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Why we do what we do – ‘It changes people.’

Jonathan Abbot writes in comments on 2013/07/23 at 12:59 pm My 10 year old daughter just read an article in National Geographic Kids about global warming. ‘The world is getting warmer, daddy! See?’ She wouldn’t believe me when I said … Continue reading

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Here is your chance to ask for comment editing

One of the most requested (or most complained about depending on your view) is the need for the ability to preview and/or edit comments. I have asked for this feature time and again of the operators of where WUWT … Continue reading

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Climate change showdown coming to the Senate Thursday

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Thursday will hold the first big congressional climate change hearing since President Obama unveiled his global warming plan in late June. Below is the witness list for the hearing titled “Climate Change: … Continue reading

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Call for essays: The 2013 Matt Ridley Prize

The Matt Ridley prize for exposing environmental pseudoscience was inspired by Matt’s discovery that a Ridley family trust was making money from a wind farm company. All too often, hysterical groupthink, based on bad science, creates a climate in which politicians intone … Continue reading

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Last chance to help fund the 50 to 1 project

Just over a day left now. Note, I have no financial interest in this film, I’m merely one of the people to be interviewed. Thanks – Anthony =========================================== 50-to-1 has the potential to shift the climate debate for good! Watch … Continue reading

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WUWT upgrade, phase 3 – announcing our free WUWT toolbar

Readers may recall that I announced in early April that I have been working to make WUWT more accessible as well as more community oriented. Improvements so far have included enhanced commenting speed with less moderation and improvements to the … Continue reading

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Update on the 50 to 1 skeptic documentary video project

Topher Fields talks about some of the issues raised in this WUWT thread, as well as announcing a new participant. Watch this video: 

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Help Launch Climate Skeptic Film Project: 50 to 1

This will be a top post for a day or two, new posts appear below. For those waiting…PAYPAL is now available I’m participating in this, as are some other well known climate skeptics. The producer (Australia’s video pundit Topher Field) … Continue reading

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Phase 2 of WUWT upgrade implemented

Readers may recall that on April 10th, I announced that some big changes and improvements were coming to WUWT. Phase 1 was improving the commenting system, and I think that has been fine tuned now. We did try the comment … Continue reading

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Everything in Moderation

It has taken Anthony a lot of hard work to make WUWT the success it is, and success comes at a price, which in blogging terms means even more hard work. The recent changes at WUWT are intended to lessen … Continue reading

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Some big changes coming to WUWT in the near future

You may have already noticed that commenting is faster. That’s because whitelisting is now enabled. Of course the usual banned words and blacklisted commenter memes will go straight to the nether regions as before. Some comments that are questionable, and … Continue reading

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Spencer, Ridley, and Gavin on Fox tonight

Readers may recall that Dr. Mann had an unprofessional visceral reaction to the invitation. Kudos to Dr. Gavin Schmidt for taking the invitation and to follow through with it in a professional manner*. Dr. Roy Spencer writes: Stossel Show: Schmidt, … Continue reading

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WUWT milestone – 1 million comments

At about 4:26PM PST, moderator Dave Stealey approved sent me notice (on my cellphone) of our 1 millionth comment on WUWT. Who was it? See the screencap.

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Pending WUWT milestone – closing in on 1 million comments

Who will be the lucky winner? This screenshot from my WordPress control panel shows we are closing in on comment number 1 million.  We’ll reach that is a few days. This is a testament to our volunteer moderation team.

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Dr. Roy Spencer’s climate website has been hacked

I have confirmed that has been hacked and rendered inoperable. Dr. Spencer confirms this in an email exchange with me this AM and writes:

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Unprecedented: Climate takes an entire category in the 2013 Bloggies Awards – time to place your votes

WUWT nominated in two categories. The competition this year is more skeptical than ever! This year, the choices are tougher, since there are so many favorites. Last year I thought it was tough because they threw big names in websites … Continue reading

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Lord’s O’ Leapin! Congratulations to Matt Ridley

Prominent Climate Skeptic Dr. Matt Ridley Elected To The House Of Lords Viscount Ridley has been elected as a Conservative hereditary Peer in the recent by-election to fill the vacancy after Earl Ferrers’ death in November 2012. Image: House of … Continue reading

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About Climate Audit

UPDATE: I’m happy to report that Steve writes in with an update on the tragic accident that sent him to New Zealand. It is good news. – Anthony UPDATE2: Steve asked me to intervene, saying he had issues with the … Continue reading

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