Cold year: 2014 USA temperature record lows outpace record highs nearly 2-1

Record temperatures are absolute – no adjusments needed. One of the biggest complaints about climate science has to do with adjustments of temperature data, such as we’ve recently witnessed from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and have been long discussing here at WUWT about what NOAA does to US and global temperature data via techniques…

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Recent paper finds extreme weather & flooding became less frequent/extreme in Southwest England

Remember this past winter and the wailing over the floods in the Somerset levels? The paper, much like our WUWT analysis this past winter, totally contradicts the Guardian’s claims, which seems to be based on “low information pollees”. Catastrophic Floods of Dartmoor, South West England Background The authors write that “extreme floods are the most…


Tornado Intensity Index

By Paul Homewood     Is the intensity of tornadoes increasing in the United States, (or, for that matter, falling)? It’s a perennial question. NOAA gives us some clues, with their charts of EF-1+ and EF-3 to EF-5 tornadoes since 1954. (NOAA ignore EF-0’s, because many more of these weak tornadoes get to be reported…