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Smoke from Russian Fires Over Arctic Sea

From NASA: (satellite image follows) one wonders what this will do to the albedo of sea ice. Numerous wildfires have dotted the Russian landscape this past summer fire season.  Although not quite as the adage says, although still true, where … Continue reading

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Snow has thinned on Arctic sea ice

From the University of Washington From research stations drifting on ice floes to high-tech aircraft radar, scientists have been tracking the depth of snow that accumulates on Arctic sea ice for almost a century. Now that people are more concerned … Continue reading

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Sea ice news Volume 5, # 5 NSIDC: ‘the expansion in Antarctic sea ice is confirmed’

From NSIDC: Sled dog days of summer NSIDC reports near record Antarctic sea ice extent in July Arctic sea ice extent declined at a fairly rapid rate through the first three weeks of July, but the loss rate then slowed … Continue reading

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A flip-flop on Arctic permafrost thaws – actually a net cooling rather than a warming

Since we discussed permafrost pingos today, I thought this story from the University of Alaska Fairbanks was a good sidekick story. It seems there’s a silver lining in melting permafrost after all. Study: Climate-cooling arctic lakes soak up greenhouse gases … Continue reading

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Claim: ‘Arctic amplification’ has actually reduced the risk of cold extremes in the Northern Hemisphere

From the University of Exeter Arctic warming linked to fewer European and US cold weather extremes, new study shows Climate change is unlikely to lead to more days of extreme cold, similar to those that gripped the USA in a … Continue reading

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A sign of cooling? New permafrost is forming around shrinking Arctic lakes

From McGill University Researchers from McGill and the U.S. Geological Survey, more used to measuring thawing permafrost than its expansion, have made a surprising discovery. There is new permafrost forming around Twelvemile Lake in the interior of Alaska. But they … Continue reading

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Antarctic Sea Ice Increase and Global Warming

by Norm Buske Although I am a long-time, casual skeptic of global warming, I agree that evidence of severe, largely anthropogenic warming of the Northern Thermal Hemisphere (NTH) is compelling. The warming of the NTH explains progressive loss of Arctic … Continue reading

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Has David Attenborough Become A Propaganda Mouthpiece Promoting Climate Fear?

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University. David Attenborough was my favorite wildlife cinematographer and each year I fed my students numerous clips to make biology and ecology come alive. Researching the … Continue reading

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2014 Arctic Sea Ice Forecasting Contest

This announcement will be followed by the actual voting contest at WUWT this coming weekend – Anthony First Call for Sea Ice Outlook Contributions June Report (Based on May data) Submission deadline: Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Since 2008, the annual … Continue reading

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Ice melt: ‘invasive species’ or just business as usual for Nature?

From the Smithsonian , something that makes me wonder. When the ice ages lowered sea levels and opened land bridges, and mammals of all sorts made passages, or when a study shows Arctic sea ice extent ~6000 years ago was … Continue reading

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Ten Good Reasons Not To Worry About Polar Bears

Susan Crockford writes: This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of an international agreement to protect polar bears from commercial and unregulated sport hunting. The devastating decades of uncontrolled slaughter across the Arctic, including the Bering Sea, finally came to … Continue reading

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Movie Science: “We need to understand why in the last 30 years global warming is not uniform,”

[Note: part of the answer is in the photo they provide with the press release below, but they don't see it. - Anthony] Greenland melting due equally to global warming, natural variations Hannah Hickey University of Washington Press Office The … Continue reading

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Arctic sea ice in the Beaufort Gyre

From AGU: Beaufort Gyre sea ice thins in recent decades, impacts climate The accumulation and melting of sea ice in the Arctic has an enormous impact on the local climate, which in turn can affect the global climate. As the … Continue reading

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Significant Arctic Sea Ice Story a Possibility This Year

Joe Bastardi writes on the Patriot Post: There is a huge event being forecasted this year by the CFSV2, and I don’t know if anyone else is mentioning this. For the first time in over a decade, the Arctic sea … Continue reading

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The Guardian tries to claim global warming sank the Titanic – research says the exact opposite

Kate Ravilious makes this nutty claim at The Guardian: But in fact the catastrophe may have been set in motion by a warm, wet year over Greenland in 1908, resulting in greater snow accumulation. Writing in the journal Weather, Grant … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News – Volume 5 Number 1 – multiyear ice on the rise

Multi-year Arctic ice posts a large gain, peak ice occurred later this year. Antarctica had fourth highest minimum. From NSIDC: Arctic sea ice at fifth lowest annual maximum Arctic sea ice reached its annual maximum extent on March 21, after … Continue reading

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Claim: NSIDC, NASA Say Arctic Melt Season Lengthening, Ocean Rapidly Warming

Video follows. The length of the melt season for Arctic sea ice is growing by several days each decade, and an earlier start to the melt season is allowing the Arctic Ocean to absorb enough additional solar radiation in some … Continue reading

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Latest admission from NSIDC on forecasting sea ice extent is a far cry from ‘Arctic death spriral’

