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Claim: Safe long term storage of CO2 is possible

From the GFZ GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Helmholtz Centre , probably too little too late, as CO2 sequestration projects worldwide are closing. Conclusion of an international project for the geological storage of carbon dioxide Potsdam, 07.11.2013 | At the final conference of … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Plants blamed for us not roasting since 1950

From the Department of irrelevant “what ifs”, and Princeton University, comes this story about what Earth would be like if we didn’t have plants pumping the carbon cycle since the industrial revolution. They seem almost disappointed we don’t have a … Continue reading

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Carbon capture and storage – the Edsel of energy policies

Guest essay by Steve Goreham Originally published in The Washington Times The war on climate change has produced many dubious “innovations.” Intermittent wind and solar energy sources, carbon markets that buy and sell “hot air,” and biofuels that burn food … Continue reading

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‘plug-and-play’ CO2 Scrubbers

From MIT, while “plug-and-play” is cited, it’s just a paper. Getting the carbon out of emissions Proposed method could be more efficient than previous systems and easier to retrofit in existing power plants. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Many researchers around the … Continue reading

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Carbon sequestration driver: Spiders, why did it have to be spiders?

From the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies New study shows predators affect the carbon cycle A new study shows that the predator-prey relationship can affect the flow of carbon through an ecosystem. This previously unmeasured influence on the … Continue reading

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National Laboratory pans ocean carbon sequestration scheme

Questions rise about seeding for ocean C02 sequestration – Argonne National Laboratory LEMONT, Ill – A new study on the feeding habits of ocean microbes calls into question the potential use of algal blooms to trap carbon dioxide and offset … Continue reading

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CO2 sequestration research stumbles onto something useful: a big lithium strike in Wyoming

Guest post by Alec Rawls Most lithium (the lightest metal) is now mined in the Andes (image above), but it looks like the U.S. has more than a little of it too: [T]he Rock Springs Uplift’s 18 million tons of potential … Continue reading

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Modeling future CO2 sequestration

From the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) CO2 removal can lower costs of climate protection According to the analysis, carbon dioxide removal could be used under certain requirements to alleviate the most costly components of mitigation, but it … Continue reading

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James Hansen Says Coal Is Greening The Planet!?!

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s an interesting measure of atmospheric CO2, called the “airborne fraction”. The airborne fraction is the fraction of the CO2 emitted each year which remains in the atmosphere. When humans emit say 9 gigatonnes of … Continue reading

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Impractical Proposal: Dry Ice Sequestration on Antarctic Ice Sheets

An updated proposal to store CO2 on Antarctica Story submitted by John Tillman Story body: In 1995 two Japanese scientists suggested storing carbon dioxide in Antarctic ice caves.  Now three scientists at Purdue have published a more elaborate and detailed … Continue reading

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CSIRO ‘solar sponge’ soaks up CO₂ emissions

From the ‘CO2 must be assimilated’ department comes this press release from CSIRO. I have to wonder if this is a ‘spongeworthy’ project. ====================== CSIRO scientists have created a ‘solar sponge’ which captures and then releases carbon dioxide using the … Continue reading

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Now what is ‘death train’ Hansen going to do? Clean coal process developed to extract energy without burning or CO2

From James Hansen’s, Bill McKibben’s and Joe Romm’s worst nightmare department, comes this uplifting science story from the Ohio State University. Basically they found a way to oxidize coal and extract energy without releasing any CO2. When a team of … Continue reading

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University of New Hampshire invertedly overheats soil, and pronounces a climate change result

From the University of New Hampshire comes this press release that made me recoil when I read the methodology involved because it is Mannian-Tiljanderish in the approach. Instead of doing top down heating (as occurs in Nature), they do bottom … Continue reading

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Mind exploding: an all carbon solar cell

From Stanford University , the first carbon sequestration project that makes energy. I wonder, will Al Gore say the electricity produced by a carbon solar cell is “dirty energy”? Somewhere, off in the distance, I hear Joe Romm’s head exploding. … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – Environmentalist ignores international moratoriums, dumps in the ocean

From the Toronto Star, an example of holier than thou environmentalism in the name of carbon sequestration. Environmental controversy erupts on Canada’s Pacific coast Raveena Aulakh Environment reporter The Pacific Ocean, just off Canada’s west coast, has a new suspect … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – pissing away the CO2 alarm

From the FECYT – Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology  comes this hilarious bit of news pushed as serious science. I like the idea of a “potion”. It fits right up there with some of the other crazy CO2 sequestration … Continue reading

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Earth’s CO2 sinks increasing their uptake

Readers may recall these WUWT stories:  Earth’s biosphere booming,  California’s giant redwoods inconveniently respond to increased carbon dioxide, and Forget deforestation: The world’s woodland is getting denser and change could help combat climate change. NASA satellite imagery pointed this out long ago. … Continue reading

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Researchers publish results of iron ocean fertilization experiment

From the Alfred Wegener Institute and the what took you so long department comes this interesting result. Carbon sequestration via algal blooms that sink to the sea floor after expiring – just add iron. The results, which were published in … Continue reading

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