Weekend Open Thread

It has been quite awhile since we’ve had an open thread on WUWT, so let’s have one. As usual, stay on topic per this blog’s usual discussions, and keep it civil. I’m particularly interested in hearing from readers about topics and issues we may not have covered that would be relevant for future posts.  


Weekend Open Thread – call for essays

I have some major pressing life issues that I have to deal with at this time, so all I can offer is an Open Thread. Feel free to discuss topics within our normal range. Anyone who wants to submit a guest post will be welcomed, provided it is factual and on topic. Use the “submit…


Open Thread

I’m on travel today, and will be away from email for quite some time (unless the flight has WiFi). I’ll be attending both the Cook and the Mann lecture at University of Bristol, along with a couple of other meetings.  Thanks sincerely to the WUWT readers that made this trip possible. I look forward to…

Open thread weekend – societal concerns

I’m off on travel today, but I wanted to take this opportunity to give readers a chance to talk about a variety of topics and to discuss something that has been of interest to me over the years: professional and scientific societies. We’ve seen the pronouncements on climate change and the internal strife generated from…