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Any more extreme weather, and we’re back to the LIA

Story submitted by Eric Worrall “…snowfall was much heavier than recorded before or since, and the snow lay on the ground for many months longer than it does today. Many springs and summers were cold and wet, but with great … Continue reading

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Speaking of emotionalism and global warming…use of ‘Extreme weather’ as an emotional motivator is up nearly 1000 percent

Our previous story showcased a study that linked emotionalism and global warming activism. And so it goes with Network News, using the “if it bleeds it leads” strategy to make people afraid of the weather. Network Coverage Of ‘Extreme Weather’ … Continue reading

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Extremes Of Temperature Decreasing In The US

Guest essay by Paul Homewood WUWT carried the story yesterday of the paper by Kodra & Ganguly, forecasting a wider range of temperature extremes in the future. According to the Northeastern University press release, using climate models and reanalysis datasets, … Continue reading

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Heap big data science at Northeastern University

From Northeastern University via Eurekalert, and the department of modeling for 10 million dollars, this seems to be all they could come up with. Nature has a way however, of taking the the best laid plans and rendering them moot. … Continue reading

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The hail in Spain falls at levels that are insane

A foot of hail in Spain. Surely Bill McKibben will be on the case to find some connection to global warming/climate change/climate disruption. Watch the video.

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Claim: ‘Arctic amplification’ has actually reduced the risk of cold extremes in the Northern Hemisphere

From the University of Exeter Arctic warming linked to fewer European and US cold weather extremes, new study shows Climate change is unlikely to lead to more days of extreme cold, similar to those that gripped the USA in a … Continue reading

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Farmers Insurance Group pulls the plug on idiotic ‘weather is climate’ lawsuit

From the Insurance Journal: Insurer mysteriously withdraws high-profile lawsuit for climate damages in Chicago flooding case Evan Lehmann, E&E reporterClimateWire: Thursday, June 5, 2014 Farmers Insurance Co. has withdrawn its lawsuit against Chicago for climate-related flooding, marking an abrupt end … Continue reading

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‘Extreme Weather’ – Before CO2 was being blamed for political points

Imagine the wailing about ’caused by climate change’ if this happened today. From NOAA: This Month in Climate History: May 27, 1896, St. Louis Tornado What remains the third most deadly tornado in U.S. history struck St. Louis, Missouri, on … Continue reading

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Model Based Extreme Rainfall Claims Not Supported By Actual Data

By Paul Homewood The Guardian, reporting on some recent research from Oxford University, comment: They say:

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Climate change causes severe weather? 2014 tornado count about half of normal

Despite claims of “severe weather is increasing”, and even after several days of tornado activity in the Midwest and the South, 2014 is still below normal compared to recent years according to data published by Greg Carbin of the NOAA … Continue reading

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Not only do we have the slowest start to tornado season in a century, but tornado damage losses are in decline

So much for the “Years of Living Dangerously“ Dr. Roger Pielke Jr writes in the WSJ: So far in 2014, the United States has experienced fewer tornadoes than in any year since record-keeping began in 1953, or even before. Greg … Continue reading

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Some hype sorting on the claim that Asian pollution is intensifying Pacific Storms

Is Asian Pollution Intensifying Pacific Storms? Separating the Hype from Reality. By Cliff Mass The media over the past week have given a lot of play to a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) … Continue reading

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Tornado season so far may be the slowest in a century

While there continues to be wailing about how climate change is supposedly making the weather more extreme, Greg Carbin, the man in charge at NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC) sends along this graph and says: Likely the slowest start to … Continue reading

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Holdren Is Wrong – Cold Winters Are Not Getting More Common

By Paul Homewood As WUWT points out, John Holdren is one of many who have tried to link the cold winter in the USA this year to global warming. In his White House video in January, he had this to … Continue reading

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More tabloid climatology: gloom and doom about the jet stream, winters, and global warming

From the University of Utah, an argument that makes you wonder “what started it 4000 years ago”? Looking at another similar study, Joltin Joe Romm called that study Bombshell: Study Ties Epic California Drought, ‘Frigid East’ To Manmade Climate Change … Continue reading

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Linking storms to climate change a ‘distraction’, say experts

From the University of Manchester,  some sanity on extreme weather at last, even though they are still fully engaged in GHG reduction issues. Linking storms to climate change a ‘distraction’, say experts Connecting extreme weather to climate change distracts from … Continue reading

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An article and study from 1974 suggests global cooling would cause more extreme weather

Steve Goddard tips me to this article in the Canberra Times on May 16th, 1974: SUPPORT FOR A THEORY OF A COOLING WORLD It has some interesting claims in it that sound much like climate change claims made today. Apparently … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – Masters of crazy weather

