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Solar wind to lightning strike link discovered

From the Institute of Physics: High-speed solar winds increase lightning strikes on Earth Scientists have discovered new evidence to suggest that lightning on Earth is triggered not only by cosmic rays from space, but also by energetic particles from the … Continue reading

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Dueling press releases over tropical storm latitude shift – one hyped, one not

A couple of days ago NYT’s Andrew Revkin took exception to the use of the word “collapse” in headlines surrounding the paper suggesting that Antarctic ice sheets were in “imminent unstoppable collapse” there’s lots of hype surrounding this, and even … Continue reading

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Hurricane Development Region Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies as We Start the 2014 Season

IMPORTANT OPENING NOTE Even if the sea surface temperature anomalies were to remain depressed throughout the 2014 hurricane season (highly unlikely), the actual sea surface temperatures (absolute) from June to November will rise to values capable of spawning hurricanes…a result … Continue reading

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El Niño Watch issued by NOAA

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION issued by CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER/NCEP and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society,  8 May 2014 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Synopsis: Chance of El Niño increases during the remainder of … Continue reading

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Model Based Extreme Rainfall Claims Not Supported By Actual Data

By Paul Homewood The Guardian, reporting on some recent research from Oxford University, comment: They say:

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How not to measure temperature part 95 – New temperature record of 102° in Wichita, but look where they measure it

Over at Weather Underground, they are all excited about a new monthly high temperature record. Christopher Burt writes: Wichita, Kansas Measures May Monthly High Temperature of 102° On Sunday, May 4th, the temperature peaked at 102° at Wichita’s official NWS … Continue reading

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‘Houston, we have a dumbass problem’

I’m truly sorry about the title, but nothing else really describes the ridiculousness of the pronouncement by the White House aide John Podesta over these two satellite images in a maddeningly idiotic story from the Washington Post. In a Feb. … Continue reading

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Climate change causes severe weather? 2014 tornado count about half of normal

Despite claims of “severe weather is increasing”, and even after several days of tornado activity in the Midwest and the South, 2014 is still below normal compared to recent years according to data published by Greg Carbin of the NOAA … Continue reading

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Multiple consecutive days of tornado activity spawn worst events

From Purdue University , a press release related to tornado activity without any mention of a climate change link. WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Significant tornado outbreaks and especially strong tornadoes are more likely occur within periods of activity lasting three … Continue reading

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Watching the U.S. Tornado Outbreak from Space

NASA has just released an animation of visible and infrared satellite data from NOAA’s GOES-East satellite that shows the development and movement of the weather system that spawned tornadoes affecting seven central and southern U.S. states on April 27-28, 2014. … Continue reading

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Not only do we have the slowest start to tornado season in a century, but tornado damage losses are in decline

So much for the “Years of Living Dangerously“ Dr. Roger Pielke Jr writes in the WSJ: So far in 2014, the United States has experienced fewer tornadoes than in any year since record-keeping began in 1953, or even before. Greg … Continue reading

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Scientists with frickin’ weather control lasers in their heads

From the University of Central Florida ‘Dressed’ laser aimed at clouds may be key to inducing rain, lightning UCF, Arizona researchers extend length of high-intensity laser with hope of stimulating showers The adage “Everyone complains about the weather but nobody … Continue reading

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Tornado season so far may be the slowest in a century

While there continues to be wailing about how climate change is supposedly making the weather more extreme, Greg Carbin, the man in charge at NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC) sends along this graph and says: Likely the slowest start to … Continue reading

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Holdren Is Wrong – Cold Winters Are Not Getting More Common

By Paul Homewood As WUWT points out, John Holdren is one of many who have tried to link the cold winter in the USA this year to global warming. In his White House video in January, he had this to … Continue reading

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The Holdren ‘cherry blossom vortex’, Information Quality Act, and U.S. weather history

CEI is taking John Holdren to task over his “polar vortex” video. In a post today at we have this: DC’s cherry trees hit their official peak blossom date last Thursday, April 10th.  That’s the latest in the year … Continue reading

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Seattle’s climate instantly cools 1.5 degrees

This is interesting, and of course it goes hand-in-hand with what I have been saying for years. Scott Sistek, of KOMO News/Weather reports: ============================================================= For several years the thermometer at SeaTac airport has been reporting temperatures 1-3 degrees above surrounding … Continue reading

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Noctilucent clouds on the increase, climate change will likely be blamed

Of course, it might just be a negative feedback at work. From NASA: Appearance of Night-Shining Clouds Has Increased First spotted in 1885, silvery blue clouds sometimes hover in the night sky near the poles, appearing to give off their … Continue reading

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NASA on ‘the big chill’ this winter: ‘In some places temperatures were 40°F colder than average’

