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Climate change campaigners fear debate, can’t face climate skeptics anymore, so they rig TV news shows

Yet another reason not to pay your BBC TV license and to not pay attention to the Center for American Progress.  Readers may recall the nuclear reaction over the one time I appeared on The PBS Newshour. Seeing an alternate … Continue reading

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Stupid: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry cancels climate talk due to skeptics being on panel

I guess nobody wanted to “properly debate” skeptics. They couldn’t even get David Appell? From Oregon Live: The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has pulled the plug on a presentation from three scientists critical of the theory of man-made … Continue reading

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Another resignation over bad behavior over climate skepticism

From Bishop Hill, news via Pierre Gosselin that the decision by SEII to disinvite speakers to a conference (including Dr. Fred Singer) has backfired, badly. Gosselin is reporting that a prominent engineer has resigned from one of France’s [sic*] learned … Continue reading

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The season of disinvitation continues, Monckton & Delingpole’s MEP affair

Guest post by The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley Dear Anthony, – I’ve enjoyed your series on disinvitation of those who doubt “global warming” by true-believers in the New Religion. Your readers may enjoy the following well-documented account. – Christopher ============================================== … Continue reading

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