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NOAA’s Ever-Changing Definition of La Niña Years

UPDATE: I’ve added two illustrations to the end of the post. At the request of blogger “Kurt in Switzerland”, I plotted a comparison of the new and old versions of the Oceanic NINO Index data and posted it in a … Continue reading

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Is Ocean Heat Content Data All It’s Stacked Up to Be?

Figure 1 Ocean Heat Content data represents the heat stored of the oceans to specified depths. As such, it is an important global warming metric. The Introduction to Levitus et al (2005) begins: Based on the physical properties and mass … Continue reading

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Blog Memo to Lead Authors of NCADAC Climate Assessment Report

Date: March 4, 2013 Subject: Upcoming NCADAC Climate Assessment Report From: Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations To: Lead Authors of NCADAC Report Dear Lead Authors: The draft of your upcoming NCADAC Climate Assessment Report was recently released for comment. Thank … Continue reading

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New satellite to warn of severe weather by watching lightning

NOAA and NASA’s next generation weather satellite may provide earlier warnings A new satellite that will detect the lightning inside storm clouds may lead to valuable improvements in tornado detection. The GOES-R satellite is currently being built with new technology … Continue reading

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New paper from NOAA demonstrates that El Niño has more impacts than climate on winter weather in the USA

While AP’s Seth Borenstein cites opinions of activist scientists in erroneously claiming that ‘climate change’  increasing atmospheric moisture is the main driver for winter weather events, it turns out that El Niño patterns are strongly associated with winter weather impacts. … Continue reading

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NOAA corrects ‘State of the Climate’ – offers no credit

NOAA Corrects Their 2012 State of the Climate Report – 2012 Was NOT the Warmest La Niña Year on Record Guest post by Bob Tisdale With as little fanfare as possible, NOAA has corrected their erroneous claim in their 2012 State … Continue reading

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Japan’s ‘Cool Hand Luke’ moment for surface temperature

At NASA’s Climate 365, there is an interesting story posted with this statement and a graph: Some say scientists can’t agree on Earth’s temperature changes Each year, four international science institutions compile temperature data from thousands of stations around the … Continue reading

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NOAA SOTC Claim that 2012 Was Warmest La Nina Year is Wrong

NOAA’s Definition and Data Contradict Their Claim That 2012 Was The Warmest La Niña Year Guest post by Bob Tisdale In the 2012 State of the Climate Report, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stated (my boldface): 2012 ranked as … Continue reading

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Another glitch on the NCDC State of the Climate report

Is NOAA Misleading the Public by Including Tropical Cyclones in its 2012 Climate Extremes Index Ranking? by Bob Tisdale IF NOT, THE PRESS AND PUBLIC WILL CERTAINLY GET THE WRONG IDEA The Summary Information of the NOAA State of the Climate … Continue reading

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The ‘secret’ IPCC Stocker WG1 memo – found!

You may recall that WUWT reported this on Sepetember 6th, 2012: Game on – NOAA’s refusal of documents earns them a lawsuit Over the last couple of days, CEI’s Chris Horner has been emailing me news of a FOIA request he … Continue reading

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A Different Take on the “Hottest Month on Record.”

Guest post by David Middleton “NCDC Releases July 2012 U.S. Monthly Climate Report: July 2012 Marked the Hottest Month on Record for the Contiguous United States.” The headline was, of course accompanied by nonsense like this… Senior Meteorologist Stu Ostro … Continue reading

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NOAA cites La Niña as severe weather factor in the 2011 State of the Climate report

Back-to-back La Niñas cooled globe and influenced extreme weather in 2011 New NOAA-led report examines climate conditions experienced around the world Worldwide, 2011 was the coolest year on record since 2008, yet temperatures remained above the 30 year average, according … Continue reading

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NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory Carbon Program goes overboard on ocean acidification – leaves uncorrected error

This letter to Dr. Richard A. Feely of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory Carbon Program in Seattle, WA was sent by Chuck F. Wiese on Wednesday. Chuck also asked me to post it on WUWT but I wanted to see … Continue reading

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NOAA National Weather Service caught in a ‘budgetary ponzi scheme’

NOAA comes under criticism again, this time over National Weather Service funding By DON CUDDY June 05, 2012 12:00 AM The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and its embattled head Dr. Jane Lubchenco are again the target of criticism after … Continue reading

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NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center caught cooling the past – modern processed records don’t match paper records

We’ve seen examples time and again of the cooling of the past via homogenization that goes on with GISS, HadCRUT, and other temperature data sets. By cooling the data from the past, the trend/slope of the temperature for the last … Continue reading

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More data fiddling – this time in NOAA’s ENSO data

Plot below showing ONI -vs- Aqua Channel 5 Temperature from lukewarmplanet (not Tisdale) to illustrate what he is talking about in his upcoming book. – Anthony Comments on NOAA’s Recent Changes to the Oceanic NINO Index (ONI) Guest post by Bob … Continue reading

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NOAA/NWS under fire – ‘misappropriated $43 million dollars’

