s the side effect of noticular clouds seem to play a role in warming the morning temperatures especialy in highly populated areas where low level air pollution and calories sources abound such as body heat , merthane production internal copmbustion engines etc are concentrated . The sun has the biggest effect apon global temperatures varying it’s out put bewteen cycles . Then comes the cloud covers made up of water hellium , and dust paarticles from many sources . The problem is that the atmosphere suffers from ionic pollution

  17. G_Grady@gmail.com says:

    You guys are all shills right?

  18. Bondi Climate Realist says:

    Here in Australia, our carbon price is raising electricity prices even higher. We have been incurring huge increases (to subsidize “green” energy) for several years and they are set to jump again now we have the world’s highest price on carbon. The Greens would like to raise it from $23 per ton to $200 per ton. I can forsee deaths from starvation and other poverty related mortality to fund this insane tax. I personally know pensioners who simply will not use heating anymore(and thus are cold during winter) and go to bed early to avoid using lights.They are paranoid about how big the electricity bill is going to be. We are going back to the stone age. Perhaps this is the TRUE intention of the ultra green movement.

  19. steve says:


    you need heating in Australia?

    on a serious note, I am a former climatologist (lowly postdoc) and climate skeptic. but I also agree with carbon taxes. I genuinely like wind turbines and other ‘renewables’. In the UK it is more about energy security than climate chaos though.

  20. grumpydenier says:


    “In the UK it is more about energy security than climate chaos though.”

    Please explain in words of one syllable, how wind turbines and solar panels ensure our energy security.
    A simple answer to the problem is nuclear energy, shale gas, newer coal extraction/conversion techniques and, possibly, thorium.
    Everything else is pure vanity to placate the greens and make the politicians look as if they’re doing something to solve a non-problem.

  21. Morpheus says:

    The human body generates more bio- electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 B.T.U.’s of body heat.

  22. ace nurnette says:

    in america we can build our own electrical systems and make the providers pay us…a wind turbine, water wheel, solar panals and batteries, all home made. your government IS the problem.

  23. psychopigeon says:

    All you have to do is look at the United Nations Climate Alarmists to see they’re in it for power and money. Carbon Credits is simply a permit to pollute, all that will end up happening if energy companies will increase their prices to pay for it and we’ll pay that increase because we need energy. It’s a god damn scam. On top of that the ‘climate treaties’ require more power given to the Communist United Nations. I don’t want these corrupt people gaining more control over my life.

    Industrial Hemp can replace all our wood, paper, fuel, food, plastic needs, why isn’t that at the forefront of the agenda for these so-called saviors of the world? BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT.

  24. MShea says:

    On the positive side, if the estimate is correct, then the over population problem will be solved…..

  25. Dajake says:

    We must conserve the remaining half of carbon for future generations? Future generations are a purely abstract hypothetical.

  26. Billy says:

    It seems like the Canadian is a lunatic blog with no readers or advertisers. All of the posts are idiotic.

  27. Mick says:

    HAHAHAHA they obviously ran out of ideas of thing to write about and just wrote something in a desperate attempt to get some visitors….!!

  28. housni says:

    mercii pour cette article

  29. D.N Power says:

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  30. Justin says:

    Only Anthony Watts would trawl the internet for any BS story for his site. Chances are, Watts himself put out this ‘grossly exaggerated’ story and then promptly forgot about it.

  31. Anthony Siebenthaler says:

    Time shoul have resolved this issue by now, but you still hear people making the same old cod statements and repeating the same old gloom laden prophecies despite, like the one in the headline story, not materialising.

    was watching the EU parliament the other day…. they go on as if there has been no caution raised at all. Even one Dutch MEP saying that even if shale oil/gas could sort out all of Europe’s problems overnight she would still rather leave it in the ground… so save ‘mother Earth’

  32. Richard S.M. says:

    “DONT WORRY ABOUT IT! BECAUSE NOTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!” Yes, thats my best advice to the people of the world. Just make sure you’re right with your higher power, thats all that matters in the end.

  33. Keith says:

    Most of the over populated and agrarian based nations on planet earth had better be hoping for “warming” because if it starts to cool the food supply will disappear real quick.

  34. Stew Green says:

    from 2007 ‘Arctic Sea Ice Gone in Summer Within Five Years?
    Seth Borenstein in Washington
    Associated Press
    December 12, 2007′

  35. Stew Green says:

    - note the weasel words like “UPTO” & “COULD” to cover any eventuality that are used in the body but often omıtted from the headlines
    - It would seem much easier to compile a list of the predictions that CAGW supporters have correctly made ..There is nothing wrong with giving them credit when they are right.
    Below is a link to a good analysis of the 2012 UK Met Office (mis-)forecasts

  36. As far as I can see, Raymond Samuels pretty much IS the Canadian ‘newpaper’ and he’s a certified (and certifiable) tin-foil hat wearer of the Mayans/UFOs/NWO/Gnostic-Archons-are-aliens-from-another-dimension/giant-spaceships-near-the-sun variety. Combine that with his amazing journalistic prowess and it’s not a big surprise…

  37. Equorial says:

    This is something I read about nearly 20 years ago. The scientists during that time period ultimately decided that “Cow Farts” were releasing methane into the atmosphere at 1000 times the rate that anything in the process of melting was. So, if you have cows, please refrain from feeding them beans and other known sources of ‘gaseous emissions’ so that we’ll all live longer, healthier lives. Besides, the president of the USA wants these people to kill for himself, and who are we to take away his ambitions? As for the cows ….they don’t give a ‘toot’.

