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Polar bear group admits population estimates were a “guess”

IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group says its global population estimate was “a qualified guess” By Dr. Susan Crockford Last week (May 22), I received an unsolicited email from Dr. Dag Vongraven, the current chairman of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group … Continue reading

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Has David Attenborough Become A Propaganda Mouthpiece Promoting Climate Fear?

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University. David Attenborough was my favorite wildlife cinematographer and each year I fed my students numerous clips to make biology and ecology come alive. Researching the … Continue reading

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Ten Good Reasons Not To Worry About Polar Bears

Susan Crockford writes: This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of an international agreement to protect polar bears from commercial and unregulated sport hunting. The devastating decades of uncontrolled slaughter across the Arctic, including the Bering Sea, finally came to … Continue reading

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A quorum of drama queens at Polar Bears International?

Dr. Susan Crockford, Zoologist, of advises us of this:  “We are now the polar bear” says Mann today (below) [a few weeks ago it was Patricia Romero Lankao of the federally financed National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s ‘polarbeargate’ scientist forced to retire

WUWT readers may recall our coverage of Charles Monnett, whose antics with polar bear sitings and attribution led Al Gore to put this famous animated video clip into An Inconvenient Truth and make wild claims about polar bears drowning for … Continue reading

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The Guardian’s ‘ursus bogus’ moment

Dr. Susan Crockford writes: Regarding: Science self-corrects: bogus study claiming Roundup tolerant GMO corn causes cancer to be retracted This ratty story reminds me of the polar bear incident I just posted about this morning at PolarBearScience.

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Climate Craziness of the Week: NBC: Polar Bears Like ‘Passengers on the Titanic’ Because of Global Warming

Image: Toonpool Newsbusters reports: Teasing an upcoming story on Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams warned of “the habitat of the polar bears melting earlier and faster than ever” and promised “a jaw-dropping look at a way of life … Continue reading

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Why Less Summer Ice Increases Bear Populations

Guest essay by Jim Steel, Director Emeritus, San Fransisco State University “Annual primary production in the Arctic has increased yearly … Should these trends continue, additional loss of ice during Arctic spring could boost productivity >3-fold above 1998–2002 levels” 1  … Continue reading

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How “Science” Counts Bears

Guest essay by Jim Steele, director emeritus, San Francisco State University The Inuit claim “it is the time of the most polar bears.” By synthesizing their community’s observations they have demonstrated a greater accuracy counting Bowhead whales and polar bears … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: Polar Bear Population Growing Despite Declining Sea Ice

Great News! But Where Is The News Coverage? From The GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser Exciting news about polar bears in eastern Canada: a new the peer-reviewed paper concludes that despite sea ice having declined since the 1970s, polar bear … Continue reading

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Fat polar bears (Ursus Maritimus Obesus) -vs- CFACT

The press release below is from Wiley, where they worry that the polar bear can’t find enough sea ice. Meanwhile, billboards proclaim the uptick in polar bear numbers thanks to conservation efforts and other factors. See below for 10 reasons … Continue reading

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More on the ‘save the polar bear’ timing

Yesterday I posted a story, based on a press release from the University of Alberta, suggesting ‘timing is everything‘. Indeed, it appears to be for action. Polarbearscience picked up the release via my story and writes:

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A note to the University of Alberta – timing is everything

From the apparently out of touch with reality University of Alberta , comes this poorly timed headline that made me laugh out loud when I read it, because of this other polar bear story today in which it demonstrates polar … Continue reading

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NPR finally gets it – does this signal an end to the polar bear as poster bear for global warming?

From NPR: The Inconvenient Truth About Polar Bears In 2008, reports of polar bears’ inevitable march toward extinction gripped headlines. Stories of thinning Arctic ice and even polar bear cannibalism combined to make these predators into a powerful symbol in … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s ‘drowning polar bear’ source reprimanded

From the Seattle Times – the end game of ‘polarbeargate': Scientist who saw drowned polar bears reprimanded An Alaska scientist whose observations of drowned polar bears helped galvanize the global warming movement has been reprimanded for improper release of government … Continue reading

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Nunavut Government Study: “the [polar] bear population is not in crisis as people believed,”

From the Daily Globe and Mail in Canada: Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a … Continue reading

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Ruling: Polar bears can’t be used to regulate CO2

Some good news on the ridiculous polar bears are endangered because of climate change front. It seems the linkage to CO2 has been..ahem, denied. I like this part:

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Another round of questions for polar bear researcher

From National Public Radio Polar Bear Scientist Faces New Questions by Nell Greenfieldboyce A wildlife biologist is continuing to face questions about an influential paper he wrote on apparently drowned polar bears, with government investigators reportedly asking whether he improperly … Continue reading

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The polar bear poster that launched a thousand quips

Much has been made of the revelation that Charles Monnett is under suspension and investigation related to the issues swirling around drowned polar bears and dubious statistical license used to calculate mortality. I got a request from a reader to … Continue reading

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Federal Official: Monnett suspension unrelated to “drowned” polar bears

As some WUWT readers theorized yesterday, something, perhaps even more egregious is the root of the suspension. The AP obtained an internal memo from the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, sent via email circulated to staff. From the Sacramento … Continue reading

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