Remember the famous claims about the ‘Arctic death spiral‘? It seems their language is a bit more realistically moderated now that they’ve blown a couple of forecasts. Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast, study says Will next … Continue reading

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New study shows Arctic sea ice extent ~6000 years ago was much less than today

This is interesting, somehow the Earth managed to reduce a good portion of the Arctic Ice Cap during the Holocene Climate Optimum from approximately 10,000-6,000 years ago without the help of the industrial revolution, fossil fuels, or automobile emissions. This … Continue reading

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NSIDC’s Greenpeace connected researcher claims fewer days of Arctic sea ice being seen

No mention though of the possibility that this is all part of a natural pattern, and of course no mention of Ms. Stroeve’s Greenpeace connections to her research, which brings her scientific objectivity into question. UPDATE: A graph submitted by … Continue reading

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How Much Sunlight Actually Enters The System?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a new study in PNAS, entitled “Observational determination of albedo decrease caused by vanishing Arctic sea ice” by Pistone et al. Let me start by registering a huge protest against the title. The sea … Continue reading

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New PNAS paper claims Arctic planetary albedo dropped significantly, yet recent CERES data shows no significant change

From PNAS: Direct satellite observation reveals that the Arctic planetary albedo, a measure of reflectiveness, decreased from 0.52 to 0.48 between 1979 and 2011, a change in albedo that corresponds to a climate forcing 25% as large as that due … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Science by the kilogram

From Aarhus University, and the department of weighted (by the kilogram) peer review comes a really heavy new report. See actual photo caption at right, bold mine, I kid you not. I loved this quote from the press release: ‘Polar … Continue reading

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CryoSat shows Arctic sea ice volume up 50% from last year

Measurements from ESA’s CryoSat satellite show that the volume of Arctic sea ice has significantly increased this past autumn. The volume of ice measured this autumn is about 50% higher compared to last year. In October 2013, CryoSat measured about … Continue reading

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Claim: Dramatic thinning of Arctic lake ice cuts winter ice season by 24 days

Arctic lakes have been freezing up later in the year and thawing earlier, creating a winter ice season about 24 days shorter than it was in 1950, a University of Waterloo study has found. But, I don’t think they are … Continue reading

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Arctic Layer Cake

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a recent paper paywalled here, called Arctic winter warming amplified by the thermal inversion and consequent low infrared cooling to space. Fortunately, the Supplementary Online Information is available here, and it contains much valuable information. … Continue reading

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Claim: Arctic warmth unprecedented in 44,000 years

Using radiocarbon dating, new research in Geophysical Research Letters has calculated the age of relic moss samples that have been exposed by modern Arctic warming. Results claim that temperatures in the Arctic are warmer than during any sustained period since … Continue reading

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The Iditarod on 12,000 calories a day

Extreme cold in Alaska makes the race even more challenging – and dangerous Guest essay by Paul Driessen This winter’s record Midwestern freeze made any outdoor activity a real challenge. It also made us appreciate modern housing, heating, transportation and … Continue reading

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Remember the Arctic cyclone that busted up sea ice in 2012? It seems such storms are more common than previously thought

News media back then seemed to think this was a new thing, and downplayed the role of the cyclone is breaking up sea ice, preferring to attribute it to the omnipotent global warming. Apparently it’s just business as usual for … Continue reading

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No pattern found in Northern Hemisphere atmospheric blocking and weather extremes

A new paper in press at GRL (Barnes et al 2014) suggests that the idea of “blocking” patterns being on the increase due to climate change factors such as sea ice have no statistically significant  component. As readers may know, … Continue reading

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Polynyas are very important for marine life and cooling the oceans

An introduction to Polynyas Guest essay by Eric Stephens Many people think that once a sea freezes, it is one complete sheet. In reality, there are several open areas that never freeze. One such area is a polynya (common US … Continue reading

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Oh say can you see modern sea level rise from a geological perspective?

Guest post by David Middleton Experts say the IPCC underestimated future sea level rise A new study surveys 90 sea level rise experts, who say sea level rise this century will exceed IPCC projections Wednesday 4 December 2013 John Abraham … Continue reading

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Nature proves Al Gore wrong again

Gore’s “ice free Arctic” prediction from five years ago, falsified by nature itself The great bloviator has been pwned again, by the actions of nature itself. In Germany, five years ago this past Saturday, Al Gore claimed that the ““Entire … Continue reading

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Defusing the Arctic Methane Time Bomb

Guest Post by David Middleton The Arctic methane time bomb keeps ticking… From Scientific American… Climatewire More Arctic Methane Bubbles into Atmosphere A new study suggests more than twice as much of the potent greenhouse gas is bubbling out of … Continue reading

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Ice melting Arctic cyclones more common than previously thought

Remember the Arctic cyclone that chopped up the Arctic sea ice in 2012, resulting in a new record low summer extent for the satellite era? It turns out they are rather common. From the AGU Fall Meeting and the Ohio … Continue reading

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