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  39. Nano Pope says:

    That might be the oddest spam I’ve seen in a long time.

  40. kilgore0trout says:

    Air conditions are a perfect example of something a person fearing the consequences of Global Warming would not use while taking refuge at home during a dramatic, exaggerated global warming crisis such as the one described in the article you mock in this post. I noticed that you like to cite the range of temperatures for recent months as proof that climate change does not truly exist. I read something you said about February’s temperatures being too cold for global warming to be real in one of your posts, but don’t you realize that using such a small sample of time to make a conclusive judgement about the overall climate change of the planet over the course of many years. You would use Fox News as an example of credible, unbiased, scientific reporting. There is so much more to global warming than average monthly highs and lows. The evidence is all around you, but not necessarily right in your backyard. So I’m guessing that you won’t ever see it for what it is unless it affects you personally and directly. Oh well. Passionate ignorance is still passion I guess.

  41. Stew Green says:

    Ice Free Forecasts a few coming up this year
    - I see you have a longer list http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/07/16/i-need-your-help-for-a-short-research-project/
    - but here from teve Goddard’s long list http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/ice-free-arctic-forecasts/
    2000 New Scientist in 1960
    2000 AP in 1972
    2008 Olav Orheim, the head of the Norwegian International Polar Year Secretariat in 2008 ! yes
    2010-2015 Articnet Canada in 2007
    2012 NASA climate scientist Jay Zwally
    2012 Seth Borenstein in Washington Associated Press &N Geographic December 12, 2007
    2013 Jonathan Amos Science reporter, BBC News, San Francisco in 2007
    2013-2019 Richard Black BBC News 2011 WOLF WOLF says BBC
    2013 niagarafallsreview.ca in 2011 they removed it now
    2014-2016 Al Gore December 15, 2009
    2015 Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment Report in 2009
    2020 UK Met office old forecast, updated to 2060-80 their 2009 forecast
    2030 Joe Rommm quoting NSIDC Serreze in 2011
    - some claims it’s partially due to a strange definition : when the Arctic sea-ice extent in September is below 1 million sq km (“ice free”).
    - It seems it has low years then recovers, but pessimists never predicted any recoveries hence their way off forecasts

  42. Joe says:

    Most of the Global Warmers I know have never had a real job If they were given a job in Industry
    They would Bankrupt it

  43. Rachel Shaffer says:

    Well, not in 2012.

  44. Igor Karlić says:

    Do not be sad. Never lose hope. If not in AD 2013 tray AD 2014! You never now. But be aware. After 4,5 billion years you must change paranoia reason from CO2 to Sun explosion.

  45. Ivan Accordion says:

    As one of the 50 million climate refugees I really must protest this light hearted banter. My home is now under water and I have nowhere to go. Methane smells terrible and my wife blames me for our misfortune. She said we had plenty of warning and that we should have left when they finished building the dam. How was I to know the letters and phone calls regarding the flooding of the river valley meant our river valley? So show us some compassion. It’s not easy being the only climate refugee family on earth.

  46. Chase says:

    Seriously? You cite a media article in order to support your fact? You do realise that the media arent scientists right….? and offer nothing in terms of climate science. Lmfao. Some people are swayed so damn easily.

  47. Gman says:

    Chase. when talking about someone being swayed so easily maybe you should look in the mirror and stop buying kool-aid in bulk. I notice you had nothing to say on the article that yes a “scientist” said there will be no more arctic ice in 2013. People like you remind me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry was making fun of George for being so gullible saying “I’m not goin’ along. I can just see you in Berlin in 1939 goose- stepping past me: “C’mon Jerry, go along, go along…”.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to be so easily fooled like you. Thank god I have more intelligence than that.

  48. David Sheppard says:

    Well its WINTER 2014 and the coldest ever temps recorded in Antartica/three maybe four ships iced in the place too.Many tourists convinced by their escorts that THE PLANET IS MELTING SEE IT BEFORE YOU DRINK IT??!! They seem to have some explaining to do? Meanwhile lets go skidpanning around north American and Canadian airports with 65% at least experiencing what kilegorotrout seems to think is a pigment of our imagination. Well has this affected you personally?
    We had similar weather maybe less severe (just in 1978/79) and we have had troubled Artic vortices before (naturally occurring).Of course this has also apparently restored 50% of the Artic iice sheet, strange it was supposed to be all gone in 5 years according to National Geographic?
    And this with CO2 at 400 ppm! Perhaps MOSHI MONSTERS ARE EATING IT?

