The Josh ‘climate selfie’ – and livetooning the Michael Mann lecture at Bristol

Yesterday Josh finished all of his cartooning related to my trip to the UK, the meetings with skeptical friends, and the Mann lecture. I present them all here because he’s been waiting for me to recover from my trip enough to resume regularly scheduled programming. Now that I have mostly recovered (though still a bit…

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The Climate Science Zombie Apocalypse is coming

We’ve all heard of the “zombie apocalypse”, it gets all sorts of humorous opinions about it, t-shirts, websites, iPhone covers, even the CDC got in on the act. Now, with the call for civil disobedience to solve the mostly non-existent climate problem we have the “climate science zombie apocalypse”. This is sort of like “low information…


Friday Funny: Full text of IPeCaC’s 2020 report leaked!

WUWT exclusive | Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The shock full text of IPeCaC’s Sixth Assessment Report (2020), the last of an undistinguished series of leaden, multi-thousand-page rent-seekers’ manifestoes, has been leaked. It can now be revealed exclusively to an eagerly sleeping world. The Lord Monckton Foundation’s zit-faced, Coke-gurgling, coke-sniffing, donut-guzzling teenage hackers, TweedleDumb and TweedleDumber,…