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1°C – the silent killer

From the Harvard School of Public Health , news that an extra 1°C temperature swing in summer will kill the elderly. Summer temperature variability may increase mortality risk for elderly with chronic disease Large day-to-day variations in temperature could result … Continue reading

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Paper: Russian Heat Wave of 2010 Linked to Solar Activity?

Just a quick note to bring this to attention of readers. I have not been able to locate a copy of this paper other than the paywalled one at Springerlink, so I can’t comment much about it, but it looks … Continue reading

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Another paper shows that the Russian heatwave of 2010 was due to natural variability

Despite the repeated efforts of paid propagandists like Joe Romm (Center for American Progress) to try to make this event about global warming, by parroting faulty science from James Hansen, it simply isn’t true.  Hansen’s paper isn’t even peer reviewed, … Continue reading

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Bastardi’s reply to Tom Yulsman’s article on cherry picking

[Note: I don't agree with everything Joe has said here 100%, but I provide his comment in full edited for punctuation and format and turning image links into images to further the discussion. - Anthony] Guest post by Joe Bastardi … Continue reading

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UCAR on Blocking Highs, heat waves, and modeling limits

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. writes: Candid Admission By UCAR – “Blocking The Way – Predicting The Atmospheric Detours That Lead To Weather Troubles” There was an interesting article in the Fall issue of the UCAR Magazine titled by Bob Henson titled Blocking The … Continue reading

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Rahmstorf’s new heat wave cherry twisty

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. says exactly what I thought: this new paper from Rahmstorf is untrustworthy. He writes: Here is another good example why I have come to view parts of the climate science research enterprise with a considerable degree … Continue reading

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Blocking highs contribute to unusually hot July in the Great Plains

From NASA Goddard, something reminiscent of last year’s blocking high for the heat wave in Russia. NASA Satellite Observes Unusually Hot July in the Great Plains Andrey Savtchenko and Adam Voiland NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. Much of … Continue reading

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The Texas centered drought versus 1918, 1956 and 1934

Guest post by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow, WeatherBell Co-Chief Meteorologist June temperature and precipitation rankings are in. Enlarged. Warmest in Texas, Second warmest in Oklahoma. Enlarged Driest in New Mexico. Fourth driest in Oklahoma. Fifth driest in Texas. Wettest … Continue reading

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Some facts about deaths due to heat waves

We have a strong, but not unprecedented, heat wave gripping the central USA. NOAA made this video animation to show the breadth of it, which I converted to YouTube so everyone could view it: NOAA’s description of this video: A … Continue reading

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Peer reviewed paper: 2010 Russian heat wave “mostly natural”

The 2010 Summer Heat Wave of Western Russia Reference Dole, R., Hoerling, M., Perlwitz, J., Eischeid, J., Pegion, P., Zhang, T., Quan, X.-W., Xu, T. and Murray, D. 2011. Was there a basis for anticipating the 2010 Russian heat wave? … Continue reading

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100 years ago today, “climate disruption” traveled back in time to kill 652 people

There’s always a lot of squawking about “climate disruption” from politically funded disinformers like Joe Romm, Bill McKibben,  and their ilk anytime there is a heat wave anywhere these days. But, it doesn’t hold up. One only has to look … Continue reading

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Johns Hopkins succumbs to heat wave mania

From Johns Hopkins/Bloomberg School of Health, where they apparently haven’t looked at this data before writing a worrying scare story. The simple fact is, record high temperatures are simply not on the increase. Lots more analysis on the extremes of … Continue reading

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Final words on the 2010 Russian heat wave from AGU: weather, predictable

The map above, from the NASA Earth Observatory Picture of the Day website, shows how the temperature on July 27 departed from the 2000 to 2008 average. Download large image (1 MB, JPEG) Deadly 2010 Russian heat wave: Not from climate … Continue reading

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NOAA finds”climate change” blameless in 2010 Russian heat wave

We mentioned this previously on WUWT, now it is officially peer reviewed and accepted. Maybe this will be a lesson to those in the MSM and eco blogland who immediately jump on every newsworthy weather event, and with no supporting … Continue reading

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Los Angeles laughs at recent “invisible summer” AP article

Downtown Los Angeles scorches with temperatures 110+ F … NWS Current temp at USC [UPDATE: 2:30 PM Pacific: USC station no longer reporting?- Ryan  2:52 FIXED LINK - Anthony]   WUWT:  oh little sensor: why did you stop reporting the temperature … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Heatwave – The Marble Bar heatwave, 1923-24

With all the caterwauling over the record heat in Moscow over a few days due to a blocking high pressure zone, it would seem valuable to revisit a truly exceptional historical heatwave that occurred long before “global warming” became a … Continue reading

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