Blistering cold air from the Arctic plunged southward this winter, breaking U.S. temperature records.  A persistent pattern of winds spins high above the Arctic in winter. The winds, known as the polar vortex, typically blow in a fairly tight circular … Continue reading

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It’s official – Chicago experienced the coldest four months ever on record

An over a century-old record falls. The average temperature for December 2013 to March 2014 period in  Chicago was only 22.0°F, 10 degrees below freezing, beating the old record set in the winter of 1903-04. It even beat the harsh … Continue reading

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Watch the snowy and cold winter in the USA as time-lapse

A new time-lapse animation of data from NOAA’s GOES-East satellite provides a good picture of why the U.S. East Coast experienced a snowier than normal winter. The new animation shows the movement of storms from January 1 to March 24. … Continue reading

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Coldest U.S. winter in a century

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The circumpolar vortex has put this season into the record-books. The United States has just gone through its coldest interequinoctial winter (equinox to equinox) in a century. Hat-tip to CFACT, which has just sent me … Continue reading

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Stunning new first images available from NASA-JAXA Global Rain and Snowfall Satellite

Remote sensing of weather just got a lot more detailed and interesting NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have released the first images captured by their newest Earth-observing satellite, the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory, which launched … Continue reading

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Mystery plume radar image near Nuclear Test Site – solved

Occam’s Razor – the simplest explanation is most likely People ask me to look into weird things all the time. Since I operate a weather business that specifically offers weather radar analysis and tracking software, I got asked to look at … Continue reading

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Turning airliners into flying weather stations

From Scripps Institute New Airborne GPS Technology for Weather Conditions Takes Flight First-time demonstration led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography captures key meteorological data from aircraft, along with the potential to improve hurricane forecasting A new GPS system aboard airplanes … Continue reading

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NOAA’s odd way of presenting February temperatures

Harold Ambler writes: NOAA’s map of February temperatures across the United States got New England all wrong. It wasn’t “near normal,” at all, as the people of the region can well attest. Oh, and the data, too: Hartford, CT, as … Continue reading

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Arctic blast coming to Eastern US – likely to be the coldest opening to calendar spring in at least 50 years

Another massive cold wave headed for Eastern US next week to put temperature 20 degrees below normal Senior WeatherBell Meteorologist Joe Bastardi commented: I am 58.. never seen anything close to this for late March. and [The] pattern next week … Continue reading

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Daily Record Temperatures & UHI – Part II

By Paul Homewood I ran a post the other day on daily record temperatures in the Southeast of the USA. Just to recap: A record daily high means that temperatures were warmer on a given day than on that same … Continue reading

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Record Daily Temperatures and UHI in the USA

By Paul Homewood Every so often, the hoary old chestnut of record daily temperatures is wheeled out, as evidence of global warming. The above chart is from the NCAR study by Gerard Meehl in 2009, and the NCAR Press … Continue reading

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Satellite Animation Shows Massive Eastern U.S. Cool Down

Video animation follows Three days of satellite imagery from NOAA’s GOES-East satellite were compiled into an animation that showed the progression of the storm system that drastically changed temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S. from spring-like warmth to the … Continue reading

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‘Record temperatures’ placed in context with station history

DayRec: An Interface for Exploring United States Record-Maximum/Minimum Daily Temperatures Essay by Greg Kent Foreword: There is a new resource for obtaining high/low temperature extremes.  The DOE released the DayRec tool that has requirements for long and complete station records.  … Continue reading

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Mysterious new man-made gases pose threat to ozone layer…

Image Credits: NOAA – National Weather Service – Climate Prediction Center By WUWT Regular “Just The Facts” On the heels of Andrew Dessler’s Ozone Hole tweet, we have from the BBC: “Researchers from the University of East Anglia have discovered … Continue reading

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NOAA: US Cold records outnumber warm records 66 to 1 in the last 7 days

And nearly 3 to 1 in the last 30 days, and over 2 to 1 in 2014 From NOAA/NCDC:  U.S. Records Summary The summaries below list the number of records broken for several recent periods is summarized in this table … Continue reading

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In the UK, it was much wetter in 1929

By Paul Homewood The Met Office have now issued the precipitation stats for last month, so what do they tell us about the winter as a whole in England, where the floods have caused such havoc? (I am concentrating … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls Freezes Over – Again

Story submitted by Eric Worrall In further indications of global warming induced cold, Niagara Falls has frozen over for a second time this winter. 

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Massive Arctic cold wave descends into southern USA

Polar vortex outbreak creates 90 degree difference from one end of Texas to the other Look at the cold plunging from the latest polar vortex incursion: Notice the difference between Houston and Dallas, or New Orleans and Wichita now take … Continue reading

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