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Indirect Solar Forcing of Climate by Galactic Cosmic Rays: An Observational Estimate

By Dr. Roy Spencer, PhD (reprinted from his blog with permission) UPDATE (12:35 p.m. CDT 19 May 2011): revised corrections of CERES data for El Nino/La Nina effects. While I have been skeptical of Svensmark’s cosmic ray theory up until … Continue reading

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New study links cosmic rays to aerosols/cloud formation via solar magnetic activity modulation

From an Aarhus University press release: Scientists at Aarhus University (AU) and the National Space Institute (DTU Space) show that particles from space create cloud cover New input to the United Nations climate model: Ulrik Ingerslev Uggerhøj, Physics and Astronomy, … Continue reading

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“People underestimate the power of models. Observational evidence is not very useful.”

Guest post by Alec Rawls Andrew Orlowski at the UK Register has an anecdotal account of Downing College’s skeptics-vs-believers mash-up. Ace of Spades pulled the juiciest bit: In short, the day lined up Phil Jones, oceanographer Andrew Watson, and physicist … Continue reading

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Update on the CERN CLOUD experiment

WUWT reader Max_B tips us off to this article and video. According to Nigel Calder’s Blog, CERN’s CLOUD experiment (testing Svensmarks’s cosmic-ray theory) shows a large enhancement of aerosol production and the results are due for release in 2 or … Continue reading

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Canadian Harp Seals In New England (“prediction” of cooling?)

Canadian Harp Seals may have “read” the predictions of the coming decades of stabilization of global temperatures and perhaps some cooling. Animals like the Harp Seal have experienced many millions of years of climatic change and, through the complex processes … Continue reading

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The minimal solar activity in 2008–2009 and its implications for long‐term climate modeling

This is a new paper in Geophysical Research Letters by C. J. Schrijver, W. C. Livingston, T. N. Woods, and R. A. Mewaldt. WUWT readers may recognize Livingston as the creator of one of the datasets we regularly follow graphically … Continue reading

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In light of radiation fears, I offer this repost

Going bananas over radiation With all the worries over radiation leaks from Japan, and hoarding of Potassium Iodide tablets, I thought it valuable to repost a link to this story from last month which was very popular.

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Solar news: Forbush decrease in progress

The definition at Wikipedia: A Forbush decrease is a rapid decrease in the observed galactic cosmic ray intensity following a coronal mass ejection (CME). It occurs due to the magnetic field of the plasma solar wind sweeping some of the … Continue reading

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New paper: Cosmic rays contribute 40% to global warming

From the Hindu Physicist U.R. Rao says carbon emission impact is lower than IPCC claim A key belief of climate science theology — that a reduction in carbon emissions will take care of the bulk of global warming — has … Continue reading

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No, it is not what you think…

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Cosmically, Heliospherically, and Terrestrially, FYI

Last night I decided to have a look at the Space Weather Prediction Center solar charts to see how the geoplanetary magnetic index (Ap) was doing, and decided since I was too tired, I’d put it off until this morning. … Continue reading

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Preliminary results for the CERN CLOUD cosmic ray experiment

From Nature blog: Sunny days for CLOUD experiment An experiment designed to investigate the link between solar activity and the climate has its first results in the bag. At the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco today, Joachim Curtius … Continue reading

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Something to be thankful for! At last: Cosmic rays linked to rapid mid-latitude cloud changes

UPDATE: Lead author Ben Laken responds in comments below. I’ve reported several times at WUWT on the galactic cosmic ray theory proposed by  Henrik Svensmark which suggests that changes in the sun’s magnetic field modulate the density of Galactic Cosmic … Continue reading

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Stubborn Antarctic Ozone Hole refuses to change

Maybe it is because the major catalyst isn’t CFC’s after all? See this story: Galactic Cosmic Rays May Be Responsible For The Antarctic Ozone Hole In the conclusions of the paper here (PDF) there is this: Thus, the above facts (1)–(5) … Continue reading

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Length of day correlated to cosmic rays and sunspots

From This tip came in on our tip & notes page, and at first I was quite surprised because I could not see a possible mechanism for it. Then as I read the translation (from French) it started to … Continue reading

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Climate science solar shock and awe

I saw this yesterday, but I decided to wait a day just in case it disappeared. It’s quite the surprise to see the New Scientist dedicate a story, much less an editorial saying that the sun has a role in … Continue reading

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IceCube spies unexplained pattern of cosmic rays

by Jill Sakai, University of Wisconsin Though still under construction, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole is already delivering scientific results — including an early finding about a phenomenon the telescope was not even designed to study. This … Continue reading

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Archibald on stellar to climate linkage

The Warning in the Stars By David Archibald If climate is not a random walk, then we can predict climate if we understand what drives it.  The energy that stops the Earth from looking like Pluto comes from the Sun, … Continue reading

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Solar geomagnetic index reaches unprecedented low – only “zero” could be lower – in a month when sunspots became more active

Back on December 12th 2009 I posted an article titled: Solar geomagnetic activity is at an all time low – what does this mean for climate? We then had a string of sunspots in December that marked what many saw as … Continue reading

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Study shows CFCs, cosmic rays major culprits for global warming

From the University of Waterloo press release. WATERLOO, Ont. (Monday, Dec. 21, 2009) – Cosmic rays and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), both already implicated in depleting the Earth’s ozone layer, are also responsible for changes in the global climate, a University of … Continue reading

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