Three Global Warming Skeptics Win Awards

Recipients to be recognized at the 9th International Conference on Climate Change for Speaking Truth to Power, Whistleblowing, and the Defense of Science A total of nine awards will be handed out during plenary sessions at the conference, the largest gathering of scientists and policy experts who are skeptical of man-caused global warming.

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 Celebrate it at the 9th International Heartland Conference, Las Vegas By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Don’t miss this spectacular conference in the City of American Culture 2014. The Ninth International Heartland Conference on Climate Change is the biggest and best of all the skeptical conferences. And it is being held at a vital moment. It…

Congratulations to Joe “Doc” D’Aleo

I’ve known about this for quite some time, but kept it mum, because as Joe wrote in an email exchange today, “Yes, I was nervous that I would get protesters if it was widely made known.” Below is the photo of Joe getting recognition for his years of service to the meteorological community.

A new format for WUWT

I’ve been wrestling with how to make improvements to WUWT for a few months, considering different options such as trying out the WordPress Enterprise that I was invited into last year (which didn’t really pay for itself as many of the options didn’t work as advertised), and looking at different themes. With a website that…