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The IPCC flip flop on year 2100 temperature projections

Andrew Montford at Bishop Hill recently posted links to the AR5 second order draft materials and comments dated March 28th, 2013. With those available it allows us to begin constructing a timeline of how the finalized documents were hammered out. … Continue reading

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IPCC on acid – if they are virtually certain about ocean acidification, why does X-prize offer a reward for designing a proper ocean pH meter?

The IPCC writes in the “leaked” SPM It is very likely that oceanic uptake of anthropogenic CO2 results in acidification of the ocean. The pH 44 (see 7) of seawater has decreased by 0.1 since the beginning of the industrial … Continue reading

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Access: The “leaked” IPCC AR5 draft Summary for Policymakers

For weeks, this document has been put in the hands of most every journalist that writes about climate issues, and many articles have been written about its contents. Given that much of the work done in it was publicly funded … Continue reading

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IPCC to Once Again Illustrate Climate Model Failings in AR5 Summary for Policymakers

The IPCC appears to be ready to make the same presentation of climate model failures as they have in past reports. Figure SPM.5 from the leaked draft of the Summary for Policymakers for the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report shows the … Continue reading

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Excerpts from the leaked AR5 Summary for Policy Makers

I’ve been given a copy of the “leaked” AR5 SPM, which has been widely circulated and cited in advance in the MSM, but I’ve just now been able to get a copy.  Reportedly, there are some 1800 changes requested by … Continue reading

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The state of climate science: ‘fluxed up’

Science not settled, still in a state of flux – IPCC AR5 in disarray. It is looking like my single word quote in Rolling Stone “stillborn”, will be accurate. The title is my twist on what Dr. Judith Curry said … Continue reading

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The bottom falls out of major US newspaper coverage of climate

From Dr. Roger Pielke Jr’s Twitter feed: From @boykoff -& @cu_cstpr ->Bottom falls out of US newspaper coverage of climate to lowest levels since 2004:…— Roger Pielke Jr. (@RogerPielkeJr) September 04, 2013 One graph says it all, especially after … Continue reading

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Lomborg: New York Times environmental journalist Justin Gillis is wrong

Guest essay by Bjørn Lomborg Justin Gillis tells NPR how much sea levels will rise: “experts believe sea levels will rise at least 3 feet in the next century, and that number could be as much as 6 feet.” (91cm … Continue reading

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IPCC throws Mann’s Hockey Stick under the bus?

While the media circulates the talking points pre-release “leaked draft” of IPCC’s AR5 amongst themselves, there are a few nuggets of interest coming out here and there we can write about. One such nugget is contained in a series of … Continue reading

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When somebody hits you with that new ‘IPCC is 95% certain’ talking point on global warming, show them this

People send me stuff. The IPCC has announced (via a “leak” campaign only to selected media outlets, such as Reuters, NYT, WaPo) that they are now 95% certain. From Reuters: Drafts seen by Reuters of the study by the U.N. … Continue reading

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IPCC caught out with an old, known, and uncorrected error pending their new AR5 report

UPDATE: 11:15AM PDT 8/20/13 The IPCC reads WUWT, and directly responds below – Anthony Spot the error. The IPCC can’t. Story submitted to WUWT by Tony Thomas Leaked reports of the Fifth IPCC Report, due next month, say the IPCC … Continue reading

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The IPCC has a real pack of trouble on its hands

By Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger and Patrick J. Michaels The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is in the midst of finishing its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) on the topic. Based on a series of content leaks, it … Continue reading

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IPCC’s AR5 Frankenscience – bringing proxies back from the dead

Josh writes: Steve McIntyre has a hilarious post on the desperate measures needed to get some non peer reviewed papers into the IPCC’s AR5. I am not sure where the phrase ‘Frankenscience’ comes from but it seems appropriate for AR5 which … Continue reading

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Michael Mann says climate models cannot explain the Medieval Warming Period – I say they can’t even explain the present

Ice core data shows CO2 levels changed less than 10 parts per million from 1600-1800 during the MWP. From the Hockey Schtick:  A new paper from Schurer et al (with Mann as co-author) finds that climate “models cannot explain the warm … Continue reading

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UV shift in the leaked IPCC report: more inversion of the scientific method

Guest post by Alec Rawls A Fox News story on the leaked draft of AR5 got big attention through the Drudge Report the other week. Fox reporter Maxim Lott begins by quoting a sentence from the Second Order Draft that … Continue reading

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BREAKING: an encouraging admission of lower climate sensitivity by a ‘hockey team’ scientist, along with new problems for the IPCC

UPDATE: Annan now suggests the IPCC “is in a bit of a pickle”, see below. UPDATE2: Title has been changed to reflect Annan’s new essay, suggesting lying for political purposes inside the IPCC. Also added some updates about Aldrin et … Continue reading

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The ‘good IT fairy’ follows the ‘Secret Santa’ IPCC AR5 leak

People send me stuff. Yesterday in the major WUWT story More IPCC AR5: THE SECRET SANTA LEAK  Donna asked: If anyone has the technical skill to make all of this data available – and searchable – online, that would be welcome, … Continue reading

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Josh on the IPCC AR5 leak #2

Leak #2 shows it is no longer a grey area… 

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Guest post by Donna Laframboise Thanks to a whistleblower, draft versions of most chapters of the IPCC’s upcoming report are now in the public domain. Among the new revelations: the IPCC has learned nothing from the Himalayan glacier debacle, bringing … Continue reading

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AR5 Chapter 11; Hiding the Decline (Part II)

Guest post by David M. Hoffer In my first two articles on the leaked AR5 Chapter 11 (near-term projections) I looked at the caveats with which the IPCC is now surrounding their projections, and the lengths to which they are … Continue reading

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