Weather Underground’s Dr. Jeff Masters jumps the shark with the Voice of Russia:

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Study on weather disasters shows claims of increased damage costs aren’t rooted in climate, but rather, society

“…societal change is sufficient to explain the increasing costs of disasters at the global level…” We often hear of the wailing by climate activists and in the MSM about the huge cost numbers related to weather disasters, as if somehow … Continue reading

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Claim: Extreme weather decides distribution of insects

Another modeled result, extrapolated all the way from 10 common fruit fly species to everything else in the insect world. Extreme weather caused by climate change in the coming decades is likely to have profound implications for distributions of insects … Continue reading

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Comment on Kevin Trenberth’s interview on February 17 2014 – An Example of Misrepresenting Climate Science

Guest essay By Roger A. Pielke Sr. My son and Kevin Trenberth did an interview for Colorado Public Radio on February 17th. The entire interview is worth listening to, but here I want to comment on a specific statement that … Continue reading

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Black Swans? Dispatches from the front line of climate change.

Guest essay by Tony Brown The sun was warm and the wind a friendly zephyr as we enjoyed coffee and a cake on Dawlish sea front. A place known to millions of British holidaymakers as a pretty, if rather faded, … Continue reading

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No New Continent ‘Hottest’ Temperature Records Since 1978

Something to consider for the SOTU address tonight where “extremes” of all kinds are likely to be discussed. If indeed we are seeing hottest ever type scenarios, or if you prefer, greater extremes, where are the continental representations of this? … Continue reading

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New study suggests global warming decreases storm activity and extreme weather

A paper published January 21st in Quaternary Science Reviews reconstructs storm activity in Iceland over the past 1,200 years and finds storminess and extreme weather variability was far more common during the Little Ice Age in comparison to the Medieval … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Executive Producers of YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY

(UPDATE:  Added Subject Line to Memo Header) December 15, 2013 Subject: Concerns about Upcoming Series Years of Living Dangerously From: Bob Tisdale To: James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Abbasi, Joel Bach, David Gelber, Solly Granatstein, Maria Wilhelm CC: Jessica … Continue reading

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Met Office Confirms St Jude’s Day Storm Was Not Unusual

By Paul Homewood The Met Office have now issued their comprehensive report on the St Jude’s Day storm, that hit southern England in October. Readers will recall idiotic headlines at the time, describing it as “The Storm of the Century”, … Continue reading

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The bogosity of Winter Storm Bodil

There’s so much desperation to tie extreme weather to climate change these days, that some people have taken to photoshopping faked images to make the point. In case you didn’t catch that, it’s a double entendre. Observe. Sadly, even the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – AGW Increases Intensities of Twitter Storms

First there was Sharknado, then there was Sharknado2 Aftersharks, and it has progressed to the stronger Sharkicane. Josh has noticed this trend towards stronger fictional storms, and has rendered the most ridiculous storm of all, the Danado.

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Severe weather likely to hit plains today

Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch in effect until 4:00 PM CST this afternoon for portions of eastern Iowa, Illinois, northwest Indiana, northeast Missouri, southeast Wisconsin, and Lake Michigan. For additional details, please see

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Bjørn Lomborg on Haiyan/Yolanda

Bjørn Lomborg writes on his Facebook page It is phenomenal. Climate campaigners like [John] Vidal in Guardian keeps arguing that the terrible typhoon Haiyan shows we need to do more about global warming. Yet, even *after* Haiyan, the Accumulated Cyclone … Continue reading

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US Tornado Count So Low That It’s Invaded The Legend…

Image Credit: NOAA – Storm Prediction Center By WUWT Regular Just The Facts US Tornadoes are currently on pace for a record low annual tornado count, which has penetrated deep into the legend in the graph above and is relevant … Continue reading

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Atlantic Hurricane Season Quietest in 45 Years

Image Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) By WUWT Regular Just The Facts From the Insurance Journal: “The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season looks set to go down as a big washout, marking the … Continue reading

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Weather Before and After the Hurricane of 1938

This week New England is being inundated with retrospectives on the Hurricane of 1938. We have everything from a “Special Limited Edition” Weather Map Prepared by Bob Copeland, a retired Boston TV meteorologist who started an art studio in New … Continue reading

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Making up historical tornado data

From the “if a tornado hits a cornfield in Kansas, does it make a sound?” department comes this story. It isn’t enough that climate researchers have to constantly adjust the historical temperature record of the past to make it cooler, … Continue reading

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A Curious Climate Analogy – Badly Reported by the NYT

Guest essay by Kip Hansen, St Thomas, USVI The AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY just published a Special Supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society titled: EXPLAINING EXTREME EVENTS OF 2012 FROM A CLIMATE PERSPECTIVE edited by Thomas C. Peterson, … Continue reading

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