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Real pollution (not ‘carbon’ pollution) increases storm clouds

From the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: A common theme among climate alarmists is that the wrongly named ‘carbon pollution’ aka carbon dioxide, increases the frequency and intensity of storms. Observational data show that NOT to be true,  and this new study … Continue reading

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NOAA shows that wind farms affect weather radar, and that affects their primary mission of forecasting and safety

“Chaotic wind velocities associated with the rotating turbine blades triggers the doppler radar mesocyclone detection algorithm” Note: this essay was written by the National Weather Service Forecast Office is Burlington, Vermont and tipped to me by a reader. Vermont’s wind … Continue reading

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A link between the solar magnetic field and weather patterns on Earth may explain our lower than normal severe weather in 2013

From the “science is settled” department comes this new paper that points out a correlation between the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) and polar jet streams, which drive weather events on Earth. This new paper shows that the effects extend even … Continue reading

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Long Term Tornado Trends

By Paul Homewood It seems that tornadoes, or the lack of them, are back in the news at the moment.  American Meteorological Society President, Dr Marshall Shepherd, seems to think it is unfair to mention low tornado numbers, saying it … Continue reading

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China’s big jet – not the passenger kind

From the Science China Press Is there gigantic jet event in middle latitude region in mainland China? When talking about lightning, appearances of different lightning which occur along with thunderstorms will emerge in the minds of the people and these … Continue reading

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Increased tropical rainfall – seems like a negative feedback to me…

From MIT via press release, bear in mind this is just more model output based on estimates from observations. That said, thunderstorms and hurricanes are simply heat engines, and they transport heat from the lower atmosphere to the higher atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Counterintuitive, models wrong – rainfall more likely over drier soil

From the Vienna University of Technology , what appears to be a negative drought feedback mechanism has been observed. Summer rain more likely over drier soils Summer rain is more likely over drier soil – this is the conclusion scientists … Continue reading

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There might possibly could be a chance of danger! Thunderstorms!

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Thunderstorms are one of my main interests, so I read up on a study by some Harvard researchers that has been receiving all kinds of attention in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, it’s another “could, might, possibly, … Continue reading

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Climate change – off in the ozone

From the Harvard University  news service and the what are they smoking department, comes this suggestion that apparently it never was ozone damaging CFC refrigerants at all, it was those nasty thunderstorms wot done it.  They say: “Recent studies have … Continue reading

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More modeling madness: increased temperature ‘may’ cause more violent thunderstorms – but other studies show what they missed

From Tel Aviv University, another science press release with “could and may” qualifiers:  Climate Change May Lead to Fewer — But More Violent — Thunderstorms Number of flash floods and forest fires could increase with temperature, says TAU researcher Researchers … Continue reading

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Washington DC’s derecho – not something new

Derechoes have been in the news in Washington as of late. No, that’s not some new breed of super bureaucrat, but it is something from a supercell sized thunderstorm that crossed several states during its lifetime. You may have seen … Continue reading

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Pollution enhanced thunderstorms warm the planet?

From the DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a new paper in GRL saying something that doesn’t make much sense to me. As shown in the diagram above, thunderstorms transport heat from the lower troposphere upwards. The heat source at the base … Continue reading

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NOAA issues unusual media advisory release today

On a Saturday even. This is why, it is even worse than the one yesterday: Here’s the Press Release: 

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The weekday -vs- weekend weather effect

Hailstorms and tornadoes are more common during the weekday due to human created aerosols. By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. New Paper “Why Do Tornados And Hail Storms Rest On Weekends” By Rosenfeld and Bell 2011 There is a new paper which … Continue reading

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Further Evidence for my Thunderstorm Thermostat Hypothesis

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach For some time now I’ve been wondering what kind of new evidence I could come up with to add support to my Thunderstorm Thermostat hypothesis (q.v.). This is the idea that cumulus clouds and thunderstorms … Continue reading

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Another tornado outbreak expected


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Forecast: Thunderstorms with a chance of germstones

American Society for Microbiology The role of bacteria in weather events NEW ORLEANS, LA – May 24, 2011 — Researchers have discovered a high concentration of bacteria in the center of hailstones, suggesting that airborne microorganisms may be responsible for … Continue reading

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The folly of linking tornado outbreaks to “climate change”

In times of tragedy, there always seems to be hucksters about trying to use that tragedy to sell a position, a product, or a belief. In ancient times, tragedy was the impetus used to appease the gods and to embrace … Continue reading

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Post facto review on yesterday’s tornado outbreak

UPDATE: I’ve added a firsthand account from Dr. Roy Spencer below. Epic Tornado Outbreak ends today with focus near East Coast By Joseph D’Aleo from We talked about this would be a season of major floods and severe weather … Continue reading

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Why it seems that severe weather is “getting worse” when the data shows otherwise – a historical perspective

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr  on his Blog, April 18th writes: A new analysis of floods around the world has been called to my attention. The new analysis is contrary to conventional wisdom but consistent with the scientific literature on global … Continue reading

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Summary of the April 14-16 US tornado outbreak

While Mike Smith over at Meteorological Musings has a great post on predicting the recent tornado outbreak in the eastern USA, NOAA has this postmortem summary of the event below, complete with video and animations.  See at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Atmospheric audio ducting

Amateur radio operators are very familiar with atmospheric ducting or “skip” as we call it, which (with the help of the ionosphere when the sun is cooperative) enables some very long distance radio communications well beyond line of sight. The … Continue reading

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Uh, oh…the clash of ice and warmth brings storms

Snowcover hangs tough…with warm Gulf of Mexico…spells spring trouble By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, WeatherBell Snow as the first week of April drew a close was still extensive across Canada and Asia. It remains well above the normal as it did … Continue reading

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“Snow” in Fairfield California – Gore effect?

My lovely wife and I are back home now from our medical diversion to Stanford, and everything is OK. Looks like this was the last time surgery was needed. Thanks for all the well-wishes and help everyone! While en-route on … Continue reading

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Oklahoma tech scenery

One of the most interesting things around here is the hi-tech/low-tech  scenery. For example, where else can you see cutting edge weather radar systems juxtaposed with oil rigs pump jacks? Getting a bit closer to the blue radome reveals some … Continue reading

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Stormchasing in Oklahoma

Well not exactly, there’s no storms here today, but there are a lot of vehicles like this one: I’m attending this conference, not as a storm chaser, but as a supplier of technology to aid in storm monitoring.

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Mega storm in the midwest

Of course, it will only be a matter of time before some pundit blames this storm on “global warming”. Readers feel free to post links to such stories in the comments. click images to enlarge. Loop the radar image here … Continue reading

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Watching lightning jets hit the ionosphere

From You know what comes out of the bottom of a thunder storm–lightning. But do you know what comes out of the top? On Sept. 28th at 7:01 am EDT, Joel Gonzalez photographed a gigantic jet shooting up from … Continue reading

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25 years ago today: an event that changed meteorology and aviation

The 25th Anniversary of the Crash of Delta 191 By Mike Smith of Meteorological Musings. ( a video and reconstruction follows – Anthony) At 9:30am this morning, a long-overdue memorial to the victims of Delta Flight 191 was dedicated at … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Microburst

From Mike Smith @ Meteorological Musings A central Oklahoma microburst descends from the parent cloud to the ground. Photo from National Severe Storms Lab At 6:46pm yesterday (Sunday) evening, a strong microburst (likely strong enough to bring down a commercial … Continue reading

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