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The 2014/15 El Niño – Part 4 – Early Evolution – Comparison with Other Satellite-Era El Niños

In the preceding post, we looked at the evolution of the weekly sea surface temperature anomalies in two regions of the equatorial Pacific (NINO3.4 and NINO1+2), comparing the data so far in 2014 to those of the strong 1982/83 and … Continue reading

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El Niño Residuals Cause the C-Shaped Warming Pattern in the Pacific

In the recent model-data comparison of satellite-era sea surface temperature anomalies—appropriately titled Maybe the IPCC’s Modelers Should Try to Simulate Earth’s Oceans—we compared trend maps of modeled and observed sea surface temperature anomalies from 1982 to 2013. See Figure 1. … Continue reading

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More fun with ‘Coloring Reality’ and University of Maine’s CLIMATE REANALYZER™

Earlier, we talked about how NOAA NCDC made February look warmer by choosing some nice pastel colors for “below normal” temperature in the USA. Now, WUWT regular Chris Beal points me to the Arctic to look at sea surface temperatures, … Continue reading

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Maybe the IPCC’s Modelers Should Try to Simulate Earth’s Oceans

UPDATE (April 6, 2014): I’ve added a link to a follow-up post about the cause of the observed C-shaped warming pattern in the Pacific. # # # The climate models stored in the CMIP5 archive are supposed to be simulations … Continue reading

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An Odd Mix of Reality and Misinformation from the Climate Science Community on England et al. (2014)

In this post, we’ll discuss a recent article and blog post about the recently published England et al. (2014). This post includes portions of past posts and a number of new discussions and illustrations. We’ve already discussed (post here) the … Continue reading

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Phil Jones 2012 video: Talks about adjusting SST data up ~.3-.5C after WWII

Phil Jones of Climategate fame made some extraordinary remarks that seem to have been overlooked until now. This was a presentation for Help Rescue The Planet’s St George’s House Consultations in Windsor, 2012. Jones remarks of interest start at 5:30. … Continue reading

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Comments on Stefan Rahmstorf’s Post at RealClimate “What ocean heating reveals about global warming”

I was recently asked to comment on Stefan Rahmsorf’s post What ocean heating reveals about global warming at RealClimate. There is a link to a pdf edition of this post at the end. PRELIMINARY NOTES As I’ve noted in previous … Continue reading

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New study shows Pacific Decadal Oscillation and sea surface temperature drive US tornado strength

From the University of Missouri-Columbia, one more example of how natural variation has trumped the supposed forcing of CO2 to make ‘bad weather’. Pacific ocean temperature influences tornado activity in US, MU study finds COLUMBIA, Mo. – Meteorologists often use … Continue reading

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Upwelling Longwave Over The Ocean

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach To continue my investigations utilizing the CERES satellite dataset of top of atmosphere radiation, here is a set of curious graphs. The first one is the outgoing (upwelling) longwave radiation at the top of the … Continue reading

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IPCC Still Delusional about Carbon Dioxide

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Detecting the AGW Needle in the SST Haystack

Guest essay by Jeffery S. Patterson My last post on this site, examined the hypothesis that the climate is dominated by natural, harmonically related periodicities. As they say in the business, the critics were not kind. Some of the criticisms … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at the HADGEM2-ES Simulations of Sea Surface Temperatures

There’s been an online disagreement between skeptics and the UKMO in recent days. See Bishop Hill’s post here, and Nic Lewis’s full discussion here. Nic’s discussion was also referenced in David Rose’s article in the Mail on Sunday. The UKMO’s … Continue reading

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Introducing The New WUWT Northern Regional Sea Ice Reference Page – With Observations

Image credits: (NSIDC) – The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” We are pleased to introduce WUWT’s newest addition, the Northern Regional Sea Ice Page Sometimes lost in the Global Warming Causes Sea Ice Death Spiral … Continue reading

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RSS Flat For 200 Months (Now Includes July Data)

[NOTE: RSS is a satellite temperature data set much like the UAH dataset from Dr. Roy Spencer and John Christy - Anthony] Image Credit: Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts The graphic above shows 3 … Continue reading

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Mid-August Hurricane Development Region Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

According to the NOAA National Hurricane Center, there are two low pressure systems in the tropical North Atlantic with good chances of becoming tropical storms. See Figure 1. In fact, in the eastern part of the main development region, Tropical … Continue reading

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About the Unusual Warming Event in Extratropical North Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

As noted in the July 2013 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update, the extratropical North Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies (24N-65N, 100E-100W) made an unexpected surge in July 2013. NOAA may make a fuss about this in their State of … Continue reading

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Sea Surface Temperature and Anomalies Along the Projected Track of Tropical Storm Dorian

The National Hurricane Center announced the formation of Tropical Storm Dorian. So we’ll take look at the sea surface temperatures and anomalies along its projected storm track. See Figure 1. In it, I’ve also highlighted the coordinates of the region … Continue reading

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Mid-July 2013 Hurricane Development Region Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

Other than the following maps, this post presents the weekly and monthly satellite-era sea surface temperature anomalies for the hurricane development regions—plus the extratropical waters off the east coast of the U.S. We’re including the extratropical waters off the east … Continue reading

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