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Taiwan sinking: Subsidence or Global Warming Induced Sea Level Rise?

This news story about Taiwan has been making the rounds with the usual alarming news outlets. My view is clearly on subsidence, caused by poor land use practice. See below the Continue Reading line for the easily found reasons. Excerpts: … Continue reading

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Corned grief: biofuels may increase CO2

From the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t department”. More Maize Ethanol May Boost Greenhouse Gas Emissions From the American Institute of Biological Sciences Read the full article (PDF) In the March 2010 issue of BioScience, researchers present … Continue reading

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UCAR: Roof white out helps UHI

I find it humorous thatUCAR had to resort to modeling to prove something that can be measured empirically. But then again this is UCAR, and they have a big computer at their NCAR office. Painting roofs white would probably help … Continue reading

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Save the planet from GHG’s – use astroturf?

Now according to this press release from UC Irvine, green spaces in cities are bad for the planet….but wait, what about the UHI offset? Can I buy grass credit certificates? Urban ‘green’ spaces may contribute to global warming, UCI study … Continue reading

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Intensive land-management leaves Europe without carbon sinks

Away from Climategate and back to science, here’s something interesting fingering land use as an issue. This is from the Max Planck Society. A new calculation of Europe’s greenhouse gas balance shows that emissions of methane and nitrous oxide tip … Continue reading

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Georgia Tech: “50 percent of the [USA] warming that has occurred since 1950 is due to land use changes rather than greenhouse gases”

From a Georgia Tech Press Release: Reducing Greenhouse Gases May Not Be Enough to Slow Climate Change Georgia Tech City and Regional Planning Professor Brian Stone publishes a paper in the December edition of Environmental Science and Technology that suggests … Continue reading

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USA Today: Expanding cities contribute to global warming

From Roger Pielke Sr. A very good news article titled Expanding cities contribute to global warming by Doyle Rice has been published on USA Today. The article is based on our paper Fall, S., D. Niyogi, A. Gluhovsky, R. A. … Continue reading

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Quote of the week #22 – Experts say that fears surrounding climate change are overblown

The Times posted a surprising story this weekend that has skeptics cheering and alarmists hopping mad. It’s deja vu all over again. (See QOTW#21) Roger Pielke Sr. will be happy, because land use change is prominently mentioned. Here’s the line: … Continue reading

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New study shows how local land use changes can affect surface temperature

Study gives clearer picture of how land-use changes affect U.S. climate from a Purdue University press release Researchers say regional surface temperatures can be affected by land use, suggesting that local and regional strategies, such as creating green spaces and … Continue reading

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Oh no, not this Kilimanjaro ice rubbish again!

Gore started this. Note to journalists everywhere: IT’S THE EVAPOTRANSPIRATION STUPID! See this article to understand why linking Kilimanjaro glacier retreat to small changes in global temperature is just flat wrong. The plains around Kilimanjaro have gone through years of … Continue reading

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AGU presentation backs up McIntyre’s findings that there is no late 20th century hockey stick in Yamal

If you are just joining us, the story is this. After 10 years of data being withheld that would allow true scientific replication, and after dozens of requests for that data, Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit finally was given access … Continue reading

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Satellite imagery gauges economic growth and land use change

I got an email tip on this article from which has some relevance to the work done by the project in that it shows clearly the impact of urbanization. While Hansen et al (GISS) uses “nightlights” in the … Continue reading

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Impacts Of Land Use – Land Cover Change On Climate

From Roger Pielke Sr. New Paper “Impacts Of Land Use Land Cover Change On Climate And Future Research Priorities” By Mahmood Et Al 2009 We have a new multi-authored paper that has been accepted.  This paper illustrates the breadth and diversity of … Continue reading

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