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WUWT, filling in knowledge holes since 2006

People send me stuff. This made my day, so I thought it was worth sharing. Remember this? New pictures of the hole in Yamal – and Pingo was its name-o Matt Sexton writes via our contact form: About these ads

About these ads
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‘Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.’

That headline is attributed to physicist Niels Bohr, but a later more popular version is attributed to Yogi Berra. But. like predicting the future, it seems that the true provenence is murky. That said, whether you are making climate predictions, … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – ‘Giant sucking sound’ over siphoning definition

Physicist demonstrates dictionary definition was dodgy It is the defining moment that demonstrates a QUT physicist was correct in pointing out a 99-year-old mistake to one of the world’s most authoritative dictionaries. QUT Senior Lecturer in Physics, Dr Stephen Hughes, … Continue reading

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DIY Climate Psychology Lewpaper Generator

Delusional psychopophagy is the mere result of the power of Climate Denial Guest essay by Eric Worrall As a homage to the amount of attention cast in our direction by the psycho-scientific community, I have decided to pay tribute to … Continue reading

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Your chance to predict future El Niño headlines

Bob Tisdale recently took some of the early wailers to task over the expected El Niño this year, saying: I knew it wouldn’t take long. The 2014/15 El Niño has yet to form and there’s already a well-commented blog post … Continue reading

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‘Correcting’ Trenberth et al.

(See the note below before taking this post seriously – Anthony) Guest essay by Steven Wilde Here we see the classic energy budget analysis supporting the hypothesis that the surface of the Earth is warmer than the S-B equation would … Continue reading

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Josh scales the climate personas

Josh writes: I have been musing for some time about a way to show the range of sceptic views compared to non-sceptic views and I think I have come up with something simple that could be useful and fun. Below … Continue reading

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Watch what happens when a squirt gun hits the air at -42ºF

In case you haven’t noticed, it is as cold in Canada (and soon some parts of the USA) as it gets at the South Pole at times: The video author writes: Woke up to a balmy -41C (-41.8°F) this morning … Continue reading

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How to keep your kids entertained for hours for just a dollar each

My lovely wife is out doing last minute Christmas shopping and I’m home with the kids. While it would certainly be easy to just let them play video games all day, I like to challenge them to look beyond their … Continue reading

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Dave’s Top Ten Reasons Why the Oil Industry Doesn’t Spend its Billions on Disproving the Junk Science of AGW

Guest post by David Middleton In my Internet “debates” with warmists, I occasionally encounter challenges like this… We don’t yet not know the real global impact man has on the environment. It may be negligible. What we do know is … Continue reading

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Timelapse video of 2013 Nenana Ice Classic breakup

This is a 5 frames per second timelapse taken from the webcam at 30 second intervals of the Nenana Ice Classic on May 20th, 2013 from 4PM to 5PM PDT (15:00-16:00 AKDT). Breakup started about 15:43 AKDT (about 16 seconds … Continue reading

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Nenana Ice Classic sets new record for latest ice-out, and the record is still growing 

UPDATE: Breakup has occurred! See below, for my timelapse video Here is the webcam closeup – when it was still standing as of 14:18 AKDT: Alaska Dispatch confirms what we already knew in this thread on WUWT:

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Nenana Ice Classic continues to close on new record, meanwhile, lunar effects have been noted

People send me stuff. Readers have been watching the Nenana Ice Cam via a post here on WUWT this weekend, waiting to see if a new record will be set for the latest ice-out ever. WUWT reader Geoff Shorten in … Continue reading

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Nenana Ice Classic – closing in on all time record latest ice-out

According to the ice breakup log, the latest the ice has ever gone out was May 20th, 1964 at 11:41 AM Alaska Standard Time. As of this writing there is about 28 hours to go to break that record. Geophysicist … Continue reading

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The 400 PPM FUD Factory: T-shirts now available

Steve Milloy at JunkScience points out what is above the fold in the NYT today – FUD Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt Here’s his scan of the front page at right: Readers may recall my post What 400 ppm of CO2 in … Continue reading

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Experience 18 minutes of world history, as if you were there, landing on the moon

I still get chills and misty eyes watching this. For those of us that watched the Apollo 11 moon landing live on TV, we had to be content with the voices of Walter Cronkite and Wally Schirra along with simulated … Continue reading

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The Atlantic Magazine’s ‘5 Charts About Climate Change That Should Have You Very, Very Worried’… Worried about scientific illiteracy.

