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Saturday silliness – more motivation to leave California

Yesterday I lamented the potential banning of fire. For those of you that don’t know, I live in a town that rivals Berkeley for nuttiness. Thanks to the progressive thinking fomented by Chico State University, Chico is often like an … Continue reading

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Playing the global warming morality card in my local newspaper – a religious experience?

Even ad engines see the religious connection to global warming Lately there’s been an ongoing series of rants in my local newspaper, the Chico Enterprise Record, from global warming activists posing as moralists with holier-than-thou views about how noble their … Continue reading

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Sustainability runs amok in my town, part 3

Readers may recall my first and second entry on my town’s “sustainability task force” a couple of years ago. It has gotten so bad here that I made it an April Fools Joke in 2010. This editorial in the Chico … Continue reading

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My town’s Climate Action Protest- I get to be “zombietime”

WUWT readers may know of the famous where an anonymous photographer captures some of the bizarre things that happen at protests in SFO and Berkeley.  Today on the campus of Chico State University, a protest of sorts was held, … Continue reading

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Denied: California Green School’s charter revoked

This is a story about a charter school in my town of Chico, CA that had its charter revoked last night by the school board. I used to serve on that board, and I would have voted to pull the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – rubbishing peer review

Here I am, minding my own business, looking at my local newspaper, and just reading what is happening locally. Then, out pops this profound quote of the week that is just gobsmacking. The first line of the story starts out … Continue reading

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“Sustainability” continues to run amok in my town

I’ve written about this before. We have a group of citizens here in town called the “sustainability task force” which is highly influenced by the eco-zealotry of Chico State University pushing their ideas of how everyone should live onto the … Continue reading

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The season of disinvitation continues: Chico State University can’t handle a slideshow

I wrote back on September 28th about how Dr. Roger Pielke Senior and Dr. Bob Carter had been invited to present their views on climate science, then after the organizers found out what might be discussed, redacted the invitations to … Continue reading

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A shift of wind

Where I live on the outskirts of Chico, I have an almost constant supply of wind. I’ve considered a wind turbine as a way of getting closer to being “off-grid” so that I don’t have to pay PG&E the exorbitant … Continue reading

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Diane Feinstein: turbidity denier?

There was an interesting story in the Las Vegas Journal Review on August 20th. which had a passage and quote from California Senator Diane Feinstein (emphasis mine): Both U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Ensign announced that they and other … Continue reading

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Gore’s “WE” campaign cap n’ trade call to action

I was recently forwarded this email from Al Gore’s WE Repower America website. They have a call to action based on their belief that a majority of Americans support carbon “cap and trade”, even though recent Gallup polls suggest Americans … Continue reading

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“Sustainability” runs amok in my town of Chico

About two years ago I was asked by my local city councilman Larry Wahl to serve on the city of Chico “sustainability task force”. I was initially enthusiastic, but the talk soon turned away from alternative energy solutions that I … Continue reading

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Global Warming to Shake Up Big Ten

Posted by John Goetz Jim Nichols of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote an article this past Tuesday (September 16) that has gotten the attention of Ohio State and Michigan fans around the country: Global warming could send buckeye trees to … Continue reading

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A note to longtime readers of this blog – the demise of an old friend

Many of you who have been with me from the start will recall fondly the day I was annointed to “holy” status by our local alternate weekly, The Chico Beat. Hey, I’m a reverend! This came about because they had … Continue reading

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Global Warming Destroying Dublin’s Infrastructure

More Signs of the Apocalypse (Posted by John Goetz) From the Belfast Telegraph, Sunday, 31 August 2008: Expert called in amid fears for O’ Connell Bridge Concerns are being expressed about the future of Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge. An independent expert … Continue reading

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Life in California: not fun at the moment

This has been one of the roughest years I can remember living here. We’ve had two massive wind storms (one of which damaged my Stevenson Screens used for the paint test), and lightning induced fires on a massive scale. Life … Continue reading

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Today’s storm is a 9.0

A meteorologist friend of mine, Jan Null, has been keeping tabs on Winter Storms for some time. He’s developed something called the Bay Area Storm Index (BASI) which he uses to calculate the intensity of the storm by combining susatined … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Whacks West Coast

Click image for latest animation UPDATE: For a high resolution still image of this “beautiful” storm click this link: pacific_nhemi_01-04-08_1430utc.jpg The Friday storm moving into California is one of the strongest I’ve seen in about five years. The record rainfall for … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Present Anybody Could Ever Have

My coffee buddy, Butte County Sheriff Perry Reniff helps Alexis Dominguez exit the helicopter (Photo: Bill Husa, Chico Enterprise Record)  Today was a good day. No, strike that, today was a GREAT day! The saga of the Dominguez family lost … Continue reading

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Local newspaper editor replaced with impostor!

  Real                        Impostor This must be some evil plot by media giant “Media News Group” out of Denver. I opened up the print edition of the ER this morning and found that my local amiable moustached editor David Little had been … Continue reading

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The “Sustainable” Enterprise Record

This morning while I was poking around on the ER website, I finally found something publisher Wolf Rosenburg had told me was coming a few weeks ago ( I have coffee with him about once a week ). The ER … Continue reading

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License Bidwell Ranch

I’m going to make a departure from my usual climate and science fare to make a comment on the local front. In today’s Chico Enterprise Record, there was an editorial lamenting the huge budget crisis facing the city of Chico, … Continue reading

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A Cool and Wet October for California

The month of October has been significantly cooler than normal.  This was seen with average daily maximum and average daily mean temperatures that were below normal for all 9 key cities (see tables below).  The largest temperature anomalies were in the … Continue reading

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Helio, La Niña, and bad winters, awww nuts!!

While doom and gloom predictions continue about CO2 induced global warming, saying that it now is the largest driver of climate, overwhelming any influences of the suns variation, there appear to be other things happening. There are forecasts emerging for … Continue reading

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My 20th Anniversary in Chico

Today, October 5th marks my 20th year here in Chico California. What I’ve learned so far: 1- It’s a better place to live than many parts of California 2- People here can be very nice 3- Politics here can be … Continue reading

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My summer project – a national weather station audit

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Restaurant Inspections tell a different story

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Memorial Day

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The Meriam Park Cell Pickle – SOLVED

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Fine Me

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Gravel Mine proponents take different approach

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Chico’s soon to be Pine Tree Cell Tower ?

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911 Truth

You can use your mouse to interact with the flash graphic above. The Chico News and Review has gotten quite a number of letters on their 911 Truth article which gave a platform to the people whom prefer to believe … Continue reading

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Something is up at the ER

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Major Daily Newspapers in Circulation Decline

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