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New mystery appliance is the antithesis of the green dream

What sort of new appliance is so hip, so cool, so stylish, so sophisticated, so much a work of art…that you’d put it in your glass penthouse living room, so that you could impress your hot model girlfriend? Don’t look … Continue reading

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The UN “disappears” 50 million climate refugees, then botches the disappearing attempt

Hoo boy, government bureaucratic idiocy at its finest. Not only is the original claim bogus, the attempts to disappear it are hilariously inept. Apparently, they’ve never heard of Google Cache at the UN. Rather than simply say “we were wrong”, … Continue reading

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Quote of the week: Genghis Khan should have driven a Prius

Ok that headline is not exactly what was said, but it is the flavor of the absurdity. The quote itself from the Carnegie Institution, distributed via  AAAS’s Eurekalert news service, is actually even more absurd. Here’s the quote:

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Eat bugs, not meat, to “save the planet”

From Mongabay: Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered that insects produce significantly less greenhouse gas per kilogram of meat than cattle or pigs. Their study, published in the online journal PLoS, suggests that a move towards insect farming could result … Continue reading

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Demented thinking: Copenhagen didn’t work – but taxes will

This is from a press release embargoed until 00:01 today (it says). I don’t know why, there’s nothing new here, because Nordhaus said the same thing well over a year ago in this Guardian article where he says “taxation is … Continue reading

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The Met Office Bullhockey

We all know they are caught up in the warming meme, but the Met Office in the UK is now trying to spin the idea that they had truly forecasted a cold and snowy winter, but they just didn’t tell … Continue reading

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Obama caves on promise, Internet to be regulated by FCC

From the WSJ: Even HuffPo thinks this is a bad idea:

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OSU’s Dr. Lonnie Thompson pushes gloom and doom, still thinks the snows of Kilimanjaro are melting due to global warming

This is an OSU press release, timed to appear in Eurekalert for Cancun’s COP16 on December 8th, and reposted here verbatim, including the all caps headline. Even though the “melting on Kilimanjaro due to global warming” has been fully debunked … Continue reading

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What’s the best way promote reducing CO2 causing combustion?

Why, start a fire, of course! Surely, only lunatics would use fire as a tool to promote the idea of reducing combustion to bring CO2 levels down to 350ppm. And yet, here we have it. From where they write: … Continue reading

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WUWT’s “flash flood” has a much lower carbon footprint than Bill McKibben’s “flash flood” mob

From the “photo fraud on a large scale” department comes this exercise in bullshit (yes, that’s the right word, sorry if I offended your delicate senses) from some “artistic” greens as pointed out by Steve Goddard, and as pushed as … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Nutball science on steroids

I don’t actually have this title category, I just invented the title in honor of what I just stumbled across flipping through channels on DirecTV. I landed on the History Channel. Egads! Some diving guys on a boat haul around … Continue reading

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The 10:10 Splattergate goes “sploot” – a roundup

From cartoonist Marc Roberts, via Andy Revkin: We await Josh. A new apology today from 10:10’s director, to replace the half-witted first one. [Game show buzzer sounds] too little, too late.

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10:10 exploding skeptical children video “disappears”

Well, well, somebody came to their senses. About two hours ago, around 6:30AM PST, 10:10 took down their disgusting video showing school children were skeptical of carbon reduction suggestions from their teacher, get blown up in a gory bloodbath that … Continue reading

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O…M…G – Video explodes skeptical kids in bloodbath

My Inbox exploded with tips today, this one in particular. This unbelievably vile video from the 10:10 campaign takes the award for the most disgusting climate and carbon reduction video ever. It is in a class by itself, which is … Continue reading

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RC’s response to McShane and Wyner: a case of orange cones

Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, and Scott Rutherford have written a comment letter to the Annals of Applied Statistics to the Hockey Stick busting McShane and Wyner paper covered on WUWT in August. It’s quite something.

