What would Thucydides do? How to create negative atmospheric pressure in the Ebola hot-zone

While not our usual fare, I provide this guest essay for discussion without comment, as it is concerned with an issue of great interest and impact to millions of people – Anthony Guest essay by Alec Rawls Negative atmospheric pressure sounds climate related, but it is just an analogy to the inward draw of air…

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Newly Discovered Siberian Craters Signify End Times (or Maybe Just Global Warming); Mystery of the Siberian crater deepens: Scientists left baffled after two NEW holes appear in Russia’s icy wilderness

Guest essay by Don Easterbrook A crater in northern Siberia, spotted by a passing helicopter, has received worldwide attention and continues to be a top news story. Since then, two more mysterious holes have been discovered elsewhere in the region. Now the new holes, smaller in diameter but similar in shape – are posing a…

Mending Fences

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Recently there have been a number of accusations and bad blood involving myself, David Evans, Joanne Nova, Lord Christopher Monckton, and Leif Svalgaard. Now, I cannot speak for any of them, but on my part, my own blood ended up mightily angrified, and I fear I waxed wroth.

(UPDATED) Australian Maritime Safety Authority reports 10 aircraft searching for debris from Malaysian Alirlines Flight MH370

UPDATE: Missing plane ended in southern Indian Ocean: Malaysian PM KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 ended its flight in the southern Indian Ocean based on fresh data from a UK satellite company, Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak said tonight (March 24). Mr Najib said British satellite company Inmarsat and the UK Air Accidents…