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Study: Greenland’s July 2012 ‘insta-melt’ was triggered by a combination of warm weather and carbon soot

WUWT readers surely remember all the media hype over this story. This was REP’s last entry on WUWT: As WUWT readers are aware, there has been a great deal of attention paid by the main stream media to the extensive … Continue reading

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A ‘regime of wildfire’ contributed to carbon sequestration 15,000 years ago

The next time somebody says wildfires in the USA are “unprecedented” show them this. Buried fossil soils found to be awash in carbon “It looks like there was an incredible amount of fire.” Soils that formed on the Earth’s surface … Continue reading

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AP misleads the public, again, saying man made global warming worsens wildfires

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin: Study claimed by climate fear press to support these claims addresses many contributing factors The climate fear media is at it again this time alleging claims that a new study shows that global warming is … Continue reading

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‘Years of Living Dangerously’ shouts climate fire! But, data says their shouting is simply noise

Taking liberty or artistic license? Debunking the claims made in the film that almost nobody watches, and now shouldn’t even take seriously Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of … Continue reading

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The Southern California Colby wildfire and ‘climate change’

While not a full-bore media hype yet, there are the beginnings of chatter on blogs and Twitter that the Colby fire in Southern California might somehow be related to “climate change”.  NASA MODIS has this image and explanation: Colby Fire … Continue reading

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Sat imagery of Bushfires in New South Wales, Australia

From NASA: NASA’s Terra satellite detected dozens of bushfires continued raging in the Australian state of New South Wales, outside of Sydney. Sydney is the state capital and the most populated city in Australia.

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Michigan State claim: Extreme wildfires likely fueled by climate change

Climate change is likely fueling the larger and more destructive wildfires that are scorching vast areas of the American West, according to new research led by Michigan State University scientists. These erratic fires are harder to contain and often result … Continue reading

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An image of the Powerhouse Fire in California

From NASA: NASA’s Terra satellite captured this natural-color satellite image of California’s Powerhouse Fire with the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument on June 1, 2013. Actively burning areas, detected by MODIS’s thermal bands, are outlined in red. According to … Continue reading

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@billmckibben fire season hype extinguished with inconvenient data

The problem with emotional people like Bill McKibben, is that they seldom delve beyond headlines and live in a world of imaginary constructs that fit their expectation. In this case, McKibben cites an LA times story as scientific proof of … Continue reading

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Australia’s Alien Environment Fuels Firestorms

A recent report from friends who suffered terrible losses of buildings, fences, pasture and cattle in the Coonabarabran fire commenced with the ominous and oft-repeated message: “a raging fire came out of the National Park straight for us”. There is … Continue reading

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Projecting doom from our current wildfire year using climate models

From the AGU fall meeting in SFO. Personally, I think wildfire risk (especially in the USA) would be better predicted by observing ocean patterns (ENSO, PDO, AMO etc.) than trying to apply climate models. Further, it seems they are weighting … Continue reading

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The Atlantic Magazine’s ‘5 Charts About Climate Change That Should Have You Very, Very Worried’… Worried about scientific illiteracy.

Guest post by David Middleton I ran into this gem on Real Clear Energy this morning… The article cites terrifying new reports commissioned by the World Bank and the CIA and then launches into a graphical cornucopia of nonsense. The … Continue reading

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Emails reveal Al Gore and crew won’t take ‘no’ for an answer when seeking imagery to spin for their ‘dirty weather’ project

People send me stuff. Readers may recall this story: Al Gore denied film footage rights by an Australian filmmaker where Mr. Gore sought the broadcast rights to a “fire tornado” footage shot during a wildfire near Alice Springs Australia for use … Continue reading

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Al Gore denied film footage rights by an Australian filmmaker

[Note: I have the video footage denied to Al Gore available for viewing below, after seeing it, I can understand why Gore wanted it, and why the filmmaker denied him the right to use it. - Anthony] Old Ranga from … Continue reading

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Shocker: burning trees release stored carbon

From the Department of Obvious Science and the USDA Forest Service – Pacific Northwest Research Station, comes this shocking headline: Washington’s forests will lose stored carbon as area burned by wildfire increases Even small increases in area burned could have … Continue reading

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Western wildfires – horrific, devastating … and unnecessary

New fire-fighting technology could help put them out. Why isn’t it being used? Guest post by Paul Driessen Millions of Americans watched their evening news in horrified fascination. The Colorado Springs wildfire had doubled in size overnight, to 24 square … Continue reading

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In Colorado wildfires, ‘worst in state history’, why won’t the Forest Service use the biggest firefighting tool available?

AP labels the 2012 Colorado wildfires worst in state history in this story. My friend and fellow climate skeptic, nationally syndicated radio host Lars Larson, asks some pointed and pertinent questions about what appears to be some of the most … Continue reading

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‘What global warming really looks like’ – Michael Oppenheimer FAIL

Well, I warned everybody yesterday. That briefing was put together by Climate Nexus, an advocacy and communications group. An accompanying report on heat waves and climate change was released simultaneously at The usual suspects put that document together. See … Continue reading

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Update on Colorado Wildfires

I have reports from the scene, plus also from the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Nearly half of the United States’ airborne fire suppression equipment was operating over Colorado on June 25, 2012, CNN reported, as tens of thousands of acres … Continue reading

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Satellite imagery of Colorado’s High Park Fire

To hear and read the MSM reports about this fire, you’d think that the entire states of Colorado and Wyoming were ablaze. Meanwhile, the usual paid advocates are already wailing about how the fires are supposedly exacerbated by “climate change”. … Continue reading

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Megafire study suggests today’s megafires, at least in the southwestern U.S., are atypical

From SMU (Southern Methodist University) comes this press release which really isn’t surprising. North America didn’t have a forest fire suppression program for the last 1400 years, so there wasn’t a fuel buildup issue like we have today, forest floors … Continue reading

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Ocean temperatures can predict Amazon fire season severity

From the  NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center GREENBELT, Md. — By analyzing nearly a decade of satellite data, a team of scientists led by researchers from the University of California, Irvine and funded by NASA has created a model that can … Continue reading

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Dueling climatic wildfire studies

It seems that for every alarming press release these days, we can find an opposite and equal reaction. Perhaps we should dub it the First (or maybe third) Law of Climate Skepticism. We have this from the National Science Foundation … Continue reading

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