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Everything in Moderation

It has taken Anthony a lot of hard work to make WUWT the success it is, and success comes at a price, which in blogging terms means even more hard work. The recent changes at WUWT are intended to lessen … Continue reading

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Some big changes coming to WUWT in the near future

You may have already noticed that commenting is faster. That’s because whitelisting is now enabled. Of course the usual banned words and blacklisted commenter memes will go straight to the nether regions as before. Some comments that are questionable, and … Continue reading

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Spencer, Ridley, and Gavin on Fox tonight

Readers may recall that Dr. Mann had an unprofessional visceral reaction to the invitation. Kudos to Dr. Gavin Schmidt for taking the invitation and to follow through with it in a professional manner*. Dr. Roy Spencer writes: Stossel Show: Schmidt, … Continue reading

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WUWT milestone – 1 million comments

At about 4:26PM PST, moderator Dave Stealey approved sent me notice (on my cellphone) of our 1 millionth comment on WUWT. Who was it? See the screencap.

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Pending WUWT milestone – closing in on 1 million comments

Who will be the lucky winner? This screenshot from my WordPress control panel shows we are closing in on comment number 1 million.  We’ll reach that is a few days. This is a testament to our volunteer moderation team.

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Dr. Roy Spencer’s climate website has been hacked

I have confirmed that has been hacked and rendered inoperable. Dr. Spencer confirms this in an email exchange with me this AM and writes:

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Unprecedented: Climate takes an entire category in the 2013 Bloggies Awards – time to place your votes

WUWT nominated in two categories. The competition this year is more skeptical than ever! This year, the choices are tougher, since there are so many favorites. Last year I thought it was tough because they threw big names in websites … Continue reading

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Lord’s O’ Leapin! Congratulations to Matt Ridley

Prominent Climate Skeptic Dr. Matt Ridley Elected To The House Of Lords Viscount Ridley has been elected as a Conservative hereditary Peer in the recent by-election to fill the vacancy after Earl Ferrers’ death in November 2012. Image: House of … Continue reading

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About Climate Audit

UPDATE: I’m happy to report that Steve writes in with an update on the tragic accident that sent him to New Zealand. It is good news. – Anthony UPDATE2: Steve asked me to intervene, saying he had issues with the … Continue reading

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Programming note

Something really interesting will happen tomorrow morning at 7AM PST related to IPCC AR5. Be sure to check WUWT then.

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Notes on calendars, travel, and two important upcoming stories

CALENDARS: First, I want to thank everyone who ordered the 2013 Josh Skeptic Calendar. I especially want to thank Dr. Michael Mann, whose hilarious conspiracy theory outburst sold more calendars than Josh or I ever could have hoped to. Like … Continue reading

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Nominations are open for the 2013 weblog awards

It is that time again, and after winning this two years in a row, can WUWT make it to “Hall of Fame” status by winning it a third year? Hard to say, but if we do, that will put us … Continue reading

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WUWT year in review – 2012  generated this report for me automatically for viewing on my dashboard – I’m sharing it because you the readers deserve credit. Crunchy numbers 8 million people saw The Hobbit on its opening weekend. This blog was viewed about 36,000,000 … Continue reading

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Introducing The New WUWT “Extreme Weather” Reference Page

(Photo credits: NOAA) By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” We are pleased to introduce WUWT’s newest addition, the WUWT “Extreme Weather” Reference Page. Realizing the difficulty in selling “Global Warming” when the globe hasn’t warmed in the last 16 years, … Continue reading

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Marc Morano -vs- Bill Nye on CNN tonight

UPDATE: video added below. Tonight CFACT’s Marc Morano vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy CNN, Piers Morgan 9 PM EST Marc Morano, Editor in Chief of Climate Depot, takes on Bill Nye the Science Guy. Piers Morgan show, CNN 9 … Continue reading

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Making Spirits Bright: A Christmas Announcement

Guest Post by Ross McKitrick Hello WUWT’ers: Anthony has kindly given me a bit of real estate on his website to tell you about a Christmas-themed project I am involved in. Cheerfully it has nothing at all to do with … Continue reading

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Thank you for watching WUWT-TV

