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Trees do 8 times better in the New York City Urban Heat Island

From the The Earth Institute at Columbia University Do urban ‘heat islands’ hint at trees of future? Common oaks get a boost in New York’s Central Park City streets can be mean, but somewhere near Brooklyn, a tree grows far … Continue reading

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City UHI makes spring bloom earlier

From the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, somebody finally gets it. We’ve changed our local climates significantly, and the plants have figured this out long ago. Mid-Atlantic suburbs can expect an early spring thanks to the heat of … Continue reading

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The Earth has chills and fever, and spots, or something

WUWT Readers may remember in 2006 Al Gore announcing on national television one morning that: The earth has a fever… He of course was pushing his book, An Inconvenient Truth as the cure. Now, almost six years later, other symptoms … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Climate Complexity – Compiling the WUWT Potential Climatic Variables Reference Page

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” With the help of an array of WUWT reader comments, which began on this thread on January, 15th 2011, and grew on January 22nd, 2011, February 10th, 2011, February 28th, 2011, June 30th, 2011 … Continue reading

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New paper and stunning video from the Space Station – UHI much?

Professor Ross McKitrick has just released a new paper on UHI, after reading it, it reminds me of this video from the space station. Weather stations exist in the points of light that define humanity at night, even in rural … Continue reading

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UHI in South Korea – responsible for over half of the warming

This new study published in  the Journal of Atmospheric Environment quantifies the different components of warming there, with UHI making up over half of the total warming: On average, the total temperature increase over South Korea was about 1.37 °C; … Continue reading

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The Impact of Urbanization on Land Temperature Trends

by Zeke Hausfather , Steven Mosher, Matthew Menne , Claude Williams , and Nick Stokes [Note: this is an AGU poster displayed at the annual meeting, available here as a PDF. I’ve converted it to plain text and images for … Continue reading

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Climategate 2.0: Phil Jones and Tom Wigley – calling a scientist “the jerk” over his UHI discoveries in California

I’ve not had time to read through all these emails, but this one really, really Stick in my craw. Dr. Phil Jones and Dr. Tom Wigley respond to this graph published in BAMS in 1996: This is from Goodridge 1996 … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on a new paper discussing urban climate issues

New Paper “Climatic Trends In Major U.S. Urban Areas, 1950–2009″ By Mishra and Lettenmaier By Dr. Roger Pielke Senior There is a new paper Mishra, V., and D. P. Lettenmaier (2011), Climatic trends in major U.S. urban areas, 1950–2009, Geophys. Res. … Continue reading

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New paper “Climatic trends in major U.S. urban areas” quantifies the UHI effect and the impact on climate trends

There’s a new paper which quantifies the effects of the Urban Heat Island and opines on the effect of urban areas on multi-decadal surface temperature trends. It was just published yesterday in Geophysical Research Letters and is quite interesting and … Continue reading

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New paper: UHI, alive and well in China

JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 116, D14113, 12 PP., 2011 doi:10.1029/2010JD015452 Observed surface warming induced by urbanization in east China Key Points The rapid urbanization has significant impacts on temperature over east China A new method was developed to dynamically … Continue reading

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UHI, this is London

Since BEST claims they will work to take UHI into consideration, it seems worthwhile to highlight this new paper. Guess who’s a co-author? Phil Jones of UEA’s CRU. Image above from Arizona State, Center for Environmental Science Applications (CESA). From … Continue reading

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Here, let me fix that headline for you

Deadly collision? Really? This must be before they remove all the automobiles from London per the recent edict from the EU/EC. The author must have suffered through too many “BBQ summer” heat waves in the London tube. Here’s more:

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3% of Earth’s landmass is now urbanized

This study, from 2005, is not one I’ve covered here before, but I thought it was relevant to have a look at as a logical followup to the recent announcement from NASA at AGU that satellites have identified strong UHI … Continue reading

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Note: clearly satellites can see urban heat, as demonstrated by this recent paper unveiled at the 2010 AGU meeting by NASA. See: Satellites Image the Urban Heat Islands in the Northeast. It can also be demonstrated that the UHI biases the … Continue reading

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Satellites Image the Urban Heat Islands in the Northeast

Gee where have we seen something like this before? Dads/Moms and Grandparents: if you’d like your children/grandchildren to be able to do something on UHI for the spring science fair, here’s an easy to do idea. – Anthony From Science … Continue reading

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Phil Jones and the Chinese weather station corruption

WUWT readers may recall the bizarre saga of Douglas Keenan’s attempt to bring the research data of CRU’s Dr. Phil Jones and SUNY’s Dr. Wei Chyung Wang to sunlight, which I’ve covered here and here. At issue, is the metadata … Continue reading

