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Solar wind to lightning strike link discovered

From the Institute of Physics: High-speed solar winds increase lightning strikes on Earth Scientists have discovered new evidence to suggest that lightning on Earth is triggered not only by cosmic rays from space, but also by energetic particles from the … Continue reading

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Curious claim – lightning erodes mountains

From the University of the Witwatersrand New evidence on lightning strikes By Kanina Foss Lightning strikes causing rocks to explode have for the first time been shown to play a huge role in shaping mountain landscapes in southern Africa, debunking … Continue reading

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Making ball lightning

From the American Chemical Society New insights into the 1-in-a-million lightning called ‘ball lightning’ One of the rare scientific reports on the rarest form of lightning — ball lightning — describes better ways of producing this mysterious phenomenon under the … Continue reading

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China’s big jet – not the passenger kind

From the Science China Press Is there gigantic jet event in middle latitude region in mainland China? When talking about lightning, appearances of different lightning which occur along with thunderstorms will emerge in the minds of the people and these … Continue reading

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It’s not only ‘global warming’ that causes headaches, so does lightning it seems

While we all know ‘global warming’ to be our major source of headaches here at WUWT, this from the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center , suggests lightning is also a cause. To me, this is something that seems too … Continue reading

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An explanation for ball lightning?

I wonder how long it will be before Al Gore tries to blame ball lightning on “dirty weather”? A neat video follows. From CSIRO: Goodness, gracious, great balls of lightning Sightings of balls of lightning have been made for centuries around … Continue reading

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Wildest lightning strike I’ve ever seen

Why being in a car during a lightning storm is the safest place to be As watcher of weather, both as as a one-time storm chaser as well as a person who gets sent email about weather of all kinds, … Continue reading

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NASA seeing sprites

From the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center High above the clouds during thunderstorms, some 50 miles above Earth a different kind of lightning dances. Bursts of red and blue light, known as “sprites,” flash for a scant one thousandth of a … Continue reading

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Lightning induced Schumann Resonance may help divine exoplanets

From the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Science nugget: Lightning signature could help reveal the solar system’s origins Every second, lightning flashes some 50 times on Earth. Together these discharges coalesce and get stronger, creating electromagnetic waves circling around Earth, to … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Climate Complexity – Compiling the WUWT Potential Climatic Variables Reference Page

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” With the help of an array of WUWT reader comments, which began on this thread on January, 15th 2011, and grew on January 22nd, 2011, February 10th, 2011, February 28th, 2011, June 30th, 2011 … Continue reading

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Watching lightning jets hit the ionosphere

From You know what comes out of the bottom of a thunder storm–lightning. But do you know what comes out of the top? On Sept. 28th at 7:01 am EDT, Joel Gonzalez photographed a gigantic jet shooting up from … Continue reading

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Storm elves and sprites recorded on video

From Eurka Alert: FECYT – Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology A team of Spanish researchers has made a high-speed recording of elves and sprites in storms, fleeting and luminous electric phenomena produced in the upper layers of the atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Another UHI effect – thunderstorms & lightning

The March-April edition of WeatherWise magazine has an interesting article in it regarding UHI (Urban Heat Island) effects of enhancing thunderstorm formation in the downwind heat plume. It Stems from this paper (PDF) published in the Bulletin of the American … Continue reading

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Lightning: a new tool for accurately measuring the sun’s rotation when sunspots are not present

This is one big surprise. Moments of serendipity are some of the best quotes of science: “Hmmm, that’s odd”. As an amateur radio operator myself, I find this study fascinating. If you want to know more about VLF radio, see … Continue reading

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