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NOAA’s own trend calculator helps confirm ‘the pause’ and lack of ocean warming in the 21st century

People send me stuff. Yesterday I got a note suggesting I have a look at what NOAA/NCDC’s “climate at a glance” was showing for trends in the 21st century so far. I decided to take a look. About these ads

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New pictures of the hole in Yamal – and Pingo was its name-o

A couple of days ago I posted this story about the odd hole in the ground that appeared in Yamal, which was immediately blamed on ‘global warming’ by some fool who hadn’t looked at it closely: Anna Kurchatova from the … Continue reading

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‘Unusual weather we’re having, aint it?’

The title of this post is a famous quote from the cowardly lion in the 1939 movie the Wizard of Oz. Readers may remember this film was one of the very first to show “climate disruption” manifesting itself as extreme … Continue reading

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Fireworks like you’ve never seen them before: a drones-eye view

I was so entertained by this, I thought it would be worth sharing for WUWT readers. Imagine flying a drone with an HD camera through a fireworks display. Guaranteed to leave a smile on your face for the sheer novelty … Continue reading

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Why does it always seem to snow in Hollywood Global Warming Films?

Because warm weather isn’t deadly enough Submitted by Eric Worrall The Federalist has a hilarious article, which discusses Hollywood’s big problem portraying Global Warming; its hard to make a nice day look deadly. Citing several recent films as examples, they … Continue reading

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Mann, it’s hairy in the climate wars

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Doing a Google search for Michael E. Mann to find his CV to respond to this comment, I came across this odd presentation from Google. In it, Michael E. Mann gains hair, and I … Continue reading

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Weather station ‘X’

A mystery for you. This weekend (weather permitting) Willis and I will be visiting the location of this weather station in the USA. Can you guess where it is? I can assure you it is not the schoolhouse at Bodega … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Forget CO2 – US Executions “Cause” Global Warming

From the “correlation is not causation” department. Guest Posting by Ira Glickstein Since the Death Penalty was restored in the US in 1975, the Number of Executions per Year correlates with UAH Global Temperature Anomaly better than CO2 levels! So, … Continue reading

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Cycling in Central England

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Looking at a recent article over at Tallbloke’s Talkshop, I realized I’d never done a periodogram looking for possible cycles in the entire Central England Temperature (CET) series. I’d looked at part of it, but … Continue reading

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NOAA Expert: Lake Superior may have ice in June

Submitted by Eric Worrall George Leshkevich, a NOAA expert on Great Lakes ice, suggested in an interview that he wouldn’t be surprised if there was ice on Lake Superior in June. While satellite images show more ice broken up and … Continue reading

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Extreme Times

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I read a curious statement on the web yesterday, and I don’t remember where. If the author wishes to claim priority, here’s your chance. The author said (paraphrasing): If you’re looking at any given time … Continue reading

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DIY Climate Psychology Lewpaper Generator

Delusional psychopophagy is the mere result of the power of Climate Denial Guest essay by Eric Worrall As a homage to the amount of attention cast in our direction by the psycho-scientific community, I have decided to pay tribute to … Continue reading

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Earth going to pot – Marijuana grown in California produces more carbon than 3 million cars

Thanks to “Climate Desk” for pointing out this gem of an article. These factoids are from the earth-friendly “Mother Jones” magazine “24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America”, referencing several federal data sources. A few of those points:

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Why didn’t the Bible mention blizzards?

Guest essay by Fred F. Mueller While many people will agree that some of the stories recorded in the Old Testament might not be taken too literally, this book nevertheless deserves a lot of respect for the fact that is … Continue reading

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Site of Mann-Steyn legal showdown catches fire

Mark Steyn writes about this bit of an omen for the upcoming heated legal battle: In other news, the DC Superior Court building – scene of the forthcoming Mann vs Steyn trial – caught fire today. Fortunately, I have a … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys Stadium Seating and Atmospheric CO2

With the possibility of the coldest Super Bowl ever coming this week, this story about CO2 concentration seemed appropriate. Ryan Scott Welch writes: Anthony as you know, many people don’t know much about the earth’s atmosphere.  For example, when questioned … Continue reading

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Who knew? Plants are ‘heavy water’ rain gauges

From the GFZ GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Helmholtz Centre  and the Varved D2O department: The water cycle amplifies abrupt climate change The role of the hydrological cycle during abrupt temperature changes is of prime importance for the actual impact of climate change … Continue reading

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Warmists Are Never Wrong, Even When Supporting Genocide

Guest essay by Brandon Shollenberger Global warming proponents support genocide. That may seem hard to believe, but remember, they’ve said it’d be right to blow up dams and burn cities to the ground: Unloading essentially means the removal of an … Continue reading

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So much sea ice in Antarctica that a research vessel gets stuck, in summer!

