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Enivronmentalists worst nightmare? GMO’d ‘frankenbugs’ could make fuel directly from CO2

From the University of Georgia: UGA discovery may allow scientists to make fuel from CO2 in the atmosphere Athens, Ga. – Excess carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere created by the widespread burning of fossil fuels is the major driving … Continue reading

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The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, Original Data For Science Posterity

Guest post by Dennis Ray Wingo Introduction The foundation of all observational science is data. This is true whether the data is temperature measurements from ground networks, satellites, or any other thing in nature that can be observed, quantified, and … Continue reading

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Harvesting Fog: The No-Regrets Option

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve written before about the “no-regrets” option when one is faced with uncertainty. It relates to one of my favorite rules of thumb. I often live my life by my “rules of thumb”, general guidelines … Continue reading

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Time lapse video of the 2013 Snowpocalypse in the Northeast

This is fun to watch. It is a time lapse video of the Snowpocalypse in Hartford, CT. Clearly, you can see the posited global warming influences having an effect. /sarc

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Between The Warm And The Wild

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach People have been encouraging me to write a book of my experiences, and so I’ve chosen to do so in bits and pieces. We’ve been discussing the vagaries of those astonishing emergent phenomena known as … Continue reading

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Here there be Dragons

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I was reflecting tonight about emergent phenomena, and how one thing about emergent phenomena is their unpredictability. I’m in the process of writing up a post on emergent phenomena in climate, so they’ve been on … Continue reading

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It’s not only ‘global warming’ that causes headaches, so does lightning it seems

While we all know ‘global warming’ to be our major source of headaches here at WUWT, this from the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center , suggests lightning is also a cause. To me, this is something that seems too … Continue reading

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Of Doric columns and climate change

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley I am designing a cottage orné in the high Classical manner, to be built on our little patch of the Scottish Highlands. The Doric Order, the earliest of the three orders of Grecian architecture that … Continue reading

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Avast, ye virus pirates!

Willis recent post “Modern Piracy” is the inspiration for the title, along with math challenged pirate marketing team. This in-your-face sales pitch to renew my Avast Antivirus popped up today on my desktop, but the piracy is in the math:

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Awe, shucks …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Wintertime was magic when I was a kid. When the snow came, it transformed our world. It turned the forest that surrounded our ranch into an infinity of marvels, mysteries and delights. We could track … Continue reading

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A link between climate, ice melt, and volcanic eruptions is found

When the ice melts, the Earth spews fire GEOMAR researchers discover a link between climate and volcanic eruptions It has long been known that volcanic activity can cause short-term variations in climate. Now, researchers at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

Note: before anyone pooh-poohs this article for being in a blog mostly about weather and climate, note the description on the masthead. Note also that I have recently experienced cancer in my family as I’m sure many readers have at … Continue reading

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Dear readers – your help needed in fun crowdsourcing project

NOTE: This is a “sticky” top post, new posts will appear below this one. No, I’m not asking for money, only your ability to research and encapsulate an idea. I have another big project in the works, and I’m inviting … Continue reading

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The Department of Energy’s mushroom research

OK, from the title I’ll bet you are thinking: a. Mushroom clouds b. Keep me in the dark and feed me …. c. WTF If you answered “c”, you might be close after reading the press release headline. From the … Continue reading

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The ‘correlation is not causation’ hockey stick Mike Lorrey writes- PAY ATTENTION CLIMATE ALARMISTS: “The phrase ‘correlation does not imply causation’ goes back to 1880 (according to Google Books). However, use of the phrase took off in the 1990s and 2000s, and is becoming a quick … Continue reading

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Vaporizing the Earth

From Washington University in St. Louis, and in honor of melted globe week, here’s one more thing for weepy Bill McKibben to worry about. In science fiction novels, evil overlords and hostile aliens often threaten to vaporize the Earth. At … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis induced sounds confirmed – measured at 70m AGL

From Aalto University , something I’ve always wondered about but could never hear myself. They have a video of aurora, complete with sounds which follows below. I wonder if this isn’t something akin to thunder, where magnetic or static field … Continue reading

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Some vexing vexillology – don’t forget to fly your flag today

As I put out my flag this morning (seen at left), I recalled this interesting story in the WSJ the other day about vexillology – the study of flags, and a controversy over an image carved into a Revolutionary War … Continue reading

