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Noctilucent clouds on the increase, climate change will likely be blamed

Of course, it might just be a negative feedback at work. From NASA: Appearance of Night-Shining Clouds Has Increased First spotted in 1885, silvery blue clouds sometimes hover in the night sky near the poles, appearing to give off their … Continue reading

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First assessment of noctilucent cloud variability at midlatitudes

This is interesting, a first dataset for noctilucent cloud variation. As the Sun dips below the horizon, the last rays of light can glint off crystals of ice high in the atmosphere, lighting up the sky with an electric blue … Continue reading

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Optical Antics at Sunset

My lovely and talented wife has a habit of being in the right place at the right time to capture nature doing interesting things. This particular shot was taken by cell phone from a moving vehicle in Northern California last … Continue reading

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The R. W. Wood Experiment

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Pushed by a commenter on another thread, I thought I’d discuss the R. W. Wood experiment, done in 1909. Many people hold that this experiment shows that CO2 absorption and/or back-radiation doesn’t exist, or at … Continue reading

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Disney research figures out “twinned rainbow” optics

From Disney Research (who knew?) Researchers unlock secret of the rare ‘twinned rainbow’ ZURICH — Scientists have yet to fully unravel the mysteries of rainbows, but a group of researchers from Disney Research, Zürich, UC San Diego, Universidad de Zaragoza, … Continue reading

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March launch madness at Wallops Island to probe upper atmosphere

From the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center NASA jet stream study will light up the night sky – 5 sounding rockets to launch into upper atmosphere within 5 minutes High in the sky, 60 to 65 miles above Earth’s surface, winds … Continue reading

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Nacreous cloud show at the Arctic Circle

From An apparition of polar stratospheric clouds is underway around the Arctic Circle. “It is almost as good as the aurora borealis,” says Göran Strand, who took this picture last night from Östersund, Sweden: Eric Schandall of Oslo, Norway, … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis hits a 100-year low point – sun blamed

via with h/t to Dr. Leif Svalgaard and Indur Goklany The Northern Lights have petered out during the second half of this decade, becoming rarer than at any other time in more than a century, the Finnish Meteorological Institute … Continue reading

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Storm elves and sprites recorded on video

From Eurka Alert: FECYT – Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology A team of Spanish researchers has made a high-speed recording of elves and sprites in storms, fleeting and luminous electric phenomena produced in the upper layers of the atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Colliding Auroras Produce an Explosion of Light

From NASA Colliding Auroras Produce an Explosion of Light 12.17.09 This three frame animation of THEMIS/ASI images shows auroras colliding on Feb. 29, 2008. Credit: Toshi Nishimura/UCLA › Larger Image › View Animation A network of cameras deployed around the … Continue reading

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A good meteorological omen, and a great way to start the new year

Today I stepped outside and was greeted with this image just after the clouds parted. Fortunately I had my camera ready to go. This view is at the Sierra Nevada foothills looking Northeast over Bidwell Ranch, CA. A light mist … Continue reading

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