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Gergis made to order IPCC zombie climate science

Steve McIntyre points out how climate science errors return from the dead as zombies: PAGES2K, Gergis and Made-for-IPCC Journal Articles March 15, 2013 was the IPCC deadline for use in AR5 and predictably a wave of articles have been accepted. The … Continue reading

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McIntyre’s triumph over Gergis, Karoly, and Mann

I’m a bit late in covering this due to other issues of interest taking precedence, but I want to make sure this is widely known. We’ve covered the issue of the Gergis et al paleoclimatology paper this past summer, as … Continue reading

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Gergis et al hockey stick paper withdrawn – finally

Between this withdrawal and the Esper et al paper showing the MWP and RWP warmer than today, Mike Mann must be having a really, really, bad day. Even SuperMandia in tights can’t help. Thanks to Richard Tol (and Marc Morano) … Continue reading

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Lucia takes on the Gergis et al hockey stick screening fallacy

This is an excerpt of a larger post that deserves the wider attention WUWT can bring to it. The image at left is from my article: A look at treemometers and tree ring growth – Anthony Screening: Now with good+bad treenometers. … Continue reading

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