Saturday silliness – the BEST adjustments of temperature

Josh writes: There has been much discussion recently about the adjustments made to past temperatures: see Paul Homewood’s excellent posts on Paraguay, Bolivia and around the world; also from Shub; Brandon at WUWT and on his own blog; and a very readable summary by James Delingpole. All very interesting. Cartoons by Josh


Friday Funny – for whom the bell Tols

Josh writes of this latest hilarious drawing: Richard Tol says that Bob Ward is ‘engaged in a smear campaign’ against him. Reading quite a bit of what Bob has written over the past few years, and not just about Richard but about many others, it is difficult not to agree. H/t to Anthony Watts who…


Hump Day Hilarity – warming at a snails pace

Josh writes: A post by Richard Betts on how the 2 degree limit is like a speed limit just begged for a cartoon! So I did one: On BH now ——- As Richard Betts notes here “I see the ‘2 degree limit’ as rather like a speed limit on a road”. And which is also quite an apt…