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Eek! Climate Change “…Might Cost Us…Chocolate”

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale A GlobalPost article by Sara Yasin includes the latest climate change and global warming scare. The headline: Our love for things that cause climate change could mean the end of life with chocolate. After a typical climate-change lead-in, the article reads: But now, it looks like our inability to address…

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UEA Claim: Global warming distracts bees by making them horny

Eric Worrall writes: At the University of East Anglia (UEA), the place that gave us Climategate, researchers have discovered climate change affects the ability of bees to pollinate a rare orchid which mimics a female bee in order to attract the attention of pollinators. Apparently warm weather causes bees to emerge early, before the flowers,…


Another eye-roller: Global warming will make you sneeze more

Eric Worrall writes: We’re all set to sneeze more often as the globe warms, according to a new study published in PLOS One. According to the abstract; “One expected effect of climate change on human health is increasing allergic and asthmatic symptoms through changes in pollen biology. Allergic diseases have a large impact on human…