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The morphology of “global warming”

Obama’s science Czar John Holdren has decided the new name for global warming, er, climate change shall be: Because the first two didn’t work apparently. ( – John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, … Continue reading

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Congressman Markey suggests “global warming deniers to start their own country”

And in an unbelievable gaffe, he’s told a whole group of people exactly where they can go: It is probably the most ugly statement I’ve ever seen from a politician regarding a group of people with ideas that disagree with … Continue reading

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More FOIA fakery – this time in the USA Homeland Security, plus peer reviewed paper on Climategate FOIA issues

In light of these recent ugly FOI revelations uncovered by the Associated Press, it makes the recent FOIA issues paper by our friend Dr. Jennifer Marohasy and the subsequent scathing Washington Times editorial about science and disclosure (see below the … Continue reading

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Ugliness – The blacklist of climate science

A Black Day For Science – PNAS publishes a paper based on a skeptic blacklist It doesn’t get much uglier than this. A stasi-esque master list of skeptical scientists and bloggers, with ratings put together by a “scientist” that rants … Continue reading

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Modeling the Polar Bear Tipping Point

After reading this BBC article on modeling the “tipping point” of polar bear populations, it seemed this photo summed it up well, especially since modeling was substituted in lieu of “nearly non-existent data”. I wonder how the bears survived the … Continue reading

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Most idiotic global warming headline ever

I may just divert to Toronto from Chicago and pay this writer a visit so I can tell him to his face what an idiot he is, or have my two new Canadian friends, Guy and Stuart, do it for … Continue reading

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HuffPo: “Deniers” clogging up the blogosphere

You just have to laugh when you see articles like this. Excerpts from an article by Mike Sandler:

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Bengal Island succumbs to global warming nonsense – AP gets nutty over the loss of a sandbar

By Steven Goddard and Anthony Watts From the New York Daily News via  Associated Press reports : Global warming resolves 30-year land dispute between India, Bangladesh: Coveted island sinks By NIRMALA GEORGE, Associated Press Writer Nirmala George, Associated Press Writer … Continue reading

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Told ya so…IPCC to retract claim on Himalayan Glacier Melt – Pachauri’s “arrogance” claim backfires

WUWT first reported on this issue on 11/11/2009 and again on 12/22/2009,with Pachauri claims Indian scientific position “arrogant” The head of the IPCC Dr. Rajenda Pachauri had said: India was ‘arrogant’ to deny global warming link to melting glaciers.From the Guardian … Continue reading

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December 7th, 2009…a day that will live in hypocrisy

It will be remembered as the day the greens bombed Copenhagen with limousines. Picture updated at 12:30PM – Anthony From the Telegraph, the tale of elitist excess begins: On a normal day, Majken Friss Jorgensen, managing director of Copenhagen’s biggest … Continue reading

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EPA about to declare CO2 dangerous – ssshhh! – Don’t tell the trees

I can’t find the words to describe the illogic behind the EPA with this ruling. Perhaps it is best to say that bureaucrats don’t understand anything but regulations and leave it at that. WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency … Continue reading

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Oh no, not this Kilimanjaro ice rubbish again!

Gore started this. Note to journalists everywhere: IT’S THE EVAPOTRANSPIRATION STUPID! See this article to understand why linking Kilimanjaro glacier retreat to small changes in global temperature is just flat wrong. The plains around Kilimanjaro have gone through years of … Continue reading

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“Proof” that media is hyping AGW shamelessly without asking basic questions like: “did you check the lake for DDT”?

From this “stunning” development citing lake sediment and some midges “proves” everything. Glad that’s settled. See thoughts at the end. This is the title of the story at, link to story here … But here is the University … Continue reading

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UK television ad for “Action On CO2″ is beyond bad taste

Th UK Government has lost all sense of realism and decency. As a father of two young children myself, I’d like to smack the person(s) responsible for this upside the head and say “what were you thinking!”. Even normally pro … Continue reading

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The Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty Draft – wealth transfer defined, now with new and improved “dignity” penalty

This is the draft of the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty currently out of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change working group dated September 15th. Thanks to Alan MacRae for providing it to me. To get an idea of … Continue reading

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