Guest post by David Middleton I ran into this gem on Real Clear Energy this morning… The article cites terrifying new reports commissioned by the World Bank and the CIA and then launches into a graphical cornucopia of nonsense. The … Continue reading

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An Invitation

Readers will remember that at the end of March Anthony hosted a small dinner for the moderation staff and writers at a restaurant in San Francisco and posted about it here. A number of us couldn’t make it, so I … Continue reading

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Best Father’s day present EVAH

My kids note that I spend way too much time at my computer managing WUWT. So rather than fight it, they embraced the dark side for Father’s day. I love evil but harmless technology. TubbyCat, not so much.

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Hump day Hilarity – China’s wind powered car

The world has been waiting patiently for a solution to the perpetual motion machine problem. Leave it to the Chinese to solve it. Now, where the hell is my flying car Popular Science has been promising me for 50 years? … Continue reading

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Energy and Economic Crises SOLVED!

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach This story is from the “you can’t make this stuff up” file. Some of our British cousins have figured out a way to solve it all. They have set up the One Million Jobs Caravan, … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2012: Top 10 Positive Climate Developments

by Chip Knappenberger on Master Resource The scientific findings of the human influence on the climate system have been, and perhaps will always be, a mixed bag. Assuming strong positive feedback effects, and thus a high climate sensitivity, it certainly … Continue reading

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Weather cows

This was the view from near my home today. Cows on Bidwell Ranch acting like a weather-vane…all pointed north, due to a strong south wind with stinging rain…and who needs stinging wind in your face?

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A fun science literacy quiz

I took this fun science literacy quiz, and got 47 out of 50 questions correct. The ones I missed were all in biology and life sciences, my weakest subject. Since so many of the angroids label climate skeptics as “scientifically … Continue reading

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Answering a reader question on climate web traffic

Reader “Andrew” asks in comments: Andrew Submitted on 2011/10/05 at 10:55 am We can always check on hits to climate blogs/sites. I’ll bet there already down on ALL pro and con AGW/climate sites (maybe ask Anthony to provide data comparing … Continue reading

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The Maldives can’t take a joke

But they can sure act like one: From the BBC: Maldives government complains of spoof atlas omission The government of the Maldives has complained after the London Daily Telegraph website carried a satirical blog post saying the island nation is … Continue reading

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Our own CTM is a “nasty cruel man”

Heh, gaze upon the face that launched a thousand quips. I figured though, that I owed Dellers a linky for the big LOL I got this morning as I read that CTM gets press in the UK Telegraph for his … Continue reading

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Australian government prepares for massive climate disruption

This film, being shown all throughout Australia, and now available here at WUWT shows what the Gillard government is doing to prepare for the worst unstoppable effects of climate change. It’s quite something. RealClimate has declined comment.

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A mini-movie in blackboard form – Why The Left’s Global Warming Agenda Is Wrong

A “visual broadside”, so to speak, in a short but sensible and entertaining video. This is based on Roy Spencer’s work and it is a must watch. I highly recommend sharing this video on every blog and website you can.

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Bastardi on outdoor grilling, 4th of July, AGW, and all that

Here’s a 4th of July message from Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell regarding this idiotic piece in the NYT. Click the image at left for the story. He’ll be on Fox News tomorrow morning to talk more about it. Then there’s … Continue reading

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Guess the image

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How to make your PC run at 7.1 Gigahertz

As many know, I do some tinkering with computers. While this isn’t my doings, I enjoyed it and thought you might too. Here’s the screencap of the CPU speed program, note the red underline. I got a chuckle out of … Continue reading

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The wind turbine albedo effect

Via the Wakey Wakey thread, I got wind of this photo (seen below the continue reading line) which is a real world effect of the model at left. It seemed worthwhile to share for the sheer uniqueness of it. The … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi in Vanity Fair

This is a campy interview by Eric Spitznagel who runs “Awkward question time” at VF, is with our favorite forecaster, Joe Bastardi. Spitznagel was trying to make Joe look like some sort of WWF member (Not the fake wildlife crisis … Continue reading

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Great moments in snow removal

With Chicago, New York, and Boston buried, they are trying the best they can to get the city out from under the thick blanket of snow, this well known satirical image of Al Gore using a flamethrower comes to mind: … Continue reading

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