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PokéMobile -vs- Lisbon

I had to make an important choice this week, one that I don’t regret: Attend the Lisbon conference or stay at home and attend to my business and do something very important with my son. See below. About these ads

About these ads
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Using weather models to predict pirates, really

From the truth is waaaayyy stranger than fiction department, we all remember this parody graph of global warming: As many know, this week at the AMS convention is Seattle, a lot of new papers are being presented. One, from James … Continue reading

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New journal launched

This new journal doesn’t seem to have the haughtiness seen by some other journals. I hope they provide letters suitable for framing. I suggest everyone submit a paper here at least twice, because as we know, three’s a charm. Here’s … Continue reading

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I believe

More inspiration via Trenberth and Willis from Josh, now available for an automobile near you.

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Heading for half a million comments

Who will it be? It is likely to happen in the next 12-24 hours.

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Skeptical Stocking Stuffers

Yesterday on the Friday Funny – the new and improved 4 legged AGW table thread, there was quite a bit of interest in getting T-Shirts of Josh’s latest CAGW cartoon, the “No Shoogle 4 legged CAGW Table” (shoogly means wobbly in … Continue reading

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New video: Global Warming’s effects, A to Z

I’m sure many of you have heard of the “complete list of things caused by global warming” Dr. John Brignell, a retired professor of industrial instrumentation at the University of Southampton in Britain, compiled an impressive list of alarmist claims … Continue reading

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Another climate cartoon by Josh

Recently there seems to be a certain amount of unjustified criticism of Judith Curry – H/t Bishop Hill – which, tho’ it amounts to not much than hot air, is still worth cartooning.

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Mosher: Who’s on first?

There’s a riotously funny bit of inside “Climate Math” humor over at Climate Audit from Steve Mosher that is well worth your time. I’m reminded of this famous sketch, but with enough players to actually make a baseball team: See … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: New car is the “poop de grâce”

Well, at least you don’t have to shovel it in…but I wonder…what sort of “new car smell” does this car have when it is fresh from the factory?

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Step Changes in Science Blog Climate

Guest post by WUWT moderator Mike Lorrey One of the nice tools that has is that it lets you compare multiple sites against each other. For those with competition of either economic or political nature, this is of high … Continue reading

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Tink Fitzhew vs the USGS

Guest post by WUWT moderator Mike Lorrey Up here in northern New England, we like our tall tales. Stories of the humor, wisdom, and idiosyncratic thought of the yankee farmer stretch across the ages. This one you may have heard … Continue reading

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A response to NSIDC’s Dr. Walt Meier essays

Note: I second Steve’s thanks below to Dr. Meier for his essays (part1 and part 2) that enable us to have this discussion. Back on Feb 9th, 2010 WUWT readers polled that Arctic sea ice would be recovering over 2009, … Continue reading

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Skiing in July in California

From the Sacramento Bee: Boreal open for skiiing this weekend By Debbie Arrington Published: Friday, Jul. 9, 2010 – 4:44 pm Want to escape the valley heat? Boreal Mountain Resort will offer a Northern California rarity: Snow skiing in July. … Continue reading

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Archibald on our Australian Tour, plus other tidbits

Plus a bonus extra below the fold, “Bulldust, Oz Blogger Hero” (he should be beet red by now). The Australian Lectures by David Archibald David Archibald, July 8, 2010 Anthony Watts runs the world’s most popular science blog with three … Continue reading

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Seen in Sydney

A little over a week after the ousting of Kevin Rudd and the ascension of Julia Gillard to Prime Minister, I spotted this odd juxtaposition of new releases in a bookstore at Sydney airport on my way home. I thought … Continue reading

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Badges? The “We don’t need no stinking badges” contest

In case you don’t know the line above, lookup “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. Here’s a YouTube clip of one of the most famous lines ever borrowed for parody use in movies. I’ve always said that if you can’t laugh … Continue reading

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An Aggie Joke

By Steven Goddard [Update: See message from Professor North Below] Some well known Aggie Jokes: Did you hear about the Aggie who won a gold medal at the Olympics? He liked it so much that he decided to get it … Continue reading

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Scientists study shifting attitude to climate change

by Moshpit The hubris apparent in the notion that the climate is something we can control has found its match in the thought that climate scientists can now understand how to sell a message to the public.   Somehow moshpit … Continue reading

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Perfect place for a thermometer in Oz

I’m in Townsville, Queensland, Australia (a rather tropical place) on a speaking tour, and as I walked up to my hotel room I felt a wave of heat, and some stale water smell. My trusty guide, Nigel, pointed to the … Continue reading

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Friday funny: I scream, you scream, we all scream for global warming

It was really hot out… More:

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Well, at least they didn’t launch it at Roswell

When you think of NASA and crashes, you think of things like this: But, you usually don’t think about government balloon crashes being “dramatic”, unless of course it’s a balloon crash in Roswell, NM in 1947. Watch this video from … Continue reading

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I may as well retire

Gosh, people send me stuff. Today I discovered a huge windfall. My friend and volunteer moderator DB Stealey sent me 100 TRILLION dollars in the mail today. Here’s a scan of the bank note: I’m rich! I can fund my … Continue reading

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Cartoons by Josh

Bishop Hill has a cohort, Josh,  that has turned Climategate and the blogospheric response into a running series of cartoons. During his blogging sabbatical while he turned his attention to mining (not the data kind), I think Steve McIntyre missed … Continue reading

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Mister Mean Green

On this green St. Paddy’s day, finally, something that explains some of the operators of, and commenters on, some other blogs. Now, if I can just find some fair trade carbon credits to offset my corned beef and cabbage… From … Continue reading

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Wrong way econometricians

People send me stuff. This one reminds me of a famous wrong way: Hi Anthony Today we had some rumour in the Dutch media due to a paper by a couple of econometricians which projected dramatic warming. Ross McKitrick discovered … Continue reading

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Ultimate WMD: laser mosquito zapper

Who doesn’t hate mosquitoes? For centuries humans have had to endure this pest, and we started to win the war when DDT came out. Of course DDT isn’t allowed any more, but now you can kill these little buggers with … Continue reading

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Want to see Solar Cycle 24 develop in realtime? There’s an app for that…

Thanks to John A for this noteworthy news item. Ok, this is for iPhone fanboys (and girls) in the main but NASA has just announced a new app for the iPhone called “3D Sun” which allows you to see the … Continue reading

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Still better than the Met Office

Six more weeks of winter, Phil says Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press Punxsutawney Phil is held by Ben Hughes after emerging this morning from his burrow on Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney. Phil saw his shadow … Continue reading

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Polar bear forecast

From Ontario, evidence that above freezing weather may affect polar bear populations.

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EU MPs get the message (an earful)

One thing about British politicians, they tend to deliver fiery speeches. Here’s one just like that. He must have had some experience with an MP bench position in London. This is from the European Parliament, Strasbourg – 20.01.2010 ► Debate: … Continue reading

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Choose a winner for the caption contest

This post, showing a photograph from Doug Mills of The New York Times generated over 1000 comments. To pick the best caption for this, I have a voting poll below. May the best caption win. Here are the top ten … Continue reading

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Anti-climactic irony – Copenhagen Climate Conference finale hit with snow and cold

From the “weather is not climate” department, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Hey, where is everybody? In related news, global warming protesters are gathering in large numbers…

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Monday Funny

The science is “robust”. Credit to: Nate Beeler from the Washington Examiner

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Must see video – Climategate spoof from Minnesotans for Global Warming

I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes. This is hilarious and extremely well produced. From the website Minnesotans for global warming Sung to the tune of :

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