Report: National Weather Service misappropriated $43 million By Isolde Raftery, Jack Hayes, the director of the National Weather Service, stepped down Friday in response to an investigation that top officials at the weather service had misappropriated $43.8 million by … Continue reading

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NWS Chicago demonstrates that climate math is hard

Chicago NWS demonstrates why climate math is hard in their May 10th summary, which I reproduce in entirety below from See if you can spot the error, and the answer follows. (h/t to Joe D’Aleo)

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An update on my Climate Reference Network visualization project

Readers may recall that when Peter Gleick first sent out the stolen Heartland board documents and the fake document to give the story “legs”, there was a mention in there of a project that I asked Heartland to help me … Continue reading

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Will Happer’s WSJ rebuttal to NOAA’s Lubchenco and Karl

Readers may recall seeing this article in Physics Today titled Predicting and managing extreme weather events by Jane Lubchenco and Thomas R. Karl I had to laugh when I saw the “managing” part of extreme weather events. I’d love to … Continue reading

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Biased climate survey sent to all NOAA employees

UPDATE: It appears NOAA has realized the folly of this survey and has taken it offline. The satirical Question #16 (posted by a commenter) parodies the survey. The responses (which probably aren’t far from that) they got to it from … Continue reading

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Solar cycle update: sunspots down, Ap index way down

The NOAA SWPC monthly solar cycle update has been published here, and after a big spike last month, the sunspot count is down again. There’s an even bigger drop though in the Ap geomagnetic index, as seen and discussed below … Continue reading

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NOAA’s Weather Ready Nation

This press release from NOAA came in an email today. I’m not too impressed by the “2011 Ties Record for Billion Dollar Disasters” statement because as inflation and property values rise, so will monetary estimates for “most expensive disaster year”. … Continue reading

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NOAA chief – agency unprepared for Arctic forecast duty

From NOAA: U.S. unprepared for changes in Arctic ice McClatchy Newspapers Excerpts: WASHINGTON — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is being inundated with requests for weather and ice forecasts as well as navigation information about the Arctic, but isn’t … Continue reading

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Ask and ye shall receive NOAA

A while back, I highlighted this, and now comments are open to the public and I’m sure there will be many readers who would like to contribute. NOAA seeks public comments on scientific integrity policy June 16, 2011 NOAA’s draft … Continue reading

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NOAA strives for scientific integrity

From their own press release here NOAA Scientific Integrity “Scientific integrity is at the core of conducting ethical science. By being open and honest about our science, we build understanding and trust. I pledged at the start of my tenure … Continue reading

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NOAA tornado outbreak update: 305 tornadoes

NOAA’s preliminary estimate is that there were 305 tornadoes during the entire outbreak from 8:00 a.m. EDT April 25 to 8:00 a.m. April 28, 2011. NWS created a table to provide clearer insight into the number of tornadoes. Each of … Continue reading

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A new “low” for desperation ?

Wow this merits a NOAA press release, there’s a low in the Atlantic! GOES-13 sees an extraordinarily early Atlantic low in the tropics Hurricane season doesn’t start in the Northern Atlantic Ocean until June 1, but a low pressure system … Continue reading

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Why are we so bad at long range weather forecasting?

By WUWT regular “justthefacts” In researching the use of tidal forces in long range weather forecasting, I came across an interesting August 30th, 2010 Associated Press/ MSNBC article based on interviews with Farmer’s Almanac Editors Sandi Duncan and Peter Geiger, … Continue reading

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NOAA’s compendium of climate catastrophe

From the NOAA “Oceans and Human Health Initiative” website and press release, comes this warning that the algae, Moroccan dust, desertification, bacteria, bad seafood, heavy rainfall, old sewers, climate change is gonna get ya. Climate projections show human health impacts … Continue reading

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Global Warming is a Pussy Cat

Guest post by Ira Glickstein Thanks to WUWT readers who posted estimates of how much of the supposed 0.8ºC Global Warming since 1880 was due to Data Bias, Natural Cycles, and AGW (human-caused warming). I am happy with the results … Continue reading

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NASA’s Sunspot Prediction Roller Coaster

Guest Posting by Ira Glickstein Santa brought us a new Sunspot prediction to be added to NASA’s incredibly high series of at least five ill-fated predictions starting in 2006. NASA’s latest peak Sunspot Number for Solar Cycle #24 (SC24) is … Continue reading

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Middlesboro Kentucky: Pitch Black?

By Steven Mosher. In his august draft of Hansen2010, Dr. Hansen makes the following claim: “We present evidence here that the urban warming has little effect on our standard global temperature analysis.  However, in the Appendix we carry out an … Continue reading

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Bottom of the barrel: devastating assessment of administration competence and honesty

The National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling has issued several drafts of Staff Working papers.  Inside the text is a devastating assessment of the federal government’s (in this case, the Obama administration) handling of … Continue reading

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The Big Valley: Altitude Bias in GHCN

Foreword: The focus of this essay is strictly altitude placement/change of GHCN stations. While challenge and debate of the topic is encouraged, please don’t let the discussion drift into other side issues. As noted in the conclusion, there remain two … Continue reading

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