Winter comes a month early in Kazakhstan and other northern regions

David DuByne writes: Early Snows & Lost Grain Tonnage Central Asia Ural Mountains (Oct 03), USA Crop losses (Oct 11), Ukraine (Oct 22), Grain fields of Northern Kazakhstan snow and frost. As snows arrive earlier with a cooling phase on Earth, grain harvests and planting will be affected. This video highlights such events during October…

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Major Hurricane Gonzalo Gives an “Eye-opening” Performance

NASA and NOAA satellites have been providing continuous coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo as it moves toward Bermuda. NASA’s Terra satellite saw thunderstorms wrapped tightly around the center with large bands of thunderstorms wrapping into it. NOAA’s GOES-East satellite provided [an] “eye-opening” view of Gonzalo, still a Category 4 hurricane on Oct. 16. A hurricane warning…


The Weather History Time Machine

From Sand Diego State University – A program created by Samuel Shen allows researchers to look back in time to see how precipitation across the globe contributed to major weather events. Shen and colleagues created a video (which follows) showcasing their historical precipitation data. At 00:31 (July 1933 – June 1934), you can see the…