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BoM embraces UHI

They join the UK Met office in embracing UHI now. Of course, my friend Jim Goodridge, former California State Climatologist, had this nailed in 1996 with his study of surface temperature in California: MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday 13 October 2010 Hot … Continue reading

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They only come out at night: “The Dark Side of Climate Change”

Looks like they’ve discovered what great heat sinks asphalt and concrete make: From the National Resources Defense Council via press release posted at (h/t to Mark) WORST SUMMER EVER? NEW ANALYSIS OF 2010 SUMMER HEAT TO HIGHLIGHT LITTLE-DISCUSSED “DARK … Continue reading

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UHI study of the UK Armagh Observatory

Via Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. and with a h/t to Erik, I found this most interesting, because it demonstrates the even small things like hedges can influence temperature readings. This paper originally had only 1 diagram, but I’ve added photography … Continue reading

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The Big Valley: Altitude Bias in GHCN

Foreword: The focus of this essay is strictly altitude placement/change of GHCN stations. While challenge and debate of the topic is encouraged, please don’t let the discussion drift into other side issues. As noted in the conclusion, there remain two … Continue reading

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Cooler white roofs – no complaints there

Maybe now NOAA will get rid of all remaining rooftop climate monitoring stations or stations sited over asphalt, like this one. As for the carbon emissions issue, that remains to be seen. Global Model Confirms: Cool Roofs Can Offset Carbon … Continue reading

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Calculating global temperature

I’m happy to present this essay created from both sides of the aisle, courtesy of the two gentlemen below. Be sure to see the conclusion. I present their essay below with only a few small edits for spelling, format, and … Continue reading

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Shocker: Heat wave story from Associated Press – no mention of global warming

Some supporting research conducted at New York City follows the news item below.  h/t to WUWT reader Phil (not the grouchy one) -A Heat islands: Cities heat quickly, cool slowly By DEEPTI HAJELA Associated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) — … Continue reading

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New Temperature Record at BWI: atmospheric or asphaltic?


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Shocker! ABC says UHI making cities hotter!

Above: NOAA Satellite IR image showing UHI of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC Above: A trend comparison slide from my tour, courtesy of my friend, former California State Climatologist Jim Goodridge. Simon at ACM writes: So reads the … Continue reading

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More weather BoM’s in Oz

NOTE: There’s an error here. I misidentified the Laverton airport in the Google Earth Map. My bad. But I will say when I typed in Laverton Airport, thats what GE gave me. There are two Laverton Airports in Australia as … Continue reading

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Grave concerns by Pielke Senior: Nature duped with claim of independent surface temp data sets

Image: NOAA USHCN COOP station at Hanksville, UT, sited over a grave. Click for larger image. Photo by surfacestations volunteer Juan Slayton First the article at issue: How best to log local temperatures? Peter A. Stott1 & Peter W. Thorne2 … Continue reading

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Butterfly study: a case study in confirmation bias

Guest post by Marc Hendrickx A little over a month ago reports appeared in the press (eg. Butterflies ‘fly early as planet warms’) that the common Brown Butterfly (Heteronympha merope) was emerging 10 days earlier than it was 60 years ago all … Continue reading

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Measure UHI in your town with this easy to use temperature datalogger kit

Readers may remember a couple of weeks back when I lamented that the downward economy had finally caught up to me and my little weather business. I asked readers if they’d mind if I’d showcase a weather station or two … Continue reading

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Another UHI effect – thunderstorms & lightning

The March-April edition of WeatherWise magazine has an interesting article in it regarding UHI (Urban Heat Island) effects of enhancing thunderstorm formation in the downwind heat plume. It Stems from this paper (PDF) published in the Bulletin of the American … Continue reading

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Stanford: Urban CO2 domes mean more death

I find it funny though, that this study (full PDF here) mentions urban warming related to CO2 only. The terms “Urban Heat Island” (and variants including UHI) are not found in this study at all. The image from the study … Continue reading

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A UHI Tale of Two Cities

By Steven Goddard and Anthony Watts Fort Collins, Colorado is most famous for Balloon Boy, and Boulder, Colorado is most famous for Jon Benet and Ward Churchill. Both are hotbeds of Climate Science, with familiar names like Roger Pielke (Jr. … Continue reading

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Spencer: Global Urban Heat Island Effect Study – An Update

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. This is an update to my previous posts [here and here on WUWT] describing a new technique for estimating the average amount of urban heat island (UHI) warming accompanying an increase in population density. … Continue reading

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Spencer’s UHI -vs- population project – an update

In case you missed it, Roy Spencer performed a unique and valuable analysis comparing International Hourly Surface data to population density to provide a simple gauge for the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. It was presented at WUWT yesterday with … Continue reading

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