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The ‘strawman’ albedo effect

From ETH Zurich , something that actually makes sense. Straw albedo mitigates extreme heat Wheat fields are often tilled immediately after the crop is harvested, removing the light-coloured stubble and crop residues from the soil surface and bringing dark bare … Continue reading

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Study: Greenland’s July 2012 ‘insta-melt’ was triggered by a combination of warm weather and carbon soot

WUWT readers surely remember all the media hype over this story. This was REP’s last entry on WUWT: As WUWT readers are aware, there has been a great deal of attention paid by the main stream media to the extensive … Continue reading

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New paper finds solar UV-B output is correlated to global mean temperature

Map of correlations suggest it may be affecting biomass and planetary albedo. From the Hockey Schtick: A paper published today in Methods in Ecology and Evolution describes a new satellite dataset of solar UV-B radiation for use in ecological studies. According … Continue reading

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An article and study from 1974 suggests global cooling would cause more extreme weather

Steve Goddard tips me to this article in the Canberra Times on May 16th, 1974: SUPPORT FOR A THEORY OF A COOLING WORLD It has some interesting claims in it that sound much like climate change claims made today. Apparently … Continue reading

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How Much Sunlight Actually Enters The System?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a new study in PNAS, entitled “Observational determination of albedo decrease caused by vanishing Arctic sea ice” by Pistone et al. Let me start by registering a huge protest against the title. The sea … Continue reading

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New PNAS paper claims Arctic planetary albedo dropped significantly, yet recent CERES data shows no significant change

From PNAS: Direct satellite observation reveals that the Arctic planetary albedo, a measure of reflectiveness, decreased from 0.52 to 0.48 between 1979 and 2011, a change in albedo that corresponds to a climate forcing 25% as large as that due … Continue reading

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The Thermostatic Throttle

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I have theorized that the reflective nature of the tropical clouds, in particular those of the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) just above the equator, functions as the “throttle” on the global climate engine. We’re all … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Climate Heat Engine

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been reflecting over the last few days about how the climate system of the earth functions as a giant natural heat engine. A “heat engine”, whether natural or man-made, is a mechanism that converts … Continue reading

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Black Carbon Soot shrank the 19th century glaciers – but why isn’t it listed as a culprit today?

From the University of Colorado at Boulder comes this press release and accompanying photo. The photo, showing hazy pollution laden air in the Bernese Alps, makes me wonder why they don’t attribute current glacier ice loss issues to soot. Asia … Continue reading

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Accuracy, Precision, and One Watt per Square Metre

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been investigating one of my favorite datasets in the last few days, the CERES satellite-based top-of-atmosphere (TOA) radiation dataset. In particular, I’ve taken month-by-month global and hemispheric averages of the data. The dataset consists … Continue reading

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Stalking the Rogue Hotspot

[I'm making this excellent essay a top sticky post for a day or two, I urge sharing it far and wide. New stories will appear below this one.  - Anthony] Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Dr. Kevin Trenberth is a … Continue reading

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In the Arctic, nearby soot may be a larger forcing than CO2

From the AGU Weekly Highlights, something I’ve pointed out more than a few times. See this photo of a moulin in upper Greenland, where carbon soot has collected at the bottom: Image from National Geographic online slide show – Photo: … Continue reading

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2012: The Year Greenland Melted (AKA Alarmists Gone Wild)

Guest Post by David Middleton “Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt… Right On Time” I guess Professor Tedesco missed this… “Ice cores from Summit show that melting events of this type occur about once every 150 years on … Continue reading

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Greenland Ice Sheet albedo drops ‘off the bottom of the chart’ – but look closer as to why

Got this in the mail just as I posted my open thread announcemnt. I’m too busy this weekend to say much else except to post this tweet from Bill McKibben and some past blog excerpts and invite discussion. Bill McKibben … Continue reading

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A Demonstration of Negative Climate Sensitivity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, after my brief digression to some other topics, I’ve finally been able to get back to the reason that I got the CERES albedo and radiation data in the first place. This was to … Continue reading

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Forcing or Feedback?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I read a Reviewer’s Comment on one of Richard Lindzen’s papers today, a paper about the tropics from 20°N to 20°S, and I came across this curiosity (emphasis mine): Lastly, the authors go through convoluted … Continue reading

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