For the latest, see this new story. and this opinion piece on why this is a fiasco UPDATE: Turns out this “research” vessel was mostly a taxpayer funded junket for getting video stories to BBC in the UK and ABC … Continue reading

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Optical Antics at Sunset

My lovely and talented wife has a habit of being in the right place at the right time to capture nature doing interesting things. This particular shot was taken by cell phone from a moving vehicle in Northern California last … Continue reading

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Claim: Solar, AMO, & PDO cycles combined reproduce the global climate of the past

Guest essay by H. Luedecke and C.O.Weiss We reported recently about our publication [1] which shows that during the last centuries all climate changes were caused by periodic ( i.e. natural ) processes. Non-periodic processes like a warming through the … Continue reading

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A few first impressions of the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting

A photo essay. What follows are a series of photos and comments that catalog my impressions of today. As you may know, I’m attending the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting. After some hassle a couple of months ago, I was able … Continue reading

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Filter bubbles and the climate wars

I try to read opposing views often, as that pretty much fits my job description for running WUWT, but not everyone does this. Some people are so steeped in tribalism that they won’t even venture outside of their comfort zone … Continue reading

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Climate, Stadium Waves, and Traffic Waves

In a recent paper, Marcia Wyatt and Judith Curry posited about “Stadium Waves” and climate, suggesting that the ‘stadium-wave’ signal propagates like the cheer known as “the wave” at sporting events whereby sections of sports fans seated in a circular or … Continue reading

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Cowtan and Way – The Magician’s ‘Red Scarf Trick’ with Linear Trend Lines

Guest Post by Kip Hansen There are a lot of good, in-depth technical discussions of Cowtan and Way 2013, Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends. This is not one of them. In … Continue reading

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NOAA sends hidden messages in forecast discussion

The desperation is the message… 

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A new use for those old AOL discs we have accumulated – cleaning sewage water

From The Optical Society and the “so crazy it just might work” department comes this curiosity: Spinning CDs to Clean Sewage Water Scientists find a potential new use for old music CDs: coating disks in photocatalytic compounds and spinning them … Continue reading

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A descent into the maelstrom – ‘black hole’ whirlpools seen for the first time in the South Atlantic

More settled science: these whirlpools transport vast amount of water and heat vertically in the ocean, somewhat like hurricanes do for the atmosphere. It is fun to imagine “Trenberth’s missing heat” being sucked down one of these. Via Yahoo News: … Continue reading

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Law of Unintended Consequences Number Eleventy-Zillion and One

Guest essay by Phil Hutchings Two days ago, charles the moderator showed us some dumb thinking from the UK‘s efforts to pursue clean power. Down here in Australia, we’re pretty good at it too….. Hydro Tasmania has just collected a … Continue reading

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Dueling desktops: Anthony Watts versus Al Gore

Tom Nelson highlighted a tweet from an attendee at Gore’s training lecture in Chicago for junior climateers. I thought a comparison would be apt.

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Dana Nuccitelli’s ‘vested interest’ ? – oil and gas

As a skeptic of AGW, I and many of my peers are often subjected to scrutiny and accusations of being in the employ of “big oil”. It’s a standard line used by warmists, almost as effective at denigration as playing … Continue reading

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Extreme irony – EPA rules shut down the mother of all weather conspiracy theories

This just in: Nutballs despressed worldwide, no more harping about HAARP controlling the weather or climate? From the American Radio Relay League: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) — a subject of fascination for many hams and the … Continue reading

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Two years to a 1740-type event?

Guest essay by David Archibald Wiggle-matching has been used by the best. Hubert Lamb, considered to be the most meticulous climatologist of all time, used wiggle-matching in this wind data graph he published in 1988: He had plotted up 600 … Continue reading

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Global warming whacks Earth’s poles – is there anything it can’t do?

Reader View from the Solent writes: Global warming shifts the Earth’s poles. North Pole heads for Greenland “Global warming is changing the location of Earth’s geographic poles, according to a study in Geophysical Research Letters1. Researchers at the University of … Continue reading

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Uninvented History

Guest post by WUWT regular Caleb Shaw I am always seizing upon things people tell me, parking the statements in my memory, and only years later learning they are untrue.  It is not merely urban myths, (such as the myth … Continue reading

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