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Global warming – splodeified

Via Tom Nelson, no wonder they hate nuclear power so much, they don’t see any difference! Global warming increasing by 400,000 atomic bombs every day | The Vancouver Observer The amazing persistence of CO2 in the air has allowed billions … Continue reading

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Gavin’s borehole logic

Realclimate censorship by Ecotretas is notoriously known for censoring comments. Examples are everywhere on the Internet, and in a couple of minutes you get a handful of them: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5). I knew this when I went … Continue reading

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McIntyre calls on PNAS & Michael Mann to issue retraction

Steve McIntyre’s analysis of contaminated data used by Mann et al 2008 demonstrates that relevant criteria for retraction has been met based on PNAS publication policy. Dirty Laundry II: Contaminated Sediments From time to time, scientists inadvertently use contaminated data and … Continue reading

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What climate science has come to: a rap music video with expletives

While not as bad as the horrid 10:10 video exploding children, I have to wonder this about the actual scientists that participated in this farce: what were you thinking ? Of course, it does seem some circles in climate science … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: F-word Fusillade by Michael Tobis

Lucia sums up the preparations as: It’s happy hour. I say pour yourself a beer and toast St. Barbara as you admire this most recent barrage of artillery launched by MT, the climate communications cannoneer that just can’t stop launching … Continue reading

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Craven Attention

Steve Mosher reports that things got a bit bizarre at the 2010 American Geophysical Union convention in San Francisco Guest post by Steven Mosher At AGU today I was witness to a “new AGU.” In the very first Steven Schneider … Continue reading

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