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New study says ‘robust modeling’ predicted Antarctic sea ice to decrease, but the ice defies modeling

For those of you that have been looking for that point of reference about Antarctica’s increasing sea ice in contrast to the shrinking ice in the Arctic, look no further. A new study recently published in the Quarterly Journal of … Continue reading

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Antarctica Has Sea Ice Rabbit Ears, a V for Victory or Maybe It’s a Peace Sign?…

Image Credit: NSIDC WUWT Regular “Just The Facts” As you can see from the Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent With Anomaly map above, there are currently two large fingers of anomalous Sea Ice protruding out in the Weddell Sea. This … Continue reading

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Remember the Arctic cyclone that busted up sea ice in 2012? It seems such storms are more common than previously thought

News media back then seemed to think this was a new thing, and downplayed the role of the cyclone is breaking up sea ice, preferring to attribute it to the omnipotent global warming. Apparently it’s just business as usual for … Continue reading

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No pattern found in Northern Hemisphere atmospheric blocking and weather extremes

A new paper in press at GRL (Barnes et al 2014) suggests that the idea of “blocking” patterns being on the increase due to climate change factors such as sea ice have no statistically significant  component. As readers may know, … Continue reading

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2013 Was Not A Good Year For Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Climate Warming Change Disruption Weirding Ocean Acidification Extreme Weather, etc.

Image Credit: European Space Agency – CryoSat By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” For anyone keeping track, 2013 has not been a good year for those who propagate the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) Narrative, also know by a litany … Continue reading

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Polynyas are very important for marine life and cooling the oceans

An introduction to Polynyas Guest essay by Eric Stephens Many people think that once a sea freezes, it is one complete sheet. In reality, there are several open areas that never freeze. One such area is a polynya (common US … Continue reading

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Greg Laden Once Again Expresses Something Other Than Fact

In a recent visit to Steve Goddard’s blog, I came across the post Climate Scientists Always Trying To Rewrite Their Own History. It’s about a Tweet by Greg Laden, in which Laden states: .@LesJohnsonHrvat @SteveSGoddard @PeterGleick AGW Models do NOT … Continue reading

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Nature proves Al Gore wrong again

Gore’s “ice free Arctic” prediction from five years ago, falsified by nature itself The great bloviator has been pwned again, by the actions of nature itself. In Germany, five years ago this past Saturday, Al Gore claimed that the ““Entire … Continue reading

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Defusing the Arctic Methane Time Bomb

Guest Post by David Middleton The Arctic methane time bomb keeps ticking… From Scientific American… Climatewire More Arctic Methane Bubbles into Atmosphere A new study suggests more than twice as much of the potent greenhouse gas is bubbling out of … Continue reading

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Ice melting Arctic cyclones more common than previously thought

Remember the Arctic cyclone that chopped up the Arctic sea ice in 2012, resulting in a new record low summer extent for the satellite era? It turns out they are rather common. From the AGU Fall Meeting and the Ohio … Continue reading

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On data losses -vs- geography in Cowtan and Way 2013: data dropout may account for most of the recent observed differences

At Climate Audit, Roman M. has a very interesting analysis that shows the surface grid cell losses from HadCRUT4 in C&W. It hones in on the issue of why the temperature differences from 2005 are much more significant than the … Continue reading

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A new record: the most sea ice in Antarctica in 30 years by extent and by volume

Translated by Google from this press release in German at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany: Never so much sea ice at Antarctica in the last 30 years In light of global warming, it seems paradoxical that the sea ice … Continue reading

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NASA Announces New Record Growth Of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Researchers have measured a new record for sea-ice extent in the Antarctic. Why the white splendour is extending there while it is rapidly disappearing in the Arctic is a mystery. Antarctica: The extent of sea ice (white) reached a record … Continue reading

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Antarctic Sea Ice Didn’t Get The Memo That It Was Supposed To Melt

Image Credit: Cryosphere Today – University of Illinois – Polar Research Group By WUWT Regular Just The Facts Per the graph above, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent has remained above the 1981 – 2010 “normal” range for much of the last … Continue reading

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Weekly Area of Snow Extent

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about snow the other day. It was occasioned by my look at the correlation (both positive and negative) of temperature and albedo. Albedo is a measure of how much sunlight is … Continue reading

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Global Sea Ice Overview, Walrus Gathering and Northern Regional Sea Ice Retrospective

Image Credit: Cryosphere Today – University of Illinois – Polar Research Group By WUWT Regular Just The Facts For those beating the “imminent Arctic ice death spiral” drum, 2013 has not been a good year. Per the graph above, Global … Continue reading

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Study: The Late Cretaceous Period was likely ice-free

From the University of Missouri-Columbia COLUMBIA, Mo. – For years, scientists have thought that a continental ice sheet formed during the Late Cretaceous Period more than 90 million years ago when the climate was much warmer than it is today. … Continue reading

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Claim: winds blamed for Antarctic sea ice approaching record high

Stronger winds explain puzzling growth of sea ice in Antarctica From University of Washington press room by Hannah Hickey Much attention is paid to melting sea ice in the Arctic. But less clear is the situation on the other side … Continue reading

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