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Michael Mann’s legal case caught in a quote fabrication fib

UPDATE: it seems the language was lifted from a “Skeptical Science” web page, see below. Steve McIntyre had a busy day yesterday. While yesterday there was an incorrect story called “Michael Mann Faces Bankruptcy as his Courtroom Climate Capers Collapse“ … Continue reading

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Delingpole’s new landing pad, the inside scoop

Last week a number of people were in shock about the news that James Delingpole had his last column at the Telegraph. It was all rather abrupt. As to why, I have the inside scoop. I asked James directly, and … Continue reading

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Guest essay by Donald C. Morton Herzberg Program in Astronomy and Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada ABSTRACT The Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released in September 2013 continues the pattern of previous ones raising alarm about … Continue reading

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Kaku’s kookoo science

Marc Morano writes: CBS This Morning featured a futurist who promotes paranormal phenomena like ‘telepathy, telekinesis and mind reading’ as climate expert during its February 13 broadcast. CBS only identified physicist Michio Kaku as a New York City College professor, … Continue reading

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Solar Energy Storage – A Gift from Gaia

Guest essay by Viv Forbes There is a massive problem with photo-voltaic solar power. Modern cities and industries require power 24/7 but solar panels can only deliver significant energy from 9am to 3pm on a clear day – a maximum … Continue reading

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Steyn on the ‘anti-science’ labeling of Dr. Judith Curry by Dr. Michael Mann

Some people say you shouldn’t poke a bear with a stick, for obvious reasons. I’ll say one thing for Mr. Steyn, he never gives up poking the ‘MannBearPig’, even when being sued. Steyn writes on his web page today:

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Monckton: Challenge to Prince Charles

Lord Monckton invites ‘Chazza’ to spar over ‘unroyal’ global-warming remark His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Clarence House, London. Candlemas, 2014 Your Royal Highness’ recent remarks describing those who have scientific and economic reason to question the Establishment opinion … Continue reading

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Fighting the Wrong Battle: Public Persuaded About CO2 As Pollutant – Not As Cause of Warming

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball Skeptics are winning the battle to reject CO2 as the only cause of warming, but losing the war to the misrepresentation of CO2 as a pollutant. Some people generally know there is something wrong … Continue reading

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Michael Mann the ‘reluctant public figure’ and ‘typewriter expert’

One of the hurdles Michael Mann has to overcome in his lawsuit against NRO/Steyn is the tenet that public figures are expected to have a higher level of tolerance when it comes to ridicule, satire, and defamation. For that reason, … Continue reading

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Response to the SOTU address: Efforts to cap CO2 emissions are adverse to human health and welfare

OPINION By Craig D. Idso, Ph.D. In his State of the Union address, President Obama advocated an energy policy aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which he claims are causing catastrophic changes to the earth’s climate and “harming … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky – call your office: Correlation is Meaningless

Readers may recall this survey: A poll to test the Lewandowsky methodology The results are in, which is why we can’t say global warming proponents support pedophilia. Guest essay by Brandon Schollenberger They don’t. The fact there is a correlation (0.14) … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn makes motion to dismiss Mann’s libel claim

From the “chilling effect” of sunlight department, Steyn writes: Many “climate skeptics” wonder why the defendants would want to get the complaint dismissed rather than put Mann through a trial in which he would have to take the witness stand … Continue reading

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An AGW opinion survey for your participation

Mike Haseler (aka the Scottish Sceptic) has prepared a survey asking for professional and personal opinion on AGW, and he has asked that I carry it here (unlike Lewandowsky). The rationale and link to the survey:

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The Inventor of the Global-Warming ‘Hockeystick’ Doubles Down

Professor Michael Mann, if you see something, say something – or maybe just keep your mouth shut Guest essay by  Dr. Fred Singer Professor Michael Mann, the inventor of the Hockeystick temperature graph, had a contentious editorial essay in the … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight on ‘the cause of pause in global warming’

Guest essay by Don J. Easterbrook, Dept. of Geology, Western Washington University Last week in my post ‘‘The cause of pause in global warming,” I presented data showing that the lack of global warming was not the ‘biggest mystery in … Continue reading

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The Climate Dichotomy: A Scientific Not A Political Difference

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball Attempts to understand climate are stalled. The standstill parallels the pre-Copernican state when the Ptolemaic model had held sway for 2000 years but no longer fit the data. The Catholic church perpetuated Ptolemy similar … Continue reading

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The Copernicus-PRP fiasco: predictable and preventable

Post on the Copernicus – Tallbloke fiasco please advise Continue reading

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Yale: Global warming on the out with Americans

They should redo the poll now after people have a chance to read the latest article in Nature, where even Trenberth conceded natural cycles are playing a big role, big enough to override the posited global CO2 control knob for … Continue reading

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