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Crickets, it’s whats for dinner

Mary Brown writes in WUWT Tips and Notes: No more steak for you earth hating skeptics. Time to learn to eat sustainable crickets… so says the Washington Post. Of course it mentions climate change. The article also says this… “The … Continue reading

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There must be a Paul Ehrlich week in climate science

Yesterday, in Climactic headline shifts the hype factor between two headlines on crop production and climate was pointed out, noting that there was just a small increase in risk. Today we have another similar press release, claiming that climate change … Continue reading

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Climactic headline shifts

Bruce Hall alerts me to this headline from Eurkekalert which reads:   But the real headline behind the headline is this one, at the actual source: 

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Another benefit of global warming – increased forage plants

From the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo An increase in temperature by 2050 may be advantageous to the growth of forage plants With a 2°C increase in temperature, the plant Stylosanthes capitata Vogel was able … Continue reading

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Claim: we should all be vegetarians to stop global warming

From the meatheads at the Carnegie Institution Climate: Meat turns up the heat Stanford, CA—Eating meat contributes to climate change, due to greenhouse gasses emitted by livestock. New research finds that livestock emissions are on the rise and that beef … Continue reading

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The ‘strawman’ albedo effect

From ETH Zurich , something that actually makes sense. Straw albedo mitigates extreme heat Wheat fields are often tilled immediately after the crop is harvested, removing the light-coloured stubble and crop residues from the soil surface and bringing dark bare … Continue reading

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The predicted 2014 El Niño is expected to benefit U.S. agriculture

Maybe this will temper the usual expected claims that this El Niño is all about global warming, because we can’t have global warming be beneficial, right? MANHATTAN — A Kansas State University senior agricultural economist says there’s a 70 percent … Continue reading

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Carbon dioxide won’t cause famines

In fact, more atmospheric CO2 will spur crop growth – if we let it Guest essay by Dennis T. Avery Historian Geoffrey Parker is the author of Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the 17th Century. In a … Continue reading

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A new push to get farmers in Europe worried about warming

Stanford research shows importance of European farmers adapting to climate change New Stanford research reveals that farmers in Europe will see crop yields affected as global temperatures rise, but that adaptation can help slow the decline for some crops.

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Studies: Weaker solar activity means colder, and colder also means drier

Guest essay by David Archibald There were two papers published in 2013 that, when considered together, paint a bleak picture of North American climate and agriculture for the rest of the century and beyond. Firstly from the abstract of “Multidecadal … Continue reading

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Claim: ‘Dangerous’ nitrogen pollution could be halved

Now Nitrogen, making up 78% of Earth’s atmosphere, and a requirement for many agricultural crops is given the label of “dangerous”. I’m guessing Oxygen and the “dangerous oxidation” it causes will be next. First they came for the CFC’s, and … Continue reading

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Claim: As CO2 levels rise, some crop nutrients will fall

From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Researchers have some bad news for future farmers and eaters: As carbon dioxide levels rise this century, some grains and legumes will become significantly less nutritious than they are today. … Continue reading

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Claim: U.S. corn yields are increasingly vulnerable to hot, dry weather – Data: corn yield trend positive

While a recent report tells us current droughts in the western USA hardly make the top ten, we have this from Stanford University, a claim about drought related crop insurance claims that doesn’t seem to match data on national yields … Continue reading

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Ouch. Corn biofuel could generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline

From the “we told you so back in 2010″ department and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Study casts doubt on climate benefit of biofuels from corn residue The fuel could generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline Lincoln, Neb., April 20, 2014 … Continue reading

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An intriguing mystery – and a very speculative theory

Guest essay by Eric Worrall John Holdren, President Obama’s Science Advisor, once tried to reframe the climate debate in terms of his prediction of  “global climate disruption”. Holdren stated at the time, that the term “global warming” is “a dangerous … Continue reading

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LA Times Tony Barboza gets caught fear mongering the IPCC report, becomes first victim of facts that don’t agree with claims

This sentence… “One of the panel’s most striking new conclusions is that rising temperatures are already depressing crop yields, including those of corn and wheat. In the coming decades, farmers may not be able to grow enough food to meet … Continue reading

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More scare stories: Warming Climate May Spread Drying to a Third of Earth, Says Study

Heat, Not Just Rainfall, Plays into New Projections Increasing heat is expected to extend dry conditions to far more farmland and cities by the end of the century than changes in rainfall alone, says a new study. Much of the … Continue reading

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Claim: Future heat waves pose threat to global food supply

But there seems to be no signs of a major slowdown despite heat waves of the past 60 years. From the Institute of Physics Heat waves could significantly reduce crop yields and threaten global food supply if climate change is … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Guacalypse Now

