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I’ve been waiting for this statement, and the National Climate Assessment has helpfully provided it

The National Climate Assessment report denies that siting and adjustments to the national temperature record has anything to do with increasing temperature trends. Note the newest hockey stick below. About these ads

About these ads
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A note about temperatures

Guest commentary by John Coleman (reprinted from KUSI-TV by Mr. Coleman’s request) Was July 2012 the hottest July in United States history? Was the last 12 months period the warmest ever? NOAA,the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, says “Yes”. The … Continue reading

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Preliminary comments on Hausfather et al 2013

There’s a new paper out today, highlighted at RealClimate by Hausfather et al titled Quantifying the Effect of Urbanization on U.S. Historical Climatology Network Temperature Records and published (in press) in JGR Atmospheres. I recommend everyone go have a look … Continue reading

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A new paper showing how UHI and energy consumption are linked to long-term temperature change in China

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. highlighted this major new paper in JGR yesterday, I consider it important as it relates to the works I’m doing on station siting. The key points of the paper are supportive of what I’ve  been saying … Continue reading

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NOAA’s ‘Janus moment’ – while claiming ‘The American public can be confident in NOAA’s long-standing surface temperature record’, they fund an experiment to investigate the effects of station siting and heat sinks/sources on temperature data

NOAA’s impersonation of the two faced god Janus just proved my point about station siting issues with their actions that speak louder than words. While there’s all this caterwauling about my PBS News hour interview, and my statements were apparently … Continue reading

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Update on Watts et al. 2012

My sincere thanks to everyone who has provided widespread review of our draft paper. There have been hundreds of suggestions and corrections submitted in comments and in email, and for that I am very grateful.  That sort of input is … Continue reading

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John Christy’s Testimony before the Senate EPW today

Watts et al gets a mention. 3. NEW INFORMATION ON SURFACE TEMPERATURE PROCESSES In general, the issue of global warming is dominated by considering the near-surface air temperature (Tsfc) as if it were a standard by which one might measure … Continue reading

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Watts et al paper 2nd discussion thread

The first press release announcement thread is getting big and unwieldy, and some commenters can’t finish loading the thread, so I’m providing this one with some updates. 1. Thanks to everyone who has provided widespread review of our draft paper. … Continue reading

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Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. on two recent “game changing” climate papers

In case you missed it, on Sunday Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.wrote a statement of support for Watts et al 2012. See: Comments On The Game Changer New Paper “An Area And Distance Weighted Analysis Of The Impacts Of Station Exposure … Continue reading

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