Groundhog Day – Al Gore edition

Today, February 2nd, is groundhog day. From the “Monday Mirthiness” Department: Political cartoonist Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle sends this cartoon this way. Originally from 2009, it is just as pertinent and relevant today as it was then. He also drew one last week that spoke to the forecasting fiasco of the 2015 Blizzard…


Saturday silliness – the BEST adjustments of temperature

Josh writes: There has been much discussion recently about the adjustments made to past temperatures: see Paul Homewood’s excellent posts on Paraguay, Bolivia and around the world; also from Shub; Brandon at WUWT and on his own blog; and a very readable summary by James Delingpole. All very interesting. Cartoons by Josh


Friday Funny – for whom the bell Tols

Josh writes of this latest hilarious drawing: Richard Tol says that Bob Ward is ‘engaged in a smear campaign’ against him. Reading quite a bit of what Bob has written over the past few years, and not just about Richard but about many others, it is difficult not to agree. H/t to Anthony Watts who…


Hump Day Hilarity – warming at a snails pace

Josh writes: A post by Richard Betts on how the 2 degree limit is like a speed limit just begged for a cartoon! So I did one: On BH now ——- As Richard Betts notes here “I see the ‘2 degree limit’ as rather like a speed limit on a road”. And which is also quite an apt…