I’m not so certain about the Arctic ‘death spiral’

Robert Balic writes: I recently read the Willis Eschenbach article Argo, Temperature, and OHC ( which reported the trend in the global ocean temperatures as 0.022 ± 0.002 deg C /decade and Steven Casey asked “Can we believe we have that much precision to 0.002 deg C/decade? And we have not yet measured a full…

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Monday Mirthiness – ‘Adrift – living on an iceberg for a year’ guy Alex Bellini drives an SUV to highlight his ‘concern about climate change’

You really can’t make this stuff up. The guy actually uses an SUV to advertise this climate stunt. See the photo below. The Guardian reported in 2003: “We want the SUV to epitomise greed, waste and global climate change. We feel that if we galvanise a movement and keep a discussion going, if we make…