‘Unusual weather we’re having, aint it?’

The title of this post is a famous quote from the cowardly lion in the 1939 movie the Wizard of Oz. Readers may remember this film was one of the very first to show “climate disruption” manifesting itself as extreme weather, as regular garden-variety tornadoes in Kansas turned ugly and started transporting people into alternate…

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Mann, it’s hairy in the climate wars

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Doing a Google search for Michael E. Mann to find his CV to respond to this comment, I came across this odd presentation from Google. In it, Michael E. Mann gains hair, and I lose it. I blame “climate disruption” and the “Hair Club for Climatologists”.

Weather station ‘X’

A mystery for you. This weekend (weather permitting) Willis and I will be visiting the location of this weather station in the USA. Can you guess where it is? I can assure you it is not the schoolhouse at Bodega nor is it Alfred Hitchcock’s summer house.

Cycling in Central England

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Looking at a recent article over at Tallbloke’s Talkshop, I realized I’d never done a periodogram looking for possible cycles in the entire Central England Temperature (CET) series. I’d looked at part of it, but not all of it. The CET is one of the longest continuous temperature series, with…