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I get mail: strange sciency spam

People send me stuff. I get about 1000 emails a day now, between all my different accounts. A lot of it is spam. Today I got an email from “Tesla Generator” advertising the usual “free energy” scam, and I figured … Continue reading

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Explosives may be used to dislodge frozen cows

Last Friday I had weather cows, this week it’s frozen cows. From the “winter that wasn’t” department, it seems that the winter in Colorado was bad enough to cause some free range cows to seek shelter in/around a rustic shelter … Continue reading

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Titanic Anniversary: Unusual Climate + Extreme Ice Conditions = Tragic Accident

Guest Post by Dr. Tim Ball April 14th is the anniversary of Titanic‘s collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. The event occurred at 41° 46′ N and 50° 14′ W, almost the most southerly location on record (Figure … Continue reading

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Mystery cloud spotted on Mars by amateur astronomer

Here’s something fascinating and puzzling, maybe WUWT readers can help figure this one out. There’s also a neat flipbook animation below the read more line. Wayne Jaeschke writes: Here’s a stumper for any Mars experts. While processing my Mars images … Continue reading

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My Monday adventure with planes, trains, and automobiles

This post has nothing to do with science or climate, but it does go to illustrate how life gets more complex each day thanks to increased bureaucracy, and that you should take nothing for granted in the world of air … Continue reading

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10 Billion Butterfly Sneezes

More chaos than you can shake a stick at. Guest post by Andi Cockroft (Anyone familiar with the Moody Blues should recognise the title – from “Higher and Higher”) As some will have learned by now, I do not possess … Continue reading

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Ranger Rick

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve had the privilege of living in a wide variety of countries and societies. And having not always been entirely sane myself, one way that I judge societies is by how they handle their crazy … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – an inconvenient lesson from 60 years ago

Someone, I can’t recall who, sent me a link to this over a week ago before Fakegate exploded. I’ve had it open in my browser since. Published in 1951, it seems prescient as we look at the global warming affair … Continue reading

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The Simon-Erlich Wager at Seven Billion People

Guest post by David Middleton Back in 1980, the great libertarian economist, Julian Simon, and the prepetually wrong Malthusian biologist, Paul Erlich, entered into a little wager regarding population growth and resource scarcity. They decided on using the inflation-adjusted prices … Continue reading

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Climate change invites aliens into Canada

From the Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press) Climate change invites alien invaders – Is Canada ready? Ottawa, Ontario – A comprehensive multi-disciplinary synthesis just published in Environmental Reviews reveals the urgent need for further investigation and policy development to … Continue reading

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Spaceballs – the debris

Curious story in AFP yesterday: Full story here – Click the image above for a large view of the object. Me thinks it is from either of these spacecraft:

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Climate Skeptic Combusts in New [William J Clinton Foundation] Video

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” Correction: This video appears to be associated with the William J Clinton Foundation versus the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as was previously stated. Updated Below – New “The Air-Conditioned Suit” video surfaces “‘Combustible’ is … Continue reading

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Little Bubbles, part 1

Guest Post by Caleb Shaw Preface:  Climate Scientists and School Girls – A humorous description of a layman trying to investigate the little bubbles in ice cores,  involving both the actual science,  and a layman’s amazement over the politics. My … Continue reading

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Earth versus the flying saucers

I’m sure many of you remember this campy scifi film from 1956. Roswell on steroids. But did you know that there is a natural phenomenon on Earth that gives rise to reports of flying saucers on a regular basis? In … Continue reading

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Electric airplane

No, that’s not the name of a rock band. But there is a real twin fuselage motor glider featuring a 145 kW electric motor, lithium-ion batteries, and retractable landing gear. From NASA: Pipistrel-USA, Taurus G4 aircraft is seen as it … Continue reading

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Deep Carbon Pollution?

From the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this press release was for some reason included in the atmospheric science category of Eurekalert. Carbon cycle reaches Earth’s lower mantle, Science study reports Evidence of carbon cycle found in ‘superdeep’ … Continue reading

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Astronomers find extreme weather on an alien world

Alternate title: How long before Bill McKibben says: this brown dwarf has a middle name, and it’s global warming. Cosmic oddball may harbor a gigantic storm TORONTO, ON – A University of Toronto-led team of astronomers has observed extreme brightness … Continue reading

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