  49. Tom says:

    And don’t forget, Algore said in his 1980s book, “Earth in the Balance”, that the earth had approximately 20 years left! And I was told in 6th grade science class in 1971-2 that by the year 2000 we would be experiencing 1. a new ice age, 2. a planet population of 16 Billion, and 3. we’d all be living underground because of pollution. And that was in a single year of a “science” class!

    Oh, and it was Bill Cosby, Ed.D, who said world population would be 16 Billion and the earth could not sustain such a number and so we were headed for wordwide famine.

    When are people going to understand? All this talk of “crisis” and “catastrophe” is nothing more than fear mongering to keep the sheeple from rising up. And both the left and right do this. Bush, with his overreaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks has eviscerated the fourth and fifth amendments to the constitution. And on the left, the global warming hoax designed to bilk the people out of billions of dollars in tax money. Al Gore wasn’t a millionaire before he went into the senate. Now it is estimated his net worth (not self-worth, mind you) is over $100 million since leaving the vice-presidency. He has never created or managed or built anything. Where does this money come from?

    Regarding saving carbon for future generations. What difference does it make if we stop using the fuel now or 100 years from now? If we ever even do run out? Use what we have now to fuel research to find alternatives, in case we ever need them. Which we may not.

    Never forget. It’s all about control. All of it. The goal is for those in power to remain in power, for their children to inherit their power and to accomplish that they have to make us all afraid of our own shadows.

  50. Kate Rauner says:

    The news article refers to a “hypothesis” (which is an idea presented to attempt to falsify) and even emphasizes this speculation with the parenthetical “if validated”. Hypotheses fail all the time – leaving the article up seems like a sensible way to archive the negative results in case someone wants to evaluate it again. Remarkable sane for a popular publication. Doesn’t sound like a prediction to me… what am I missing?

  51. Ian says:

    Since Porsche did some calculations and concluded that almost 95% of anthropomorphic CO2 is from the breath of 7 Billion inhabitants, perhaps The Canadian are actually suggesting a solution to the ‘Global Warming’ problem (if any of us here actually believe there is such a problem and that it is caused by CO2 in the first place)…

  52. Mark Winkle says:

    I always love these kinds of doom stories. They break up my long days of being an environmental consultant for 35 countries. I live in Ohio in the Un- United States. We experience climate change daily. It has changed weather up to five times in one day. The gloom and doom predictors all base their predictions on the research using climate models. Models are not reality. What is needed is a new real-life group of politicians and scientists who will stand up and say, “I don’t know, so I’m not going to do anything until I get solid evidence.”

    The new Obama carbon tax (2014) on utility companies in the US is going to cause a mess. I got the European Union to scale back their economy killing carbon tax, but liberals just love killing the economy.

    Yes, we need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. We need to reduce the use of coal, and increase the use of alternative fuels. But remember, every breath has its own price. Someone or something pays that price, now or in the future.

    I just put in an order recently on an Elio that will get 84 miles per gallon. I wonder if it can be converted to CNG? Have to look into that. Might be able to get 120 mpg or more. But, CNG is still a fossil fuel. Would love to have a car that runs on Hydrogen.

    Thought I would just say, nice website. The Benchley post was hilarious too.

    MRW, Founder
    Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

  53. Baronstone says:


    The answer is so simple and easy, all we have to do is replace every existing power plant in the US (1600 or so) with Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR)

    The LFTR is cheap to build since it requires none of the super expensive components that a uranium based power plant does. They produce less than 1% of the waste that a uranium based power plant produces. The waste is radioactive for 250 years versus the 250,000 for the waste from a uranium based power plant. They are 100% safe, its actually impossible for a LFTR to have a Chernobyl or Fukushima type accident. They do not require the multiple levels of emergency power that a uranium based power plant does. They are several times more efficient than uranium nuclear power plants and several hundred times more efficient than coal power plants. The LFTR can actually consume a large portion of the existing uranium nuclear waste.

    Best of all, we could build an extra 50 of them and use the power they produce to make hydrogen and extract CO2 from the atmosphere. Then you take that hydrogen and CO2 and make dimethyl ether and methanol. The dimethyl ether can replace diesel and aviation fuel and the methanol can replace gasoline and all for the mind blowing cost of about $2 per gallon.

    That solves all of those pesky CO2 problems without needing moronic new taxes and stupid job killing restrictions. We would need about 500 metric tons of thorium per year to power all of those LFTRs and there is an estimated 500,000 metric tons of thorium in the US alone. Thats enough thorium to power the US for the next 1000 years.

    Sadly there would be 60,000 coal miners in the US that would be out of a job, but hey, if it solves all of our global warming problems, its well worth the $400 billion it would cost to make this happen.

  54. stewgreen says:

    Magic solutions are akways too good to be true ..the way people talk about solar/wind renewables and guy above it sounds like perpetual motion machines.

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