Hello Everyone, I wish to offer my sincere thanks for your assistance and willingness for the help and ideas in putting together a presentation and appear on the WUWT-TV event. Much of this came from reader’s ideas and insight. We … Continue reading

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Announcing the launch of

Exploring different views on climate change Goal of offers a platform for discussions between invited climate scientists on important climate topics that have been subject to scientific and public debate. The goal of the platform is to explore … Continue reading

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WUWT-TV’s answer to Al Gore’s ‘Dirty Weather Report’ is ON THE AIR

Welcome, for the next 24 hours, WUWT will be bringing you the counterpoint to Al Gore’s claim that “dirty energy=dirty weather” which you can watch over here. To watch WUWT-TV live see below:

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WUWT-TV Lineup and Schedule

WUWT-TV Schedule November 14th & 15th Press release on the event is here ALL TIMES BELOW are Pacific Standard Time but MAY CHANGE DURING THE LIVE BROADCAST if Presenters go short/long or we have technical difficulties. To convert these times … Continue reading

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Counter programming to Al Gore’s ‘Dirty Weather Report’ will be on WUWT-TV Live starting Wednesday Nov. 14 at 8PM EST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 11/13/2012 Click image for the test feed. UPDATE: Al Gore will be on Reddit answering questions Thursday, be sure to ask him if he knows about WUWT-TV, and why he hasn’t taken down the faked Climate 101 … Continue reading

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Fare thee well, friend

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. is retiring his blog. While he plans to focus more on research papers and a new book he is working on, I have no doubt he will continue to provide useful and insightful information to the … Continue reading

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New Resource―Quote List for Climate Change, Energy, Environment

Guest post by Steve Goreham I’m announcing a new on-line quote list resource for journalists, writers, and authors on climate change, global warming, energy, and the environment. You can find the list here. The list contains more than 450 quotes … Continue reading

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Major announcement coming Monday from WUWT

This is just a heads up to watch on noon (PDT) Monday for a major announcement coming from WUWT.

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Climate skeptics to once again get airtime on PBS

Uh oh. I’m sure this will cause brain explosions over at Joe Romm’s place and also at his politically bought and paid for ex-buddy Brad Johnson’s “Forecast the Facts” propaganda outlet. Maybe Brad will start another petition to keep us … Continue reading

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The Josh 2013 Climate Skeptic Calendar

I have been asked by Josh to gauge US interest.   These are done in small lots, so the price would be a bit higher than mass produced calendars at $20 USD + shipping for the 8.5 x 11″ size and … Continue reading

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Some questions for readers

I have noticed some things happening recently that lead me to ask some questions.

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Roger Pielke Sr. enters Twitland

I figure I’ll help him out by announcing this for him to get him some followers, he has 13 as of this writing.

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Apologies for the ads

Due to all of the attention I’ve gotten (good and bad) over my PBS appearance, the people at have identified WUWT as a high traffic blog and have added advertising to the top and to the sidebar. For example, … Continue reading

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The Full PBS Newshour interview with Watts, Muller, Curry and others

TRANSCRIPT from a link to video follows JUDY WOODRUFF: Now to the debate over the magnitude of climate change, its impact, and the human role in it. Typically, the battle plays out among prominent climate scientists and a vocal … Continue reading

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My interview with PBS Newshour, now online

Here’s the story/transcript from Spencer Michels, along with video that follows. I have not seen the piece that will be airing nationally yet, and I don’t know how much of me they use, but this just appeared on the PBS … Continue reading

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I’ll be on the PBS Newshour tonight

I just got word from the producer, that I will be on the PBS Newshour tonight. This is a long segment on climate change that will include several notable people from the climate debate, including Dr. Richard Muller among others. … Continue reading

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Is there a doctor in the house?

A friend overseas needs some medical advice, stat. Given the vast readership of WUWT I’m hoping I can send help his way.

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WUWT web retooling – comments welcome

After 2.5 years with the same design, I’m looking to do an upgrade to WUWT to give it more modern features. I’ve got some professional help involved to do this. It will be a complete rework from the ground up … Continue reading

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Stalking the Wild Hiatus

I’ll be out of contact for the next couple of weeks. I’m going to investigate the climatic conditions on the Black Rock dry lake bed in Nevada… … if anyone is going to be there, you can find me at … Continue reading

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