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IPCC admission from new report: ‘no evidence climate change has led to even a single species becoming extinct’

In 2007, the IPCC predicted that rising global temperatures would kill off many species. But in its new report, part of which will be presented next Monday, the UN climate change body backtracks. There is a shortage of evidence, a … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Science by the kilogram

From Aarhus University, and the department of weighted (by the kilogram) peer review comes a really heavy new report. See actual photo caption at right, bold mine, I kid you not. I loved this quote from the press release: ‘Polar … Continue reading

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A Theory Ready for Extinction

Don’t worry too much over those warmist predictions that millions of species will soon be lost to climate change. Judging by their methods it is the doomsayers who are the real dodos Guest essay by Dr. David Stockwell Will climate … Continue reading

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Contrasting Good and Bad Science: Disease, Climate Change and the Case of the Golden Toad

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director Emeritus, Sierra Nevada Field Campus San Francisco State University To insure the public does not become complacent as the 16-year hiatus in rising global temperatures continues, the media is spammed with untested models claiming … Continue reading

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Frog extinction theory is going extinct

Remember this WUWT story?  What frog science can teach us about global warming From UC Davis: National survey finds frog abnormalities rare A 10-year study shows some good news for frogs and toads on national wildlife refuges. The rate of abnormalities … Continue reading

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Fabricating Climate Doom – Part 1: Parmesan’s Butterfly Effect

Addendum by Anthony: This graph is an eyebrow raiser. The infrastructure at Yosemite has increased to handle increased tourism, and the weather station records this by a reversal of the Tmin and Tmax relationship. In this case, the heat sinks … Continue reading

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Tropical lizards safe from climate change forced extinction

Some good news from Dartmouth College Climate change may have little impact on tropical lizards Dartmouth study contradicts predictions of widespread extinction A new Dartmouth College study finds human-caused climate change may have little impact on many species of tropical … Continue reading

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Wild claim from University of East Anglia

No mays, coulds, or mights here in this press release headline from UEA. They say “will“.  As usual, they assume nature so poorly equipped her creations that they can’t adapt. That’s some ballsy certainty. Climate change will cause widespread global-scale … Continue reading

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Asteroid likely caused global fires, which led to extinctions

From the AGU: Global fires after the asteroid impact probably caused the K-Pg extinction About 66 million years ago a mountain-sized asteroid hit what is now the Yucatan in Mexico at exactly the time of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) mass extinction. … Continue reading

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The PR is in: the ‘may haves’ have it at NSF

From the National Science Foundation, another bit of Speculative Science™ note the caveat in bold, which is all they need for a headline that screams certainty: This sudden release of gases into the atmosphere may have created intense global warming, … Continue reading

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Always Trust Your Gut Extinct

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach, title from a Paula Abdul quote The backstory for today’s adventure is that this is the first scientific question I seriously researched. It is also the reason I don’t trust the “experts” or the “consensus”. … Continue reading

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Warming increases biodiversity, except when it doesn’t

From the University of York  news that warming increases biodiversity. Since that’s a buzzword in the biology protectors circle, you’d think they’d be happy about this. Nope. Research reveals contrasting consequences of a warmer Earth A new study, by scientists … Continue reading

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Newsflash: tropical species adapt to temperature changes

From Wiley Sciences, some interesting admissions, though I have to think that insects are far more tolerant than they give them credit for. But, take it all with a grain of salt, because it is just more modeling output. Some … Continue reading

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Species Extinction is Nothing New

Letter to the Editor As the global warming bubble deflates, another scare is being inflated – species extinction. Naturally the professional alarmists present this as a brand new threat, caused by man’s industry. However, species extinction, like climate change, is … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – screwy thinking for Earth Day

We’ve known for some time that the eco-minded tend to think that humans are a bad thing. For example, there’s the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: That’s no joke, it is a real organization. What follows is something I thought was … Continue reading

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The Permo-Triassic Extinction: A Question of Timing

Guest post by Mark Hladik Introduction In a 31 August 2011 article A blast from the gas in the past, Anthony Watts and company at Watts Up With That discussed a new paper by Montenegro et al titled, “Climate Simulations of … Continue reading

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Gradually heading to hell in a handbasket just as bad as instant doom

From the National Science Foundation: Global Extinction: Gradual Doom as Bad as Abrupt In “The Great Dying” 250 million years ago, the end came slowly The deadliest mass extinction of all took a long time to kill 90 percent of … Continue reading

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New paper from Loehle & Eschenbach shows extinction data has been wrongly blamed on climate change due to island species sensitivity

Guest post by Dr. Craig Loehle Last year, Willis Eschenbach had a WUWT post about extinction rates being exaggerated in the literature. I offered to help him get this published, and it is now out. We conclude that the extinction … Continue reading

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Sudden Clovis climate death by comet – “bogus”

UPDATE 3/12/12 – a new study presents very strong evidence for the comet theory, see here Bishop Hill alerts us to this news item in Miller-McCune, a policy and research website. It seems the scientific claims can’t be replicated by … Continue reading

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Oh noes! Now its global warming killing Pikas

Only one small problem with this press release below. From Wikipedia: In 2010, the US government considered, then decided not to add the American pika under the US Endangered Species Act;in the IUCN Red List it is still considered a … Continue reading

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No evidence for Clovis comet catastrophe, archaeologists say

From University of Chicago Press Journals: New research challenges the controversial theory that an ancient comet impact devastated the Clovis people, one of the earliest known cultures to inhabit North America. Writing in the October issue of Current Anthropology, archaeologists … Continue reading

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AGW=dead lizards? Maybe it’s not the heat, but the handbags and herpetology aficionados?

I covered this story Mid May on WUWT. An email today asking if this is real science or just hype prompted me to do some research. First, below, the tragic story from the lizard specialist at BYU, whose rediscovery … Continue reading

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Now it’s lizards going extinct due to climate change

From a press release from Villanova University, more worry. I don’t know about the researchers experiences, but my property is overrun with the Western Fence Lizard. I can hardly avoid stepping on them there are so many around the house. … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the dinosaurs

The prevailing theory (on Dino extinction) is said to be a comet/meteor strike, evidenced in the KT Iridium layer, found worldwide. This study though suggests that even though CO2 was high during the Cretaceous, it could still turn cold abruptly. … Continue reading

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Big Bird meets Big Green

Ecotretas writes in with this sad video. =========================== First time I’ve seen an image of a big bird going down due to wind energy: The important part is at 1:57 This occurred in Creta.

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Global Warming not to blame for toad extinction

From a Columbia University press release, here’s a case where the early speculation of science was wrong. Originally global warming was blamed, but it turns out to be El Niño helping along an already established pathogen. El Niño and a … Continue reading

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NOAA langoliers eat another 1/3 of stations from GHCN database

Dallas Fort Worth airport is one of hundreds of GHCN reporting stations gone missing. GHCN stations are becoming an endangered species.   2010 Thermometer Langoliers Hit List Guest post by E.M.Smith Well, They Are At It Again UPDATE 12 Feb 2010: … Continue reading

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Where Are The Corpses?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Abstract The record of continental (as opposed to island) bird and mammal extinctions in the last five centuries was analyzed to determine if the “species-area” relationship actually works to predict extinctions. Very few continental birds … Continue reading

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