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Climate idiocy at the Monterey Bay Aquarium – cow with a gas mask

First let me say I’ve been there many times with my wife and children. When we go, we marvel at the sea otters, jellyfish, and the Mola they had for awhile. When we go to an aquarium, I don’t expect … Continue reading

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Methane, The Panic Du Jour

Guest post by Steven Goddard The climate panic headline this week has been that the warming Arctic is burping out dangerous quantities of greenhouse gas Methane. Published on Friday, March 5, 2010 by Agence France Presse Huge Methane Leak in … Continue reading

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Shindell, Methane, and Uncertainty

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A recent study by Shindell et. al, entitled Improved Attribution of Climate Forcing to Emissions, (Science Magazine, 30 October 2009, Vol. 326) reports on interactions between aerosols and methane and other greenhouse gases. It has … Continue reading

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An idea I can get behind – regulate [as in capture waste gas and recycle] methane first

UPDATE: Some readers took exception to my title, and I can see why now. I regret my choice of wording for the title. “Regulate its escape into the atmosphere” is where I was going. “Regulate” from my perspective in engineering … Continue reading

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That worrisome “Methane Beast” apparently is still not awake.

OK Leland Palmer, I told you on several occasions where you tried to steer threads towards Methane that you should wait until WUWT had a thread that was relevant – here you go, have at it. – Anthony The Ups … Continue reading

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