UPDATE: 3/5/14 Chipotle spokesman walks back the claim, see below. Chipotle warns global warming may force it to stop serving guacamole. Yes, that’s an actual headline. Too bad they didn’t do a little research first. This story is from the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – try eating this ‘crop’ threatened by ‘climate change’

Apparently, all that work in selective crop breeding won’t overcome ‘climate change’ This is the headline and story summary from Eurekalert: Crop species may be more vulnerable to climate change than we thought A new study by a Wits University … Continue reading

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Greenhouse ‘time machine’ sheds light on corn domestication

A grass called teosinte is thought to be the ancestor of corn, but it doesn’t look much like corn at all. Smithsonian scientists were surprised to find that teosinte planted in growth chambers under climate conditions that simulate the environment … Continue reading

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The Climate Dichotomy: A Scientific Not A Political Difference

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball Attempts to understand climate are stalled. The standstill parallels the pre-Copernican state when the Ptolemaic model had held sway for 2000 years but no longer fit the data. The Catholic church perpetuated Ptolemy similar … Continue reading

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Climate craziness of the week: Yes, we have no bananas, thanks to climate change

[At least there will be less radiation spread around. -Anthony] Going Bananas: Another Climate Change Hustle Guest essay by Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger and Patrick J. Michaels We hear that there is looming banana crisis in Costa Rica—the world’s 2nd … Continue reading

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IPCC’s Report on Climate Change: Myths & Realities

A World Meteorological Organization insider’s view of the IPCC report. Guest essay by Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy Formerly Chief Technical Advisor – WMO/UN [A note to readers: English is not Dr. Reddy’s primary language. I have made some edits to … Continue reading

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Science self-corrects: bogus study claiming Roundup tolerant GMO corn causes cancer to be retracted

Whoo boy. This sounds like a familiar climate episode. Andrew Revkin tips me to this retraction of a paper that got screaming headlines worldwide, and says this along with the photo. (Warning don’t click “continue reading” while eating Thanksgiving dinner).

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World agricultural output continues to rise, despite dire predictions of decline

Guest essay by Steve Goreham Originally published in The Washington Times The year 2013 has been a great year for global agriculture. Record world production of rice and healthy production of wheat and corn produced strong harvests across the world. … Continue reading

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Norway’s wheat production impacted by Climate Change

Guest essay by David Archibald A correspondent in Oslo writes: “The official view in Norway is in contrast to what the people experience because of cooling weather: Late spring gives flooding and avalanches when late snow-melting in the mountains. Water … Continue reading

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Is There an Equine Version of Wind Turbine Syndrome?

While not much gets past WUWT, this story from Portugal has only recently gotten some press, well after its posting in March, and I think it warrants attention here.  While I don’t know much about horses, I’ve known several people … Continue reading

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The Climate-Grain Production Relationship Quantified

Guest essay by David Archibald There is now consensus that the Sun has now entered a quiet period. The first paper from the solar physics community predicting the current quiet period was Schatten and Tobiska’s 2003 paper “Solar Activity Heading … Continue reading

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The bull and the Borg

NOTE: This satirical piece is rooted in facts. Having been to Australia on tour myself, I also heard the claims of bureaucratic abuse from many of the farmers who attended my talks. While Monckton’s essay has some biting satirical humor … Continue reading

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Is palm oil one of the largest sources on man made aerosols?

From NASA, while we wring our hands over coal fired power plants in the west, the rest of the world seems oblivious to creating even far worse air pollution. Hi-res sat image follows. Illegal Fires Set in Indonesia Cause Smog … Continue reading

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The US Corn Belt and the summer chill

Guest essay by David Archibald A correspondent in the Corn Belt emailed on 10th August: “Here in north central Illinois at exit 56 on I-80, most of the corn was planted by May 15. The GDD totals since May 15 … Continue reading

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Paul Ehrlich wrong again: World Cereal Production Set To Reach Historic High

There’s a surging current of alarm that we’re headed for a food doomsday by 2050—that the world’s food-producing capacity will crash before population peaks at 10 billion. Don’t you believe it! Smart technology and better management policies will let us … Continue reading

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Further to a 1740-type event

Guest essay by David Archibald This post drew attention to the similarity between the recent warm decades and the period leading up to the extremely cold year of 1740. Now let’s investigate how a 1740-type event might play out. This … Continue reading

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Is Fighting Global Warming the Solution to Water Shortages in Malawi (or Elsewhere)?

Guest essay by E. Calvin Beisner In late May two evangelical environmentalists, recently returned from visiting Malawi, published articles in which they said poor Malawians are suffering from reduced rainfall caused by manmade global warming. Jonathan Merritt wrote for Religion … Continue reading

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