WUWT at 200 Million Views

While the WUWT counter number on the right sidebar will likely hit this mark while I’m sleeping, I just wanted to give a short notice to everyone that we’ve reached this milestone. This post is automatically publishing at a time that is my “best safe guess” (4AM PDT) for when we’ll have reached that number.…


Status report on changes to WUWT, with user poll

As readers know, I announced changes to WUWT’s format last Sunday, and the changes went into effect overnight from Sunday night to Monday morning. As is the case with any change, there will be some issues, some people won’t like it simply because it is change, and some will embrace it.  Below I’ll address the…


Changes coming to WUWT

I figured that I should give people a heads-up, rather than just dump changes unannounced like wordpress.com did with their recent beep boop editor bomb. Two changes – comment filtering and format. Two notes: editing for guest authors and a personal note about the future of WUWT.